Back to Hogwarts, with James Potter

#BacktoHogwarts is a hashtag that trends right around now, as schools start to head back all over the UK. But this year, the trend took on a huge significance, as good old JK herself got in on the act with the following tweet.

One of the delights of Harry Potter is the very specificity of the dates and years the events take place. Because Hogwarts is a magical school, there are very few muggles with newfangled technology, whether it be 1993 pagers or 2003 flip phones or 2013 iPhones. It would be easy to make the series timeless, and in many ways it feels that way.

potter family

But JK Rowling has always been anal about her dates. Harry Potter was born in 1980. He goes off to school on September 1st, 1991. He defeats Voldemort on May 2, 1998. And when we jump ahead in the “All Was Well” epilogue, it is nineteen years later, 2017.

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Tunes for Tuesday: JoJo

Does anyone else remember JoJo? The Canadian 12-year-old kid that came out of nowhere in 2004 with “Leave (Get Out)”? She was this bizarre one hit wonder who disappeared as quickly as she hit during one of the music industry’s lowest years.

Turns out the reason she disappeared was due to issues with her label, who refused to release her third album. There was even a momentary hashtag of #FreeJoJo, which seemed like this bizarre end to a one hit wonder from a  few years before.

But she prevailed, and is back with a new label . Her comeback couldn’t have times better, with the return of bubblegum pop to the top of the charts with acts like CarlyRae Jepsen and ToveLo hitting it big. JoJo has name recognition to boot–at least enough to get her to the VMAs this weekend, where her appearance startled me. Turns out she was there to promote her new EP of three songs, called Triangle, a taste of what she’ll be giving us when her full album arrives. Tracks two and three below.

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A Look Ahead to Doctor Who Series 9: Part 2

In this week’s installments of looking ahead to Doctor Who Series 9, Jenna Coleman discusses Clara’s continuing flaw of being the bossiest companion who ever bossed. To his credit, Peter Capaldi seems to really like that about her character, even if some others take it as a Moffat failing in writing women.

Speaking of bossy women, Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver are also discussing their characters, and the evolution into Series 9. (Or in Ingrid’s case, the resurrection of her character. Evolution, resurrection. It’s all as one for Doctor Who.)

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Agents of SHIELD and The Muppets

Personally, I’ve been kind of waiting for Agents of SHIELD‘s Clark Gregson to get in on the Muppet action. I just didn’t realize it would be so…inappropriate when it happened.

So when do we get a Hayley Atwell promo?

While we’re waiting for ABC to get on that, here are two more from other ABC properties.

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So You Think You Can Dance 12: Top 6 into 4

We’re down to our final six–three dancers from Team Street and three dancers from Team Stage. For once the voting totals of which team is ahead are interesting, as the loss of Neptune last week apparently really hurt Team Street. Team Stage is now ahead for the first time in a while.

With only six dancers, but two hours to fill, this is our dancer’s first week of two partner pieces and a solo. First they dance with the All Stars, and then they double up with each other. The lack of gender parity means that those last three dances will be at least one double female pairing. Not that I mind–I almost wish the show would surprise me and do two female-female duets and one male-male duet. But heteronomativity says probably not.

No Bottom Six or Bottom Four revealed tonight, since it would all give away the game, so no learning who is safe and who isn’t until the end of the show. Let’s see how our semi finals shake out.

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