Paris Fall 2015 Couture: Busardi

Busardi, Thailand’s oldest surviving fashion house, was once again on hand for Couture week, and he’ll be the collection we’ll close our month of reviews on. This was the brand’s second time in Paris for Couture, and the inspiration came from the Epiphyllum oxypetalum, a night blooming cactus flower.


The result included feathery headdresses that sometimes recalled fowl more than it did floral, and intricately designed dresses that were simple in shape and long on applique curly ques.The highlight of the collection came in the latter half, as designer Busardi Muntarbhorn moved from monochromatic looks to combining jewel tones to head turning effect. Many evening wear designers don’t have the nerve to take such risks, but Bursadi reminded us that if you know how to use color and pattern, it’s a skill one should employ often.

The full collection is below.

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Food Network Star 11: Star Salvation Part 5

With a sausage fest happening on the main show, Star Salvation looks to be attempting to restore the gender balance with two women waiting to take down the next competitor. I have made no secret I think Dom should have gone home weeks before he did, and that I blame Giada’s soft spot for his type (and a lack of Alton Brown to refuse to cater to it) for him making it this far. I’m curious to see today how he fares when having to present to Alex and Jeff.

He certainly walks in all swagger and “I’m back, baby,” and both Emilia and Jeff make sure to tell us at home who cannot taste his food that he was certainly the best chef in the competition (which would explain why Bobby was ok with keeping him around so long, since Bobby prizes the ability to chef over on camera skills almost to a point of insanity.) Let us hope that Emilia and Rue eat him for lunch anyway.

Judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Jeff Mauro during the Star Salvation Challenge, Make a Dish Using Unusual Ingredients, as seen on Star Salvation for Food Network Star, Season 11.

All three get bags full of a “culinary curveball.” I guess with Iron Chef America all but defunct, that phrase was going free, and in desperate need of reusing. The challenge–to cook their mystery ingredient, and then present it (along with an “expert tip” in the form of a one minute “video blog entry.” (Bless them all for refusing to say “vlog.”)

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