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New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Calvin Klein

Over at Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa is still on the same knitwear kick he was on for Fall. But unlike the thick woolens that came out then, these were sleek–deliberately so.


Not just sleek, but thin and tall. In other collections this might have pushed into an art deco type look, but Costa is too determined to be modern to allow that.

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Face Off Season 7: Cobra Commanders

This week our contestants meet McKenzie on the good Battleship Iowa. The long helicopter shots suggest Face Off is very proud to have been given permission to film here. The Battleship is long retired and now functions as a museum. The reason they’re here? Because today’s challenge is the war based comic book action hero GI Joe. But we’re not making GI Joes this week. (After all, we don’t need a line up of The Rock knock offs.) The GI Joe aspect is mostly about the extra prize, which is a ton of collectible toy sets in honor of the toy’s 50th Anniversary.


Instead, this is a weird way to angle into a “Snake Super Soldier” Challenge. McKenzie has several crates next to her that I assumed were ship set dressing but really hold several varieties of snakes for the contestants to choose from. To wit:

Once all the “Ew snakes!” are out of the way, McKenzie carelessly drops the Name Brand of the TVs and the tablets back at the lab into the conversation before letting everyone sketch next to their snakes.

Then it’s back to the lab where said branded TVs are set up to show their sketches from their tablets while they sculpt. Most people are going for the standard Snake-Human hybrid asked for. I am not impressed by Drew’s “he’s had body modification to look snake-like” human. Meanwhile, Sasha decides to have a meltdown, because she can’t figure out how to sculpt her snake and is worried this proves the judges shouldn’t have saved her last week.


Let’s see if the Westmore Family Walkthrough can get her to snap out of it.

  • Sasha: She basically begs for help. Michael starts resculpting the nose of the snake for her.
  • Cig: He’s making a ninja. Michael suggests how to make the eyes look better.
  • Rachael: She’s making sure to include the side heat sensors from her snake. Michael is impressed.
  • Drew: Michael gives the body mod idea the side eye, and shrugs that there’s not much he can help with.
  • We montage through Stella and Dina. They must be safe this week.
  • Keaghlan: Her Lady Snake Assassin doesn’t have enough snake in it, according to Michael. She’s really worried.

Post walk through, people start heading into the mold room to try to get a jump on the next day.

Day two, and Cig is adding snake head armor to his ninja. George is sculpting a bodysuit to create muscle groups. Stella gets the terrible news the model she picked has strep throat, and she’s being reassigned a different regular model with a much smaller face. Oops! Stella decides not to restart for the different face, but to go with what she has and make it work. Rachael molds her cowl, despite not liking her sculpt. There are lots of scales being made.

Application day arrives. Stella realizes just how bad the facial prosthetic fits her model, and that her cowl looks like an old school football helmet. She throws the cowl out at last looks, and goes with the model’s hair. Sasha is also having fit issues, without the excuse of having a totally different model. Drew is frantically painting. Keaghlan doesn’t think she likes what she made at all.

Let’s go to the Reveal Stage and see what slithers out.

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Mockingjay Part 1 Portraits Focus on District 13

I expected a lot of Katniss and Gale photos to come out as part of the promotional package.


What took me aback was that I was not expecting quite so much Cassandra. I expect that’s due to Natalie Dormer having become such a big name in the last couple of years due to her work as Margaery Tyrell.

More stills and posed portraits below.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Carolina Herrera

Florals. It’s the expected theme for many a Spring collection. It wasn’t the first time Carolina Herrera used them for inspiration, nor will it probably be the last. it was the “how” that made the collection stand out.


What Herrera did that she hadn’t done before was marry these florals with a hard technological vibe–hard unnatural shapes mixed with the soft organic lines. The visuals were arresting.

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“The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies” Ginormous Banner Poster Released

There been one ginormous banner poster per movie so far, and this week the one for the final, we promise this is the last time we go to Middle Earth installment dropped.

Here’s the whole thing:


You can click to embiggen. Or you can click below for each section blown up into its own poster. Plus all three banner posters in one picture!

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