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The Best of Pax Prime Cosplay

Cosplay Boom is an up and coming team of documentary makers on youtube, documenting the best of the best of the cosplay world from outfit conception through execution. Their photographs out of Pax Prime this year were phenomenal.


Professional cosplayers. Do not attempt this sort of awesome at home. Lyz Brickley, Darshelle Stevens, Mel Hoppe, Cnidarium, Sam Skyler, Hillary Jae.

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Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater” Trailer

For those that don’t know, Rosewater is based  on the true story of Iranian-born journalist Maziar Bahari (played by Gael Garcia Bernal.) He returned home from the US to cover the national election, only to be arrested and jailed for nearly four months. Part of the charges against him stemmed from his appearance on The Daily Show where his satirical answers and jokes with Stewart were taken seriously.

The film’s world premiere was last Friday evening, August 29th, at the Telluride Film Festival.

Behold: Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Veil (and Gown)

I don’t normally stop everything for a celebrity nuptials, unless they’re heir to the British Crown, and there are lots of hats involved. But I’m so in love with Angelina’s veil that we’re going to make an exception.


Look closely. You know how you hang your kid’s artwork on the refrigerator? Angelina just showed you all up by having Donatella Versace’s couture peeps embroider them on her wedding veil. (The gown is also Atelier Versace.)

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New Rumors Moffat Will Be Out At Doctor Who

You knew these rumors were coming. The Jenna Coleman leaving at Christmas rumors took me off guard when they hit a couple of weeks back, though once I thought about them, they made sense.


This, on the other hand, was inevitable.

Doctor Who Producer Steven Moffat could be on his way out of the show to be replaced by Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex Rider series of novels and the second Tintin film.

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