Cosplay Boom: First Footage

Over the summer, I posted about Cosplay Boom and their documentary work at Pax Prime, resulting in some phenomenal photos of high-end cosplay. At the time, they were working on a kickstarter to fund a full length documentary about the world of the profession cosplayer. The first two parts of said documentary are now out of youtube.

If you enjoy this, you can still support Cosplay Boom and their endeavor. Yes, season one is fully funded, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. Just click the link above.

First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch As Richard III

I never thought I’d say this….


Ian McKellen, eat your heart out.

I cannot WAIT for the second The Hollow Crown series to hit our shores. Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III looks like everything I could possibly want from this.

In case you missed it, this is the second trilogy of Shakespeare’s history plays adapted by the BBC and produced by Sam Mendes. It includes Henry VI Parts 1&2, and Richard III. 

In fact while, we wait, I think I need to go rewatch the first Hollow Crown miniseries. Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1&2 and Henry V. Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston. You know you need to watch these if you haven’t seen them, right?

It’s going to be a long wait until the second series comes out in 2016.



Face Off Season 7: Cliquish High School Creatures

This week, our contestants meet McKenzie in the scariest place yet–a Los Angeles High School. They meet her by a bay of prop lockers out in the courtyard, which have names on them like “Cyclops” and “Goblin.” This week is a Teen Wolf challenge–create a teenage fantasy creature who has to go to High School. To that end, inside the lockers are the surprise twist: which clique the fantasy creature hangs with.



  • Sasha: Cyclops, Cheerleader
  • Dina: Goblin, Nerd
  • George: Goblin, Jock
  • Drew: Faun, Emo
  • Rachael: Faun, Cheerleader
  • Stella: Minotaur, Emo
  • Cig: Minotaur, Nerd

I was a little perplexed by “Emo” but the direction both Drew and Stella are taking makes it clear that it is just the new word for Goth. I really like the twist, since there’s only four types of fantasy creatures, but each one has a clique that makes it very different. Unsurprisingly, the hardest cliques for our group to connect with are Cheerleaders and Jocks, which none of our contestants were in High School.


Let’s see what the Westmores make of all this.

  • Cig: His nerdy minotaur is your stereotypical bullied caricature with the glasses and the zits. He’s also making it a ginger. Michael says to make sure it has freckles.
  • Rachael: She wants to make sure her Faun Cheerleader is pretty. Michael notes the face is kind of mean. That’s deliberate.
  • George: His Goblin Jock has a thick neck and looks like every nerd’s nightmare. Michael is concerned about the head peak.
  • Drew: He’s making his Emo (Gothy) Faun resemble Glenn. Everyone approves.
  • Dina: Her Goblin is a Band Nerd. Adorable! Michael reminds her high schoolers don’t have wrinkles.
  • Stella: Her Emo Minotaur has a weight problem. Of course she does. Michael warns her to make the head fat all around, not just the jowls.
  • Sasha: Her Cheerleader Cyclops concept has thrown out the single eye in the forehead and has her *covered* with eyes. It’s gorgeous…but it’s not a cyclops. McKenzie is confused. Michael agrees cyclops doesn’t actually mean single eye (it means “round eye”) but audiences won’t know that.

Sasha has a panic attack because she doesn’t have time to start all over. So she just pulls the eyes at the real eye level and leaves all the other ones. George, upon flattening the head as Michael suggested, sees the rest of his character as it needs to be. Since Drew is basically sculpting Glenn, he doesn’t have any prosthetic pieces this week.

Day Two and Stella decides her sculpt isn’t fat enough, which means she has to redo it. By mid afternoon, she is panicking her sculpt won’t cure by the end of the day due to its size. (No worries, like all mold drama, it’s perfect when she opens it with ten minutes left.) George and Dina decide their characters are siblings. Dina is sculpting oversized glasses for her Goblin, while George is giving his a mullet.

Application day and Stella does have air pockets to repair from the damp mold. George regrets making his design so blocky. Rachael worries her design is too subtle in comparison to everyone else’s. At last looks she has to cut her horns because they’re too heavy.

Let’s head to the reveal stage and see how these look.

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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Dolce and Gabbana

Nothing epitomizes Milan Fashion Week for me more than the Dolce & Gabbana show. Every season, they are the highlight of the runway, because they are just so goddamn Italian. These are looks you won’t find on the runways of New York or London, or even Paris. They are firmly rooting in Italian culture and cannot be separated from it. Even when the inspiration is supposed to Spanish bullfighters, as it was here, the Italian-ness of the overall impression could not be denied. If Milan Fashion Week ever folded, they would still hold the D&G show in its ruins, simply because it wouldn’t belong anywhere else.


That being said, there were several of these absolutely terrible diaper shorts sprinkled throughout the 80+ looks on the  runway. I have avoided them because they were embarrassingly terrible. Taylor Swift, don’t get any ideas.

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