Project Runway: Char’s NYFW Collection

I feel bad for Char.

I mean, I shouldn’t. She would probably tell me not to. After all, she got to the finale, she got her line shown on TV. That she got there over better designers, and with no less than three saves, two of which were by Tim Gunn? Well, sometimes you get lucky in life.


Sometimes, so lucky that you even show the turquoise outfit Tim fought to keep out of your finale collection. To be fair, it wasn’t as bad as Tim made it out to be. Maybe a touch hoochie in the back and over designed, but no worse than some of the other stuff that walked during the Project Runway show.

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CapitolTV’s “Celebrating District Voices” Baking with District 9

This installment of our In World promotional series for next month’s Hunger Games features District Nine.



It also features a set of youtubers who were willing to think inside the box as it were, and tie themselves in to the ongoing story line the Capitol is pushing of “Hero Peeta.”

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