Resort 2016: David Koma

This is David Koma’s first stab at the Resort season, having stuck to only runway shows in Fall and Spring prior to this year. Koma is known for his graphic lines and use of leather and rubber, as well as his fondness for circular pieces. All of that can be found here, in a  dressed down, more sporty look that might appeal to the every day shopper looking to enhance their closet, since Resort is one of those lines that sits in the store for weeks longer than a traditional Fall or Spring collection.

David Koma-001

His photos emphasized the black and white nature of many of the pieces by relying on black and white photography. The results brought forth the lines of the garments, as well as the belted and laces nature of the closures. This only served to highlight when the color photos did make their way in. Though towards the end there was a questionable photo or two that focused too much on the model’s face and not enough on the outfit at hand, the final looks, with their rainbow metal graphic sequin work, stood out like the sun coming out after a rain storm. Perfectly timed as well, for those in the US ready to show their pride.

The full collection is below.

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Secret Warriors Confirmed for Agents of SHIELD Season 3

Along with the confirmation that Agents of SHIELD will be at San Diego ComicCon this year (the only part of the MCU franchise that will be attending, as far as I can tell), comes confirmation of what we already guessed from the Season 2 finale–The Secret Warriors are on their way.

Clark Gregg guessed as much in this interview last week.

But now we are certain. Fury’s Caterpillar initiative, which we saw printed on the blue folder in the ending scene between Coulson and Skye (or should we call her Daisy now?) is a go.

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Food Network Star 11: Teams Red White and Blue

It’s the Fourth of July episode, and the contestants were clearly pre-warned of that. Despite the fact that this was pretaped back in May or thereabouts, several of them have red white and blue accessories on. Giada robotically declares Fourth of July to be a “classic American holiday where we celebrate with picnics all around the country.” So those decades of Food Network calling this the biggest grilling holiday are just lies then?

No, it’s because there’s a picnic basket prop out on the floor. But this “picnic” nonsense is really just to pick teams via napkin color, before they get to the “cook out competition.” This turns out, is the main competition of the day. The teams are:


  • Team White: Jay, Michelle&Rosa: Two front runners&one not.
  • Team Red: Dom, Rue&Emilia: Struggle Team
  • Team Blue: Eddie, Arnold&Alex: Two memorables& a forgettable.

Bobby and Giada send them shopping at an unbranded supermarket that will most likely be their local Whole Foods. Then it’s on to Will Rogers State park for the actual cook out. But first, more hawking of the Branded German Engineering fleet of vehicles of last week. Food Network Stars in reasonably priced cars!

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Poldark: Part 2

After a less than promising start last week, this installment of Poldark started off and ended with a bang. Literally. The opening scene showed another mining family patriarch, Lord Basset, who the Warleggans had just foreclosed on, dressing himself to the nines, donning his wig, and then offing himself. The end scene found Francis Poldark, who apparently along with an inability to swim has a lack of common sense, dueling with a man who clearly is going to be a better shot that he ever will and paying the expected price for it.

Mrs. Teague: “One only has to taste her syllabubs to know they are succulent”

In between, things moved along at a decent clip. Poldark continues to be ruggedly handsome and smolder at the camera. The production continues to gratuitously lust after Aidan Turner, with extra shots of him on horseback. (That is Turner on horseback, isn’t it? Many of the riding shots are shadowed in such a way that it might be a stunt double, and you’d never know.) There are farming shots, climbing around in mine shots, a night with a prostitute–the same one I believe that Warleggan was confining to his rooms earlier in the episode. Good to know all the men in this production share the same taste in low-born women as they do in the high-born ones.


And then of course there was the swimming scene. Hyped since before the series began on BBC One and given extra oomph by PBS, it was perhaps the most the more hilariously unwarranted moment of the hour, but one that will probably define the new series. After decades of television, and several waves of feminism, the female gaze demands to be catering to and PBS is happy to step up and oblige. Between this and Outlander, the late 1700s are going to be known as the century geared towards women. Rumor has it the producers didn’t mean for the water to be that clear, or things that out in the open, counting on the famous British weather to coöperate and provide murky grey seas. I am certain the head of marketing (not to mention the head of UK Tourism) thanks whatever deities they speak to on the regular that Cornwall did not provide.

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