Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 RTW: Emporio Armani

I am not a big fan of Armani. The style is too simple, too masculine for my tastes, and too afraid of color. Though the man is a legend in his own time, it’s hard for me to get excited about his presentations. So I was pleasantly surprised by his Emporio Armani release in Milan this past week. Thought there were still way too many outfits, and the show seemed to drag on in spots, there were some real pieces to get excited about–especially in purple-blue and red.


Bright colors and ruffled lines are not generally considered hallmarks of the Armani brand, so I wasn’t the only one taken aback. (These are not “House Codes” as the parlance goes.) Fans of his usual style were not as into this line as they were the more staid Giorgio Armani line that walked a day or so later. And thought I saw more than one fashionista review the bows and accessories as clunky and over indulgent, I appreciated the attempt at adding a feminine touch as well as visual interest, even if at times the pieces seemed incongruous with the designs at hand.

The full collection is below.

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Whedon Longs for the Simplicity of Serenity

Now that the final full length trailer has been released to both TV and the internet, it’s time for the hype machine to get into full gear with Age of Ultron‘s release date only seven weeks away. We’ve got a few behind the scenes videos below, giving us a glimpse into the making of the production, along with interviews with most of the cast, as well as Joss Whedon.

Whedon looks kinda exhausted in the clips, which might stem from how overwhelmed he said he felt by having to go back to the well a second time.

Shoot me in the face! It is a nightmare. I long for the simple movies like Serenity! This is the hardest juggling act I have ever, ever tried to pull off.

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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 RTW: Marco de Vincenzo

Sometime during the 2014 seasons, Marco de Vincenzo discovered the rainbow. Up until then, his collections were a touch of the humdrum. You didn’t go to his show, in the words of one reviewer, “expecting the dress of the week.” Thought everyone agreed he had promise, said promise had not arrived yet.

It helped a bit that the fashion world caught up to de Vincenzo when it came to materials. Lurex, which only just caught on in Europe, had been a running motif in his collections for quite some time. But it was the joyous riot of color that he’s been experimenting with these last couple of seasons that really made the difference.


One thing that had remained constant–de Vincenzo’s love of embellishments. But those didn’t stand out the way they used to went compared to the knit test pattern like pieces that walked. It might not have been a deliberate nod to the 70s vibe that’s been so hot on the runway this season, but it’s the part everyone walked away remembering.

The full collection is below.

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Jenna Coleman Planned to Leave Doctor Who Twice

It was pretty obvious to everyone watching the Christmas special that the ending had been rewritten at the last-minute to have Clara stay on. Considering the rumors were rife she’d be leaving at Christmas, we were basically looking for it. Coleman and Moffat were pretty open about it too–that the original ending was “old Clara” and that last Clara bit was tacked on to make it so she could stay for another season when she changed her mind.


But what we didn’t realize is that was actually her second time changing her mind. Originally, Moffat admits, Coleman didn’t even plan to stay for Christmas.

“I originally wrote her out in Death in Heaven,” says Steven. “That was her last episode.”

I’ll be honest–not all that surprised. The end of Series 8 made it seem like she might not even be back for Christmas. Though there are a few who disagree with me, Clara’s lack of character in Season 7 was a huge problem, and I think that went for her as well as for us viewers. Moffat’s making a huge effort to correct that in Series 8 was the thing that made the difference.

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American Idol XIV: Top 8 Girls

I was curious to see if Aretha was given two slots to perform, so that she “mentored” both the guys and the girls. But it seems that wasn’t to be. Ms. Franklin only deigned to open last night’s show. Instead, this week, we actually got to see some of that mentoring advice…

One thing that did become obvious tonight: The girls don’t have a solid foursome like the Clark-Nick-Qaasim-Quentin block in the male set. So while some of our contestants have put on solid moments, the girl’s night just doesn’t feel equal to the guys. That’s really frustrating, as we all know the girls start out at a major disadvantage in the voting stats as it is. To make them seem like they’re not worth voting for before the pools mix only makes it worse.

Speaking of decisions made by the production that aren’t sitting well with me–next week, our Wednesday show is another pretaped edit fest–this time to add a pair of wildcards. But if I understand it correctly, the wildcards are not coming from the eliminated contestants in Detroit, but rather from the group that never made it to Detroit, but were left behind in The House of Blues. So basically, they’re adding in two people we’ve already forgotten about, rather than giving someone we just rejected another chance? Sorry Savion. Hopefully, I’m misunderstanding, (the wording is really generalized; it just says “from the pool of finalists”) because they want to bring back one contestant who didn’t make it to Detroit instead of having both wildcards slots used that way.

Let’s see who will be joining Savion in the reject pile.

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