Paris Fall 2015 Couture: Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

It wasn’t quite a “couture” show, per se, in that Ferretti is not considered part of the couture invite crowd, limited edition version of herself or not. For the sticklers in the audience, this “Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition” collection was more in service of the début of her new studio space in Paris than it was really a fashion collection. And if one was going to consider it a fashion collection, then the proper view was that it was a very early presentation of a Spring 2016 line that happened to be nothing but evening wear, right smack in the middle of couture week.


For everyone else, it was a couture show, and in fact, one of the highlights of the week, better than half of the official collections that were shown under the couture banner. Ferretti is a designer who makes gorgeous feminine gowns with a flair for the old school designs. She’s a natural fit for couture. Half the reason people assumed she was part of Couture Week when they attended her show was because her work was up to par.

Instead of asking themselves whether they should files this to “Fall Couture” (as Anna Wintour’s outlets did) or “Spring 2016″ (as WWD did), the real question the audience should have been asking is why on earth hasn’t the woman been issues a couture invitation to show in Paris every season?

The full collection is below.

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Doctor Who: Missy’s Garden Matters

Last season, when we met Missy–before we knew who she was, and only that she clearly had a think for already outdated 21st century technology, the Doctor’s “victims” would find themselves meeting her in a beautiful garden, in which they would take tea.

Missy's garden

Eagle eyes viewers thought they recognized the location. it was one we had seen a couple of seasons back, back when Matt Smith was Doctor. Before he ever met Clara Oswood, or Clara Oswin, or even Oswin Oswood. It was a place the Doctor himself would not have gone, if he hadn’t accidentally left his companion behind there to wait for 20 years.

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So You Think You Can Dance 12: Top 18 into 16

With eighteen contestants tonight, one might things that we’d start doing partner work this week, but either Twitch told Nigel Team Street isn’t ready for that yet, or the production thought having lots of extra time to talk about National Dance Day was more important. (I’m guessing a little from column A and a lot from column B.) Either way, we continued to slow work our way towards one on one dances, with three this week, versus three sets of trios.

The Top 18 perform a group routine choreographed by Reina and Asiel.

Also FOX has made their first fumble, failing to bother to post the opening number tonight. Tragic really. I cannot for the life of me understand why these people cannot get their act together, or at least have left well enough alone. The SYTYCD official channel in years past never had these sorts of problems.

Enough cattiness at the technological ineptitude of network television when it comes to the internet. Let’s get to the performances.

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