Natural Born Reviewers and Anibundel | Marvel’s Phase III

First things first. We have to finish Phase II. The that end we have a new Age of Ultron trailer, where Joss hits us in all the feels.

So the hysteria of yesterday’s Marvel announcement has died down, it time to take a look at the whole picture. I asked the Natural Born Reviewers to take a moment from their hiatus and let me know what they thought.

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Liamfer: Coulson tied Phase 1 together, almost by accident. Phase 2 had multiple connections, but no central thread. Phase 3 feels like it is going to be impossible, covering Civil War to Infinity War. Too big for individual films, Civil War might end with Cap’s death and Empire Strikes Back style continuing saga that entwines Phase 3 films and makes them dependent on each other in a way Iron Man 3 or Guardians of the Galaxy 1 weren’t. The 2-part Infinity War suggests that their moving toward a unified saga rather than separate trees with connecting branches.

Is AntMan still a thing?

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Face Off Season 7: First Knight

We’ve reached the finale of Face Off Season 7. We pick up where we left off at the end of last week. The stage has been redecorated with swords and fanciful looking coats of arms. George has just been dismissed, and the judges are still seated at the table. McKenzie launches directly into the intro, and makes sure to name check both Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones in passing on her way to the finale challenge. They will make two Knight looks, one “Hero embodying Life” and one “Evil embodying Death.” Their characters will joust to the death for the finale performance. The theme will be determined via which sword they draw from its prop stone.


Of course, the finalists won’t do it alone. We have contestants from earlier in the season to help. Unlike previous years, there’s only one each. That’s because in a new twist, the other set of assistants are former Face Off winners–easing us into next season’s choice to bring back winners as contestant mentors. I note that Nicole is referred to as “Season 3 Winner,” whereas the others are their respective season’s “Champions.” (The show has not forgiven You the Voter yet for Your Wrongheaded Decision.) The other returnees are last season’s winner Rashaad, and our mentor-to-be-next-season Rayce. The previous winners come preassigned. To wit:

Cig is so into drawing the sword from the stone, he doesn’t really look at his coat of arms until they get back to the lab. Since there’s a gargoyle, he goes for an Evil Gargoyle. His ideas for the Life Knight are pretty nebulous though. Dina is heading back underwater, which has already proved to be a strength for her in previous challenges. Drew’s choice of Stag lends itself really well to fantasy, easily translating to good faun and evil satyr. Each contestant takes time to praise their Previous Winner assistant so the show can remind us of their previous winning looks from earlier seasons.

This being the final Westmore Family Walkthrough, McKenzie has dressed up for it in sparkly sequins. Meanwhile Michael proudly wears the Westmore Family Coat of Arms. No, it does not say “It’s All In The Paint Job,” but it should.


  • Cig: Michael points out that the “Life” knight drawing looks kind of snarly and evil and “too dark.” Cig is really having trouble conceptualizing his non-evil character.
  • Drew: Michael worries about the thinness of the facial sculpts for Drew’s faun.
  • Dina: Michael is concerned that her coat of arms is an octopus, but Dina is sculpting crustaceans. He strongly suggests she find a way to add an element that’s “octopussy.”

Dina doesn’t want to make an octopus, so Nicole suggests the Evil character is being controlled by an octopus. Problem solved. At the end of the day, Cig hopes that sleeping on the “Life” character will help him solve it.

Day Two and Cig’s new idea for his “Life” Knight is to make a handsome silicone enhanced style human. The mold drama is kept to a minimum, with only Dina’s team struggling to finish opening their molds before time, and the entirety of Drew’s team dropping what they are doing in the last ten minutes to help them. It’s so nice to watch a finale that’s not only devoid of team cattiness and backstabbing, but where teams selflessly help each other like that.

Day Three sees Rashaad making armor, while Cig is still molding his Death Knight cowl. Dina is sculpting fish bones for her armor look. Drew’s team seem to be in the best shape, since they’re already prepainting. By afternoon the others have caught up though, and everyone is in prepaint and costume design mode. By the end of the day, everyone has packed their stuff up to transport to the stage. There will be no more time in the lab on the day of.

Application Day on site does see some last-minute fabrications backstage and outside in a tent. The models aren’t our usual beautiful people. They’re professional jousters and sword fighters, older craggy looking guys, who are happy to judge if they’ll be able to do all their fight choreography in their outfits.

Let’s head to the performance studio and see these guys beat each other silly.

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