PreFall 2015: Dsquared²

Dsquared² is a line on the up and up, having moved from doing looks that belong on Fergie Ferg in the heyday on MTV to the short list in Milan. For PreFall they struck the balance between that Rock and Roll sex appeal and drawing from European historical design. It’s High End Gypsy Rocker Chic. The 70s would approve highly.


It’s a short enough show that we’re posting it as a gallery instead of a review. Enjoy.

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JK Rowling’s Christmas Potter Stories: The Importance of Chocolate

How is chocolate important? Well it’s a bit convoluted. First we have the riddle which has nothing to do with that…


Once you’re through the link and into the Room of Requirement, that takes you to the related moment of Dumbledore’s Army. You may remember they used the room for Harry to teach his friends and classmates on creating patronuses. (Patroni?)

The Patronus lead to a moment about why they exist in the first place which contains a locked story about Dementors, and that’s where the importance of chocolate comes in…

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Project Runway All Stars Season 4: Quick Match

Alyssa greets the designers in the runway studio. Her lecture today is how people judge you by what you wear, which is extra funny since she’s wearing a see thru lace maternity top and a leather maternity skirt.


This is a team challenge. Sonjia gets to choose the pairing–but without knowing what the challenge is. Like Fabio’s “advantage” last week of rolling the dice first, this doesn’t feel very advanatge-y. She picks for herself first and then matches the others.

  • Sonjia&Dmitry
  • Fabio&Jay
  • Sam&Michelle
  • Justin&Helen

Alyssa’s word “matchmaking” when creating these pairs was a clue. This week is sponsored by a certain Branded Dating Website. The challenge is making first date outfits for Real People who met on said Website. In terms of numbers, this is more of a “Menswear” than a “Real Woman” challenge. Since part of the certain Branded Dating Website’s claim to fame is that they do all kinds of relationships (unlike that other certain Branded Dating Website), Jay and Fabio’s team is blessed with the gay couple. Said first dates are tonight, so the designers don’t even have a full day–just six hours.


The couple are off in side rooms waiting to be interviewed–separately, because they haven’t met yet IRL. The budget is $300 per pair. Michelle is pushed into the men’s half to the look by Sam, and starts having PTSD style reaction and flashing back to Season 11’s trainwreck of a menswear challenge. Dmitry happily takes the menswear half of their couple. Justin insists on taking the menswear half of the couple, much to Helen’s irritation.

Let’s see how much Zanna feels about all this.


  • Helen: The good news is Zanna loves that Helen took the menswear design and altered it for the woman when Justin insisted he do the man’s look.
  • Justin: Zanna looks at Justin’s nothingburger of a pair of pants and shrugs.
  • Sam: Considering that Sam is basically hosing Michelle, you would think she’d be making something not boring. You’d be wrong.
  • Michelle: She declares herself “under the weather.” Zanna is therefore kind in her critique.
  • Sonjia: What Zanna doesn’t know is this was the client who said she wanted to look “elegant, sophisticated…like Kim Kardashian is now with Kanye.”
  • Dmitry: Zanna marvels how he makes a very complex design technique sound simple.
  • Fabio: He’s debating turning his jacket into a shirt. Zanna approves.
  • Jay: Zanna says in horror: “What the hell are you thinking?” Apparently, in her world, men (gay or otherwise) do not wear pink.

There’s only one hour once Zanna leaves before the dates return.  This means that there’s no time for redesigns. There’s a bit of panicked editing from Jay to minimize the pink. Then the couples come in–a half at a time–to be dressed. No one obviously hates what they are put in, but once they are out in the “real world” on their dates, some people’s clothing looks far better on them than others.

Day of runway, begins when all the dates show back up, with their clothes from the night before in hand to be pressed and readied to walk the runway. Everyone claims they had a good date when asked. There’s stops in the Hair and Makeup salons, plus unnecessary praise of the Accessory Wall. Then we’re heading out to see how much the judges feel about these six-hour looks.

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