Shudders In Horror

Sarah Palin kicks off her “I’m Continuing To Tease Everyone About Running For President” “One Nation” Bus Tour this Sunday at DC’s version of Sturgis, known as Rolling Thunder. It’s a culturally brilliant move. I’m just struck that once again, when she makes what she considers to be a power play, she does it on a three day weekend, so those poor LameStream Media she continues to sneer at have to work on a holiday.

I, for one, and very thankful we’re going out of town.

Couple this with the release of her new propaganda piece movie in Iowa, and the buying of  a house in Arizona, and I really do think she’s going to do it. I’m sure Obama’s people are licking their chops–just hope that they remember that Al Gore lost to GW Bush, and not to fall into the same trap….

Cheryl Cole Out On X-Factor

The reports are that, for reason not totally explained, Cole is leaving X-Factor, and worse, being replaced with Nicole Scherzinger. If they’re going to boot Cole, shouldn’t they just go to a three-panel judging system? If the reason they’re booting her is she doesn’t get along with Paula, how well do you think Nicole is going to get along with her? Somehow I doubt it’s going to be much better…and what are they going to do about the auditions already filmed?

Sigh. There goes my dose of heavy British accent every week.

Glee: Nationals

There’s never much to talk about when it comes to Glee. There’s not really much by way of plot, as much as it’s a bunch of emotionally honest moments strung together in a semi coherent format with the strings of fantasy.

This episode embodied that method of storytelling. The Glee Club goes to NYC. They run around having adventures that don’t happen in real life, and then lose and go home. They feel ok about it. Songs are sung.

The songs sung for the actual Nations Performance were “originals” again, and therefore completely forgettable. I’ve forgotten them so much, I don’t even know what they were called. I assume that’s because the songs didn’t matter so much as the plot-point kiss between Finn and Rachel that happened smack in the middle.

The cover songs were better, especially “Bella Notte” from the Best Disney Cartoon Ever Made (Pre-Pixar Division) Lady and the Tramp. But my favorite was the Madonna/Sinatra mashup “I Love New York/New York.”

(They really do have good luck with Madonna, don’t they?  Funny that.)

Next season, the kids will all be seniors. Will they introduce a new pack of freshmen in hopes of keeping the show going in high school? Decide to do “Glee: The Not-Everyone-Went-To-College Years”? Or end it after three seasons, in order to keep themselves from running the damn thing into the ground?

American Idol 10: Top Two

Sigh. Remember when Idol Finales were good? When they had drama that had to do with the performances, and weren’t just twitter froth? Remember when we saw Bo sing “Inside Your Heaven” and you could just see he was throwing in the towel? Remember when Clay beat Reuben? Remember when we watched the Soul Patrol trample the Idol producers into submission? Remember watching Diana struggle to hold her own against the steam engine that was Fantasia? Remember when it was David vs David, and David refused to do a retread song, and refused to compromise as an artist and still won? Remember when we feared Justin could somehow triumph over Kelly? Remember when it was Adam and Kris, and they both won, so the fact that Kris won over Adam was ok, because he needed the title more?

Those were the days. They’re gone now. Last year’s Crystal Vs Lee was weak, because it was such a blow out in her favor, and then he won anyway.

Scotty vs Lauren? This was just boring. Continue reading

Lauren Dropping Out of Idol Finale?

Of course not, don’t be silly.

But how odd that the producers fed this rumor to TMZ, who leaked it with under an hour to go until show time. Are the Idol Brass really that worried about viewers tuning in, that this sort of last minute pump priming was deemed necessary?

Perhaps next year they won’t be so hot for two teens in the finale?

ETA: Now Slezak is on board with this story. I still don’t believe it. In fact, i think it’s really foolish to leak it like this. If Haley fans get their hopes up and tune in and see Lauren instead looking just flipping fine, the internet outrage is going to start all over again…