Downton Abbey to do Another “Text Santa” Special

With only one episode left to go over across the pond, it’s not surprising that ITV is having Downton Abbey do a another one-off special to help promote their Text Santa charity special. Text Santa, for those that don’t know, is ITV’s answer to the BBC’s Children in need telethon, which already happened a couple of weeks back. Lats year, Downton’s inclusion in the special (with George Clooney guest starring) meant that Text Santa got a global boost in awareness. Of course they’re going to do another one.


The guest star this time isn’t an American level A list actor, unfortunately, so perhaps the hype in the US might not go quite so high. Instead Sir Bruce Forsyth, most recently of Strictly Come Dancing fame, will take the guest spot.

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Doctor Who: “Heaven Sent” Images

With only two episodes to go, it’s time to check out the images from the first half of the finale, “Heaven Sent.” As a reminder, at the end of last week the Doctor was sent somewhere, alone, by Mayor Me, who made a deal with whomever is where the Doctor is going to keep them from threatening Trap Street. Who or what are they? And how is the Doctor handling Clara’s death?

20150702-DW S9B6-183537

Not well apparently. Let’s see the rest below.

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Dancing With the Stars: Season 21, Week 11 “Finals, Night 2”

The show has been hyping this big final night, with the party taking place both at in the ballroom and outside the neighboring Grove Hotel. At least  the opening lives up to that.

The show starts with an appearance from Santa, because the Grove is decked out for Christmas already like nobody’s business. (I suppose there’d be no point in commenting that it’s still not quite Thanksgiving yet?) The large opening number brings back the eliminated cast members (except Tamar Braxton, whose health doesn’t allow her to be here tonight.) Erin is also there, while Tom holds down the fort in the ballroom. The three finalists, of course, are in the ballroom as well, and they will do final 24-hour fusion dances later tonight.

But first, there must be recaps, and other filler numbers. Let’s shoot through them bullet point style.

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“Captain America: Civil War” First Trailer

Last night, while most of us were fast asleep, the Captain America: Civil War trailer debuted on ABC in the middle of Jimmy Kimmel Live. (This only a day after the cast of the new Star Wars movie took over his program. The marketing synergy at ABC/Disney is some amazing Jedi-level shit to behold.)

Now, even though this is technically a Captain America film, as many have noted this is really something more akin to Avengers 2 1/2, with a cast as overstuffed as the last Avengers movies. That’s partly a factor to Cap’s “man out of time” plot–since he can’t keep going back to the 1940s, he’s had to make his life again here, and that life is basically SHIELD (when it was still a thing) and the Avengers team.


Still, though the cast is already clearly bloated, with everything from Black Panther’s introduction, to Spiderman’s first official MCU appearance, to Martin Freeman allowing himself to be roped in to whatever Benedict Cumberbatch signed up for this time, there are high expectations for this movie. The Russo Brothers, who made Winter Soldier (which is the high water mark of the movie franchise) are back to direct. Let’s hope they can make this work.

Watch the trailer below.

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