SDCC’s First Ever Fashion Show

Proving that fashion isn’t just for the hoity toity, and that cosplay can hold its own against anything the fashion industry puts out, San Diego Comic Con held their first ever fashion show as part of the four-day extravaganza. The event, which was based on a contest run by by Her Universe and partially sponsored by Hot Topic, was for fashionistas and geek girls alike. The designers ranged from amateurs to professionals. Some of the results were a little on the expected side. Others were stunners that would have belongs on a couture runway.

1-Hobbit-Wedding-DressMy personal favorite of the show–The Hobbit as a Couture gown. Slightly frilly for Red Carpet wear, but a highlight of the evening.

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APphoto_Paris Fashion Zuhair Murad

Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Zuhair Murad

Once again, I find the last designer on my list to do is Zuhair Murad. Last, but very definitely not least. Murad’s inspiration came from the new architectural renaissance taking place in his hometown of Beirut, with modernist angles, futuristic lines and a sharp edges.


Not that the dresses themselves had that. Like most of Murad’s work, the dresses were curvy and form-fitting, with various level of opaque. But the tattoo style patterns on the dress that Murad is most known for were all about the angles.

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Project Runway Season 13: Spring Fling

Welcome back Project Runway. How we have missed you! We join the mass of humanity that passes for contestants as they gather for their final audition before being cast on the show. But for the first time, there’s no pretense and then “Surprise! You’re not cast yet!” Everyone arrives aware of their status, which is such a relief. Our judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen are seated at an audition table, with the casting sheets in front of them.


This is a great way to be introduced to everyone and get a look at what they make when they’re not working in one day challenge chunks. Heidi wants to buy pieces right off Korina’s rack. I am in love with Sandhya’s middle finger print blouse. Mitchell Perry has the self awareness to not say he’s here to win, because most of the people that say that get cut early and often. Hernan is here to drop names. Fäde is from Germany. (Heidi is so excited to be able to talk to someone in her native tongue.) Angela is introduced as a former Wall Streeter who entered the fashion world, but she’s missing any sort of confidence I would expect from that background. At the end of this segment, we cut three designers: Tim, who does “Lesbian Couture”, Nzinga, the only Muslim I’ve seen on this show in thirteen years, and Emmanuel, who wasn’t very interesting. This leaves us a cast of fifteen.

Then it’s on to the workroom, where we learn that Aldo has taken over the “WhoeverIsSponsoringTheWallNow Wall,” now called “The Styling Wall.” (This is unsurprising considering how badly Belk wiffed on getting the winning looks into stores last season.) The big reveal is who won Project Runway: Redemption. The answer is Amanda Valentine, who originally appeared on “Project Runway: Teams.” (We should note this is the second person from that terrible variation to be given a chance on a regular edition of the show.)


The first challenge this season is much like the first challenge was on Under The Gunn. Every designer is assigned a trunk with five fabrics of three yards each. Out of this, they have to make a garment that would be part of their fantasy Spring 2015 collection. Since not everyone has the same five fabrics, Tim notes that trading/bartering between contestants to get something they’d like to have is allowed. When the workroom is horrified to discover it’s a one day challenge–Kids! Since we moved to Lifetime they’re all one day challenges!–Amanda sighs. “Those poor saps. They don’t know what they’re in for.”

The trunks open and trading and bartering begins in earnest. Amanda fails to give away the fabrics she doesn’t like. Kini is shown making the same denim work he showed in the audition. Sandhya doesn’t barter, she dyes her fabrics into what she wants them to be. Angela is given the klutz/meltdown edit.

Time for Tim’s first walk through.

  • Amanda’s time is spent talking about how she wasn’t in the right frame of mind the first time she did the show.
  • Jefferson got one of the better black and white prints. Tim is not impressed with what he’s doing with it.
  • Sandhya has an idea to work with zippers to make stripes. The word “crafty” is uttered. Tim is dubious.
  • Char is told to untuck her blouse.
  • Angela’s skin baring idea is suggested to be a little too close to private areas.
  • Carrie, Kristine, and Korina each get five seconds.
  • Mitchell’s sewing work makes Tim look ill. Actually, everything about his outfit makes Tim look ill.

And that’s all we have time for! Congrats everyone who didn’t get a critique. You are safe. The models come and go for fittings.

Day of runway, and some people have not been able to manage their time well. Mitchell ends up assisting poor Sandhya, since he is finished and she is badly behind. Angela is ironing things as the model is wearing it. We pass through The Name Dropping Hair Salon (new sponsor) and the Product Displaying Make Up People (still MaryKay). Then it’s down to the runway.

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Paris Fashion Stephane Rolland

Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Stéphane Rolland

Stéphane Rolland did something very different for his Fall 2014 collection presentation. He presented via a 7-minute film, entitled “L’Échappée,” It followed Spanish model Nieves Alvarez and actor-director Jalil Lespert on a trip through Paris, showing off thew clothes as it went.

In the showroom itself the clothes were out on mannequins for inspection. Photographs of the clothes on models were provided as well. We will use the latter for our review.


What struck me first about the outfits was that the backs were different enough from the fronts that both sides were provided for us to judge. It would help, as I would never have known this gown had such interesting swoops from just the front side picture.

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