Final “Spectre” Trailer Calls Back to Famous Bond Moment

I do believe that line Christoph Waltz utters is the 21st century version of “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”

And while we’re on the subject of Bond, Damien Lewis may have been given the “unofficial nod” but Daniel Craig insists he has no intention of hanging up his holster anytime soon. Personally, I hope Lewis takes the role sooner rather than later. It’s high time we had a ginger Bond.


Paris Fashion Week RTW Spring 2016: Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons doesn’t like to do wearable clothes. For designer Rei Kawakubo, the runway is a source of drama, an artistic statement. Exactly what that statement is…well…


Entitled “Blue Witches” the Spring 2016 collection was not a collection that had some sort of deep spiritual meaning, or overarching statement, at least, not from where I’m sitting. Like many avante garde theater pieces, this was a show in which you look at it, and then you look inside yourself and you find the meaning that makes the most sense to you.  Look upon the walking living sculptures that grace the runway. Consider that the collection is called “Blue Witches.” Ask yourself, are the models witches? Is Kawakubo talking about herself? Are the clothes somehow bewitching?

The full collection–16 pieces in all–for you to contemplate is below.

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Doctor Who: Under The Lake

Much like the premiere episode, this week’s first of a two part installment of Doctor Who was a long set up that didn’t reveal the point of the exercise until the last few minutes of the hour. But where “The Magician’s Apprentice” at times felt like extended fan service, with scenes that had no direct baring on the episode other than they were hilariously fun, this week nothing felt extraneous. Here, the show used the extra time to build out all the clues we’ll need for next week. It also proved useful for misdirection. We thought everything was going one way, only for the episode to pull a double reverse paradox right in the closing seconds.

Bennett: “Wait, you’re going to go back in time? How do you do that?”
The Doctor: “Extremely well.”

This episode being a ghost story, full of murderous yet ephemeral creatures who enjoy walking through walls, I had assumed the body count would be high. I barely registered the names of the crew of this 22nd century underwater base, stationed in a lake that was once a military town before the dam broke, as I assumed they would soon be going to the way of their now deceased Captain. The last time we had a horror episode from writer Toby Whithouse, “The God Complex,” the characters were picked off one by one, leaving only the Doctor, Amy and Rory and the annoying creature Gibbis at the end of the hour. But I was pleasantly surprised that only one cast member kicked the bucket from the time of the Doctor’s arrival, until the major twist in the closing minutes. Prichard, the straight-out-of-Alien corporate moron who considers his bonus more important than other’s lives was done in by his own greed. (Naturally.) 9341138-high-

Everyone else–the deaf second in command Cass, her translator Lunn, the fangirlish O’Donnell, and scientist Bennett–all survived the first round. (Speaking of fangirling, did it weird anyone else out that the psychic paper actually told the crew who The Doctor was? And that they knew of him?) their survival was due to Clara and the Doctor needing teams of assistants next week, as a well-timed door closing split them up. Clara was left with Cass and Lunn in the present on the base, while the Doctor headed out with Bennett and O’Donnell, back in time to “Before the Flood.”

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