The Cosplay of the Steampunk World’s Fair

Is there anything more steampunk than the anachronistic futuristic concept of a World’s Fair? Clearly not, which is why the greatest gathering of Steampunk cosplay happens at one. In New Jersey, natch.


I have been scouting for pictures from it, and today happened upon not one, but two videos from Beat Down Boogie highlighting some of the best of the best.

Check them out below!

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Twin Peaks Back On Track

It took a bit of a public dispute and something of a high stakes game of chicken on the part of David Lynch, but Showtime apparently has given him–if not everything he wanted, close enough to it. He has returned to the fold, and the Twin Peaks 25th anniversary revival is once again back on track with Lynch set to direct all 18 episodes.


Yes, you read that right: Eighteen episodes. That’s twice as many as was originally promised. Plus there’s more…

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100 Years of Beauty… The Research Behind The Videos

For those who are obsessed with the “100 Year of Beauty” series CutVideos has been doing, you might be interested to get a look behind the scenes, and learn where they get the material to work with that their makeup and hair artists then recreate.

To that end, Cut sat down with the people behind the research that went into Part 4 (The Koreas) and Part 6 (Philippines.)



I’m sorry there isn’t a behind the scenes for Mexico, but one of my commenters, who studied the history of the Yucatan peninsula did the honors of filling us in. Check out the videos below.

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Resort 2016: Escada

The Escada line turns 40 the year, and Daniel Wingate turned up the volume in his collection in celebration. He also made sure to span the length and breath of what might fall under a “resort” banner from evening wear to day wear to office wear to I wouldn’t wear. Something, therefore, for everybody.


Most of the time I’m not that into Escada or their plain-jane looks that seem to follow trends more than set them. But Wingard going full out made this a line worth looking over, especially in the evening wear section of the collection (which oddly peaked somewhere in the middle of the 39 piece line.)

There were definitely some misses here and there, like the above look, which not only felt dated in color and cut, but also somehow fussy in it’s plainness. But there’s better stuff below the fold. Check out the full line below.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Team Stage vs Team Street

The big new twist this season on So You Think You Can Dance this season is that the judges won’t be dividing the contestants into equal parts boys and girls. (Though they may try to work for gender parity, it’s not the leading factor in casting, or in going through to the live shows.) Instead this season is all about “Stage Dancers” vs “Street Dancers.” Ie: the trained vs the raw talent.

With less than a week to go, we ask you: Team Stage or Team Street? Check out the arguments in favor of each, below.

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Russell Davis Tells Moffat Not to Drop River Song

Recently, Alex Kingston expressed hope that Doctor Who was not yet done with her character, despite her technically being dead, and the 11th Doctor having finally been able to say good-bye. (After all, Osgood is dead, and she’s busy filming this season.)

Now Moffat is admitting that perhaps he was a little too hasty in closing the book on the character when the 11th Doctor and the ponds took their leave of the series.


“It’s certainly not ruled out,” said the showrunner. “I have a sort of worry about keeping anybody around in the Doctor’s life for too long. Because he’s the man who leaves.”

Besides, it turns out Russell Davis is a huge fan of River Song, and really wants to see her and Capaldi on-screen together.

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