Project Runway Season 14: Don’t Screw the Crew

It’s time for the Real Woman Challenge, and this season it’s the new kid on the block, Sally Beauty Studio, who finds their branded challenge lumped in with this seasonal staple of the show. But the real surprise for us this year is who the show is making over. No enticing fans to apply to have a make over, or better yet, nominate a friend. No promoting the Armed Forces, no accosting plants on the street. This year the show has gone el cheapo, and is having the show make over people who are already on payroll anyway…the crew.

It’s an ultimate moment of breaking the fourth wall, as women put down their cameras, boom mics, and steamer. We  get a sense of how small the workroom is with the camera crew in it that we never see. It turns out there’s a major bonus to doing this. These guys KNOW from interviewing to the cameras, after producing this show for years. Every crew member gives some of the best flapping head responses we’ve ever seen for this challenge. All have very strong opinions on their designer’s abilities. This combination makes for one of the most dramatic episode of the show in years.



It’s a two day challenge, since there’s a hair make over involved. The drama starts early and often, with Merline’s tech making it clear she thinks her designer should have gone home by now, and all of the techs in general looking askance at what their designers are drawing. Ashley got the plus sized tech, and for the first time in Project Runway history, instead of the designer getting the woman who’s larger than a size six bemoaning their fate and wondering how one makes clothes that 90% of the female population can actually wear, we have an overjoyed designer who can’t wait to show what she can do. Well, that is, until she has her regularly scheduled Ashley meltdown. I’m officially getting tired of those.

Since the crew are all on site, working away at filming the cast making their outfits, Tim pulls each one in to participate in the walk through. This also doubles as the first fitting.


  • Kelly: She’s making Ashley the Talent Manager professional high-end coveralls. Tim: “Is this it?” The tech complains the fit of it makes her look like she has camel to that goes to her belly button.
  • Candice: She’s doing a corset? How unusual. Tim is underwhelmed by it and snaps that Monique the model wrangler looks like she shopped at H&M.
  • Merline: Tim doesn’t need to say anything, Katie the Camera Tech hates everything and is willing to say so.
  • Ashley: The plus sized assistant Nicole is really disappointed in what Ashley made. We return to Ashley’s meltdown, already in process.
  • Edmond: He made exactly what Desiree the Sound Mixer asked for: a raincoat. But when she points out it not very runway, Edmond seems confused that he’s supposed to make a tech something that she’ll wear that’s also runway. Tim begins to sputter like mad. How dare he suggest a woman who is HIS COWORKER does not deserve to wear something that is runway level?
  • Swapnil: He’s already been shown slipping out to smoke, peering in on other’s critiques instead of using his time waiting for Tim to get work done, so we knew once Tim saw there was nothing for Jen the Production Coordinator to try on, he was going to probably call him out for wasting time. But I’m not sure I was expecting Tim to explode and start cursing Swapnil out. “Why are you here?” he demands.

It’s a moment. Look, Swapnil is one of my favorites this season, but the man has been going downhill fast, and the editing has been really unkind to him. It is very clear that Tim is basically done here.


Tim comes back afterwards and tries to smooth things over, including adding an extra fitting. But to say the damage is done is an understatement. The rest of the time is watching Swapnil flounder over and over and fail and fail again to make this woman anything she would possibly want to wear. Day of runway, and she’s so upset at what should have been her moment on TV, her moment to get a make over, and it’s such a disappointment, she bursts into tears.

Dude, you made the Production Coordinator cry. You screwed one of the people who make your life work on this show. You’re fired.

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Paris Fashion Week RTW Spring 2016: Louis Vuitton

For all that the fashion industry has been pushed, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century, it’s been interesting to see how resistance to change and technology many of the keepers of the kingdom are. With the amount of tech available (and cheaply so) in 2015, one would thing that the old school stretched muslin sets and catwalks would have long ago found themselves replaced by more modern methods. And yet, no.


it says a lot about the industry that Nicolas Ghesquière’s use of an LED panel set, and the freedom of expression that a video wall brings was much remarked upon at the Louis Vuitton show that closed out Paris Fashion Week. Such things are, at this point, de rigueur for large budget concerts, as well as well moneyed events and presentations. There’s no reason that the fashion industry hasn’t really embraced the use of them, expect that they don’t want to.

And if the excuse is that “we don’t want to distract from the clothes,” well then Ghesquière is instructive there too. If the clothes are interesting, beautifully tailors and hot to trot, managing to be both of the now yet fashion forward, and most importantly filled with piece I want in my closet, no LED panel imagery is going to be able to overshadow them. Clothes that are worth going to a runway show to see will hold their own just nicely, thank you very much, as the Vuitton collection did here.

Check out all the looks below.

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Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Disney may have been the ones to resurrect the all but dead Star Wars franchise after the disastrous prequels. But that doesn’t mean that the irony of a company known for “Where Dreams Come true” and happy endings and cartoon princesses running the Star Wars-verse isn’t lost on us.Clipboard01


Pistol Shrimps decided to take the marriage of franchises a step further and see what would happen if Disney decision to go full cross over for The Force Awakens. the results are…weird. Really weird. Like, you’re going to need to watch this a couple of times to process all the weirdness. Happy Friday!

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Paris Fashion Week RTW Spring 2016: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld has done it again. His Spring 2016 collection was 95 outfits strong, and the most interesting part of the show was the set.


It’s terrible of me to say that, isn’t it? And with fashion outlets all over, fawning over yet another round of wool crepe and vaguely checkered patterns, I feel like an outlier. But the truth is that these overwhelming head-to-toe wall-to-wall productions where Lagerfeld overwhelms the audience by the sheer scale and size of the show hides the plan truth–his collections would be a lot more interesting, and his clothes a lot more creative if he focused on quality over quantity. A good third of this show could have been cut, and no one would have missed it. Another third could have been cut and the entire line improved. Seriously, when the most interesting thing about the show is the faux Chanel airport backdrop, that’s a really bad sign about the clothes.

No one in their right mind needs to scroll through 95 outfits. We’ve go just the highlights, including the not-actually-part-of-the-show baggage boys, below.

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