Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler

Though the proper title might have been Dr. Who: The Birth of River Song. I admit, I did not like “A Good Man Goes To War.” The overarching plot was confusing, the “Doctor’s Darkest Hour” never really materialized, and I was hella pissed at “the River is Melody is Amy’s baby” conclusion. I wanted River to be a completely independent bad-ass entity in unto herself and unrelated to anything else. Total let down.

“Welcome. You are unauthorized. Your death will now be implemented. You will experience a tingling sensation, and then death.” -Killer Antibody Space Jellyfish

This episode may not have added up all the way plot wise either, but it was the most quotable episode since Gaiman’s “The Doctor’s Wife.” And when it came to characterization, I found it much more successful and enjoyable than the mid-season finale.

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Torchwood: Miracle Day “End of the Road”

This episode rightly could have also been entitled “Return Of The Guest Stars.” We’ve had a couple of weeks focusing solely on the adventures of the Americanized Torchwood team, and then last week’s gift to the fans (but ultimately plot stopping) Episode from Jack’s Past. This week was a reminder that Torchwood shelled out good money on guest stars that Science Fiction fans would recognize, and then used some fancy pyrotechnics to blow them up.

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Project Runway: Rule One Is Never Bore Nina

So this week Lifetime continues to not shell out for guest stars and keep things in-house. Design for Heidi! Not for her to wear, but for her “sportswear line.” Not that weird sportswear which really means “the sort of outfit Katherine Hepburn wore in the 50s,” either. We’re talking “the sort of sportswear that can make little sneakers that are just this side of toe-shoes look fashionable” style sportswear. Of course, it’s a team challenge, four teams of three each, with the winning line of three looks being produced and sold by Heidi herself.

The plan was to force the designers to race, and the top four runners are team captains. Cecilia, who is apparently just fed up after not being sent home last week takes one look at this nonsense and quits. The remaining 11 run the race, with Olivier falling down and semi-passing out from whatever amphetamines he’s taking. Once his drama is over, the four winners–MoldedHair Josh, Bryce, AnthonyRyan and Viktor–pick their teams.

So they pick their teammates in order of first-second-third-fourth place. Moldedhair Josh picks Anya on his first pass for her design ability, and then Becky on his second for her sewing skills. Bryce takes Kimberly on his first pass because he absolutely does not want to be paired with a bottom dweller, and she won the last challenge. On his second pass he picks Danielle because his other option is Bert. AnthonyRyan picks Barbie Laura on his first pass since they won the stiltwalker challenge together (albeit by accident) and Viktor picks Olivier on his first pass.

So you would think that Anthony would have the choice now to either pick Bert or pick Cecilia’s vacated spot we’re all assuming is going to go to the last person eliminated, Julie. Instead Tim simply saddles him with Bert and then gives the real prize to Viktor–he gets to choose ANY of the eliminated contestants from the last four weeks to come back and be his teammate.

The answer (which was vocally unanimous across all teams) was to bring back Mormon Josh. Really? But he’s terrible! Well yes, but he’s a nice guy who doesn’t upset any one, with the bonus that no one feels threatened by him, because he is terrible. Of course he’s the choice of the other contestants to come back.

Two things before we get to the clothes–Heidi’s two last-minute rule changes. The first was the time issue.

Have you even gone back and watched the old ProjRun reruns on Style Network? You know what I hear Tim Gunn say in those that I don’t anymore?

“Designers, you have until midnight tonight and then all day tomorrow to finish your garments.”

What happened to two-day challenges? No seriously, Lifetime, I want an answer. Are you really just that cheap? Project Runway fans have wailed ever since the move to Lifetime that the designs just aren’t what they used to be. You know why? Because the designers don’t have the TIME anymore. Back in the Bravo seasons, a designer had time to scrap an entire garment and remake because s/he had TWO DAYS. Here, they have at best, 12 hours? Damn straight you’re seeing some turn to glue. This week was worse. With all the idiot racing, and drama and what not, by the time they made it back to Parsons with their fabric it was 3:30pm and they only had until 11pm. Seven and a half hours. That’s it. So of course when Heidi did her walk through, no one was anywhere near in good shape. But did they give them an extra day? No. Instead they gave them until 4am. Barbie Laura was the only one smart enough to say “Wait, we’re thanking them for letting us stay up until 4am?” Seriously. Bravo made them go home at midnight and sleep 8 hours. Lifetime tells them to stay up until 4am and then makes drama-hay from the sleep deprived sickness some of them feel when they’re back in the workroom at 8am. Not cool, Lifetime.

The second rule change was due to a bigger issue: No team produced a winning line. At least one garment in every line was awful enough that Heidi simply wouldn’t produce it. Instead she chose her two favorite designs of the night and called it close enough. Let’s look at those now. Continue reading

New Star Trek Series Rumors

Sounds like the new show would be in the original universe, not the rebooted one? Also that it would be set farther in the future, instead of trying to do a prequel, à la Star Trek: Enterprise.

The series is highly energized with a much younger cast, and uses cutting-edge future technologies with newly envisioned special effects and designs. It includes Klingons, Ferengi, Andorians, Vulcans, Trill, and many more. The Klingons are getting very restless since the Praxis incident forced them to come to the peace tables, and are tired of having to rely on the Federation for support. The Ferengi have discovered a vast new resource that has propelled them towards instant riches and power beyond anything they have previously experienced. Continue reading

Battlestar Galactica Ending with a Whimper?

News today that BSG: Blood and Chrome, the much heralded second run by SyFy at trying to spin off their most critically acclaimed series may never make it to TV after all.

Blood and Chrome was originally meant to be a web series, a supplement to the BSG prequel Caprica. The problem of course, is that Caprica, though fascinating in its own way, never got off the ground. So with Caprica cancelled, Blood and Chrome found itself field promoted into TV-movie/backdoor pilotdom.

Except now that SyFy has seen the rough cut of the TV movie, they’re thinking that promotion might have been a mite hasty. According to io9:

Stern said that a decision on Blood and Chrome’s release date was not imminent, and it was still a possibility that they would air it as a TV movie/backdoor pilot. But they’re seriously considering transforming it back into a series of webisodes. (It’s a bad sign that Syfy doesn’t automatically consider this production as worthy of TV-movie status as, say, Killer Mountain. Or Mega-Python Vs. Gatoroid. Etc. etc.)


NBC Sinking Money Into Primetime

One of the benefits of the NBC-Comcast merger is that Comcast is showing themselves to be committed to bringing high quality-looking programming back to network TV so it can start visually competing with the cable networks.

Note I said high-quality looking programming. Both Pan Am and The Playboy Club are visually lush affairs with higher grade leads than one might normally find in fledgling network dramas (Christina Ricci for Pan Am and Eddie Cibrian for Playboy Club.) They look expensive. But as Alyssa over at ThinkProgress pointed out:

I don’t think [Gloria] Steinem has to worry. [The Playboy Club] is a show that posits Eddie Cibrian as a poor man’s Jon Hamm. I’m not particularly worried that it’s going to garner a lot of viewers and critical acclaim and stick around for a long time. Continue reading