First Glimpse of Tyrion In Season Five

Someone got a shot of Tyrion in what looks to be his season five costume, and has stuck it, and several spoilery type photos up on their tumblr. Whether or not they are the same redditor who posted this Dinklage pic is not clear, but either way, it’s an interesting new look for him.


I wish it were less blurry and we could see it from the front. No sign of Varys. On the other hand there’s a sign of someone else we know is on Essos. Spoilers!

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Project Runway Season 13: The Yellow Wedding

Our contestants meet Tim at Webster Musical Hall for today’s challenge. The tacky Vegas wedding set up on stage is a dead giveaway to what they’ll be making. But nothing prepares them for the sight of who Tim escorts in on his arm: Dita Von Teese. After suggesting she and Tim could get married for our entertainment (which he declares would make his mother from the dead), she reveals the challenge: alternative wedding dresses. There’s a second outfit to go along with it as well–because all alternative brides get changed into something more party ready for their receptions. Two outfits in a one day challenge? That can only mean one thing: teams. Out comes the button bag. To wit:

  • Fäde and Emily
  • Alexander and Samantha
  • Kini and Sean
  • Sandhya and Char
  • Amanda and Korina


Sketching happens at the Musical Hall. There’s $400 to spend at Mood. Sandhya goes for the brightest colors ever, since Indian weddings are all about bright. Fade is excited to paint fabrics. Two teams are making suits.

Anyone with the internet (ie everyone) knows we’re only an episode away from determining the eight designers who will show at Fashion Week. By this time, our contestants too will already have known the starting air date, and done the math. Hence those prone to bitchy outbursts and weepy meltdowns are in high form this week. The addition of the team factor by the producers only serves to ensure this occurs.

Let’s politely ignore it and move on to Tim’s walk through.


  • Alexander&Samantha: They have a good idea going with oxblood lace and organic appliques, but Tim’s right. The two dresses are too similar.
  • Sandhya&Char: It’s all yellow. Sandhya gets an approving nod, but Char’s over designed bodice gets an “I’m worried.”
  • Fäde&Emily: They’re working in shades of black. Fäde is making his own textile out of the different fabrics. Tim worries that the looks may be too different.
  • Amanda&Korina: The first of our tuxedo makers, Amanda describes their designs as “like when the 90s did the 60s.” Tim laughs, but suggests the tuxedo is too generic.
  • Kini&Sean: Our other tuxedo makers are explicitly making this a Lesbian wedding, which Tim is thrilled to see. He can’t believe no one else thought of it.

Korina whines that she’s not going to listen to Tim. Amanda only is interested in helping Korina hang herself out to dry. The models come and go. Everyone continues to blink hard at the bright yellow, which stand out even more in comparison to the sea of black and dark red looks.

Day of runway, and Korina says one thing in all the drama that stands out: Amanda is the judge’s golden child. They are working hard to get her as far into the competition as possible, handing her wins she doesn’t deserve. (Note how much more interview asides Amanda gets per episode than everyone else as well.) One would think that after going through Gretchen incident would have been plenty. I guess five years is long enough that everyone involved is gone or has forgotten.

We montage through the Name Dropping Hair Salon and the Product Displaying Make Up People while Amanda and Kini finish their partner’s outfits. At least this keeps Kini from napping.

Let’s head down to the runway.

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Her Universe Doctor Who Outfits

With the return of Doctor Who to the airwaves, nerd clothier HerUniverse has added several new looks to their Doctor Who apparel line up. Since they have been big proponents of getting respect for the fashion cosplay industry–going to far as to be the main sponsor of the SDCC fashion show–I thought we’d take a look at their offerings.


I don’t know who designed the exploding TARDIS image from the end of series five that was painted by Van Gogh, but whoever they are, they deserve to step forward and get the proper recognition. This has become an icon of New Who, and represented the best of the Moffat era. I like that they put it on the skirt, since otherwise it would have to contend with the waist seam.

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Face Off: Judges Match This Coming Tuesday

In case you don’t watch a lot of SyFy, or you missed this week’s episode, you might have missed out on this exciting news. Next week the show will take a pause. In lieu of our regularly scheduled competition, Face Off‘s three regular judges (that’s Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page) will be charged by McKenzie to step into the shoes of those they judge every week and compete in a make up challenge of their own.

I’m taking the time to write a separate post about this because I want to commend SyFy. This is the best idea they’ve had so far. Face Off is their highest rated prime time program. To that end, they’ve been working hard to extend it. First they moved from one cycle a year to two. When the show proved it could handle two times a year, they then began pushing to extend it. We’ve seen one “episode spin-off” with Eric Fox last spring. That did alright, but not overwhelmingly great. Last season they also added the Judge’s Save, which bought them an extra week, plus a two episode Top Four Challenge. We don’t know yet if they’re planning another double episode challenge like that, but we do know the Judge Save is in play. They added a “You’re not actually cast yet” episode at the beginning of the season. Add this “Judge Match” special and they’ll have managed to extend the show by four whole extra weeks.

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