Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

One of the things the end of comiccon brings is a rash of trailers that were shown during panels hitting the web. The big one yesterday was Hunger Games. But the oddest one I saw to come out over the weekend was the reboot of–of all things–the Mad Max series.

There’s a lot to like about this trailer. Tom Hardy for one. Bald Charlize Theron for another. This reboot of Mad Max seems to have come out with a lot more buzz than it went in with. But can it sustain? Or will this be another Snakes on a Plane?



Amazon Opens 3D Print Shop

It was only a few months ago during the Fall 2014 Ready To Wear show that designers started using 3D printing as part of their fashion designs. Before that, we saw our first hint of what this new technology can do for the accessory business. Though the technology is still in the early stages, people are already seeing the possibilities.Clipboard01

So is Amazon. Despite the stocks tanking and investors yelling, Jeff Bezos continues to think long-term and bank on future ideas. One of those is an Amazon storefront that looks to be the Etsy for 3D printing.

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The Game of Thrones Panel at SDCC, In Its Entirety

Not everyone gets to go to SDCC. Not everyone who goes gets in to see the panels they were hoping to. Sometimes it’s the lines, sometimes it’s a scheduling conflict with something else you really want to see, sometimes, you just get distracted.

SDCC has finally clued in on this, and harnessed the power of the internet to solve this problem. quite a few of the panels have found their way to YouTube on the official SDCC channel.

The GRRM interview, after the jump.

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