Sunday Morning Video: Earth Weather Timelapse

Elektro-L is located ~40,000 km above the Indian ocean, and it orbits at a speed that causes it to remain over the same spot as the Earth rotates. The satellite creates a 121 megapixel image (11136×11136 pixels) every 30 minutes with visible and infrared light wavelengths. The images were edited to adjust levels and change the infrared channel from orange to green to show vegetation more naturally. The images were resized by 50%, misalignments between frames were manually corrected, and image artifacts that occurred when the camera was facing towards the sun were partially corrected. The images were interpolated by a factor of 20 to create a smooth animation. The animation was rendered in the Youtube 4K UHD resolution of 3840×2160. An original animation file with a resolution of (5568×5568) is available on request.

To answer frequently asked questions; why are city lights, the Sun, and other stars not visible? City lights are not visible because they are thousands of times less bright than the reflection of sunlight off the Earth. If the camera was sensitive enough to detect city lights, the Earth would be overexposed. The Sun is not visible due to mechanisms used to protect the camera CCD from direct exposure to sunlight. A circular mask on the CCD ensures that only the Earth is visible. This mask can be seen as pixelation on Earth’s horizon. The mask also excludes stars from view, although they would not be bright enough to be visible to this camera.

Microsoft Invents The Apple Version of the Dalek

iDalek? Brought to you by Microsoft. These are….terrifying.


I think we know we can all blame Mac and Apple for the white, cornerless, seamless trend that is the “future of technology” look. (One day, 50 years hence, people will look back on the white cornerless seamless robots and say “That’s so early 2000s.”) We certainly all know that the rush to replicate that look Apple pioneered by Microsoft is a little sad.

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Beyoncé’s New Songs Leak

It was only a matter of time. Despite the best lock down and image control in the world, Bey sprung a pair of leaks last night. Two of the three new songs that will be included in the BEYONCÉ re-release next week are now out. Clips of 7-11 have been floating around since Monday. But it’s the second one, “Ring Off,” that everyone will be talking about today.

First off–note the serious call back in the riff to Love on Top. That’s going to get lost in the rest of this. The son is supposedly a paean to her recently divorced mother. But that’s ending bit about taking the ring off and the way the song’s happy boppy riff goes just slightly sour… that’s all people are going to hear. Ready yourselves. The divorce rumors are starting all over again.

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