Wonder Woman’s New Costume

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman costume? Forget Superman and his “S” that stands for peace, or his cape that Edna would turn her nose up at. Forget Batfleck and his cat ears.

Wonder Woman is where it’s at.


Now I’m not going to disagree that the breast-plate couldn’t have used a hint of red to the metal. But in this dark and dreary vision of the DC universe that FOX has latched on to, it’s good to see someone who is only some sunlight away from blinding you with her brilliance.

Lucy title1

Natural Born Reviewers | Lucy

Lucy (2014) is a woman out of her element. We’d all be out of our element if like her we were  handcuffed to a mystery briefcase by someone we trusted, taken into custody by violent gangsters with no issue killing people in front of you, then used as a drug mule when those same gangsters surgically implant a pouch of blue crystals into your stomach.

Lucy scaredLucy reacts with the desperation, fear and panic that any of us would. It is only after the pouch ruptures (post-prison guard assault) that Lucy is suddenly, chemically transformed into a near-robotic being with superior and ever-increasing intelligence, ass-kicking, matter-shifting and matter/wave-controlling skills.

Lucy hands

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is continually evolving from the moment of her crystal blue persuasion, and each percentage increase in brain power is chronicled onscreen in giant white numbers. Let’s tackle this bit right away: The science in this film is dubious at best, and outright wrong about the brain. Humans do not only use 10% of their brains. We use all of our brain all the time. Certain areas light up more during specific tasks, but the entire brain is always active. As viewers, we found ourselves needing to disengage our logic centers. There are lots of things to like about Lucy, but writer/director Luc Besson didn’t truly explore the ideas he laid out.

Mild spoilers ahead.

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Martin Sitting Game Of Thrones Season Five Out

George RR Martin is, as we all know, a busy man. He goes to lots of cons. He attends a lot of book readings. He writes episodes for the monster hit his Ice and Fire series has spawned, Game of Thrones. There are lot of things distracting him from finishing A Song of Ice and Fire, and if you ask when Winds of Winter is coming out again, he’s going to kill another Stark. He is, after all, not your bitch.


But as a writer, and the creator of the universe that spawned Game of Thrones, he wants to keep that world his own. So, despite the procrastination and the distractions, he will eventually have to buckle down and finish the last two goddamn novels. Especially as the TV has all but caught up to him, and is, in some story lines, already beginning to pass him.

He can dreamily suggest the show end with movies to buy himself time. He can push for more episodes a year and more than seven seasons. But as far as everyone can tell, right now no one is listening to him. So he’s doing what he probably should have done a while ago. He’s going to focus on finishing the goddamn books.

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Capaldi: “There Will Be No Flirting, That’s For Sure”

As the roll out for Doctor Who‘s new series has approached, Moffat has said in interviews that this will be a new day for the Doctor. “The fairy tale is over.” The Doctor’s crush on his companion has changed.

When I read these interviews, I wondered if this change was Moffat’s choice. Or was it that Capaldi, who is the biggest name cast since the reboot, wasn’t having any of it. I wondered that again, when we had Moffat’s descriptions of the episodes at the end of last week. Especially when he couldn’t help but call one of them “a fairy tale,” as if the “no fairy tales anymore” was not his own choice.

'Doctor Who' TV series filming, Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff University, Wales, Britain - 18 Mar 2014

Yesterday, the answer became clear. In an interview with the (regrettably paywalled) Sunday Times, Capaldi was open about whose choice it was. The Doctor/Companion romances are over, but, as much as he tries to pretend it was his idea, it was not Moffat’s doing.

“There’ll be no flirting, that’s for sure. It’s not what this Doctor is concerned with. It’s quite a fun relationship but I did call and say, ‘I want no Papa-Nicole moments.’ There was a bit of tension with that at first, but I was absolutely adamant.”

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