Downton Abbey Series 5: Meet The New Characters

Every year it feels like new big named guest stars finagle their way into Downton’s drawing-room, or at least get a sneak peek below stairs. This season is no exception, as the Granthams will be meeting several new faces. PBS has an overview for the American crowd of who we’ll be meeting staring January 4th.

Below, a few pictures of our new characters in action!

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Tunes for Tuesday: Faith No More

It’s about time for a Faith No More reunion, no? It’s been close to 20 years since the band broke up after a breaking out in the 90s. Mike Patton went off to do some solo projects that were well received if not enormous sellers.

The band reunited in 2009, but nothing came of it except a few concerts. It took another five years for them to work out doing an album. It’ll be released on Patton’s label in April of next year. We don’t have a title for it, but we do have the first single, which dropped last week.

It certainly sounds like what we would expect. I’m looking forward to an announcement of when the full album will arrive.

Billy Boyd’s “The Last Goodbye” Gets a Music Video

A couple of weeks ago, we heard the first leak of the song Billy Boyd will be singing over the final end credits of Peter Jackson’s two-decades-in-the-making Middle Earth opus. With only a couple of weeks to go before the Battle of the Five Armies hits theaters, the production has released the full official music video for it.

I’m only sorry they didn’t do the same for Edge of the Night in the first trilogy.

Doctor Who “Last Christmas” Synopsis

Christmas is still a month away, but the BBC has whet our appetite for some news of the upcoming Doctor Who special. We’ve a title, a full synopsis plus a set of promotional photos. Ok, well, two photos. Well, actually, one photo. But it’s cut two different ways. Does that count, sort of?

Anyway, the title of the episode is “Last Christmas.” I am now expecting, at minimum, a reference to the George Michael holiday staple, if not an uncredited cameo by the singer himself. It’s the least they can do for getting the song stuck in my head.*


As captioned by the BBC:

Doctor Who (PETER CAPALDI), Santa Claus (NICK FROST)
Here is an exclusive picture of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Santa Claus (Nick Frost) from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. Fans can see the first preview of the Christmas Special episode on BBC Children in Need appeal show this Friday night, from 7.30pm on BBC One.

No, the picture doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know from the Children In Need clip ten days ago. (If you missed that clip, we have it here.) But it’s still cute.

Below the synopsis (released by BBC America.)

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