Wolf Hall: A Man For All Seasons

My continuing slow crawl through the dense marsh that is the production of Wolf Hall that recently aired on PBS continues. This week, I’ve made it through several rounds of episodes three and four, entitled “Anna Regina” and “The Devil’s Spit” respectively.

Lady Rochford: He’s a jumped-up nobody, taking his chance because the times are disordered.
Cromwell: Well, I suppose you could say the same thing about me, Lady Rochford. And I’m sure you do.

Episode three was a clarifying moment for me in the series. Throughout my repeated viewings of the first two episodes, I was perplexed and confused why critics were insisting on comparing this show to the more modern anti-hero pieces on AMC and HBO. But as Cromwell rises from the ashes of his employment with the now deceased Wolsey to working directly for the King, his status as “Royal Fixer,” one analogous to the sort of dark anti heroes our current TV landscape is filled with became clearer.

Programme Name: Wolf Hall - TX: n/a - Episode: Ep3 (No. 3) - Picture Shows:  Anne Boleyn (CLAIRE FOY) - (C) Company Productions Ltd - Photographer: Giles Keyte

One of the more fun things in the episode was the continued painterly way the show presents it characters. It even began to make fun of itself, as at one point Cromwell sits for the famous Hobein portrait most people think of when his name is mentioned. Thomas More too, appears in an outfit right out of his own Hobein portrait, as TestudoMeles points out.

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Resort 2016: Max Mara

It really is traveling for Resort this season. The Max Mara show decided to join the other higher end resort collections this month in making theirs a destination presentation, walking their line in London, instead of a photo presentation in their current residency in NYC. To that end, the collection was filled with London references, as well as a slightly left field one of…boxing?

Max Mara 001

Yes, boxing! The hats were reminiscent of old school boxing gear, the boxing shorts, done in leather , overlaying leggings, were compared and contrasted with pinstriped suiting. High end bankers slugging it out over money, that was the image that one walked away with from these outfits.

By the end of the collection, the collection had gotten a bit more comfy with silken florals that felt more pajamas than they did resort, but no matter. worked against an ever changing backdrop of London landmarks, the overall feeling was that the Mara team are thinking a return to Europe, and soon.

The full line is below.

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New Doctor Who Filming Pics from Series 9

Doctor Who is currently filming episode 7&8 (yes, another two parter) in Cardiff. This is the episode that will involve Unit, including the currently deceased Osgood and the miraculously non-deceased Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.




I had thought, from the far away pic we’d seen of Osgood last week she would be cosplaying as the 7th Doctor, but now up close it looks like I was wrong…

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