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Natural Born Reviewers | Great Song Moments from Non-Musicals

The idea of musicals is both odd and whimsical — it’s slightly unsettling for people to simply burst into song, but it can be quite entertaining. Odder are the moments when musical numbers appear in otherwise non-musical movies. But this juxtaposition can set up some of the funniest (and weirdest) scenes for the delight of audiences everywhere. Here in no particular order are twelve of these melodic interjections.

1. “I Say a Little Prayer”My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Rupert Everett, pretending to be Julia Roberts’s fiancé, has just finished embarrassing her in front her of her love interest Dermot Mulroney and his family — part of a larger effort to protest her sabotaging Mulroney’s wedding. And then Everett takes it one step further and starts to sing…inspiring the entire table, then the whole restaurant, to sing with him. Loads of fun!

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Third Hobbit Movie Gets New Name, Still Overkill

Yes, as hinted last week, they did change the name. Because The Hobbit: There And Back Again was too much of a reference to the book, I suppose.

the hobbit whysoblu 1

But (thank all the gods, old and new) they did NOT rename it The Hobbit: Into The Fire. That idea was not only lame, pandering and sounded like a bad straight to DVD flick starring Jason Statham as Bilbo, and perhaps Jennifer Lopez as an low rent booty shaking elf.

Nope, instead the title is: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

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Barrowman Still In Denial About Torchwood’s Demise

This is just getting sad now.


In an interview with, Barrowman–despite his moving on with a successful career–stated:

“The thing is, I go around with Eve and people to these conventions and we see the humongous following that we have and also the hunger that there is for Torchwood. If I’m asked to play Captain Jack Harkness again, I would do it at the drop of a hat. And also, the Arrow producers have said that if I’m asked to do something like that, they would let me. They would see that I was able to do it. I think there’s a lot more to tell, there’s a lot more out there. There are those missing years that Jack talked about, there’s how he becomes ‘The Face of Boe’, there’s all sorts of things. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to Russell, Julie Gardner, and the BBC.”

Oh dear.

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An Interactive Map of Westeros (And Essos)



For the book readers–and the TV show watchers who have gotten really in to the series– we have an interactive map of the GRRM world. It includes both Essos and Westeros, but for those who are Unspoiled, one can restrict the map to places you’ve only seen so far.

Built by member Carpediem, it is fully interactive. You can drill down like a regular Google map.  For copyright reasons, they steered away from the official Martin map book, but that’s ok. It is, if I may say, fantastic.

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