“The Muppets” Deserve A Place On PrimeTime Television

Fellow internetters!

I have been to The Muppets! And I am here to say to all of you! that We Must *Rise Up* and DEMAND! A WEEKLY MUPPET TV SHOW! WHO’S WITH ME?

I am not talking any Muppet TV show either. I am not looking for Muppet Babies, or Muppets Tonight. No, my friends, I am asking for a weekly Muppet Show, vaudeville setting and all. I am asking for weekly guest stars like Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and Joel McHale.Yes, I am suggesting another variety show à la SNL, where people with movies to plug and cds to push turn up. The difference is, they make laughing great fools of themselves while hanging out with talking frogs, bears, pigs and whatever Gonzo is. (“He’s a little like a turkey.” “Yeah, a little. But not much.”)

People! It is PAST time for our long national nostalgia trip to produce something good on television. If terrible dreck like Charlie’s Angels and Hawaii 5-0 can be given new life in this era of Hollywood being out of ideas, I see no reason The Muppets should not be recorded the same respect. The movie’s numbers this weekend have shown us that there is still a place for the unironic, the silly, and the muppety. There has been a Muppet sized hole in our national landscape since 1990 that not even Muppet Treasure Island could fill. Why should our beloved Muppets be confined to the Public Broadcasting Stations, doomed forever to be teaching our smallest ones how to count and sing the alphabet? I’m hear to say that if it is good enough for our children, it should be good enough for our adults. Allow the irreverent and the wacky to run free once more!

So I am asking all of you: Facebook it far, Retweet it wide: We demand a New Muppet Show on our televisions for the Fall 2012 season. It is time to play the music. It is time to light the lights. It is time for Kermit and Friends to once again have a home on prime time television, so we can meet them weekly on the Muppet Show Tonight.

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

Lifetime’s stellar advertising department must’ve just assumed that their housewife clientele would be too busy knocking themselves out making Norman Rockwell style dinners and then suffering through football to even notice they didn’t run Project Accessory this week. But I did.

In lieu of that recap, instead I bring you network television’s latest holiday oddity, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.” The title makes it sound like a decent idea for an SNL sketch that won’t live up to its potential. The actual special itself was a bit of a self-indulgent pop star’s egotistical nightmare. One part pop star interview, one part infomercial for her holiday cd, one part trying to rebrand herself as conservative catholic good girl (the special was shot in different rooms at the catholic conservatory where she went to school), and one part horrifically high self-regarding near-PBS-great-performances parody, one had to be drunk to enjoy the trainwreck nature of what was presented. I cannot figure out who greenlighted the project, or why exactly is was running on network TV instead of, say, MTV. Anyway you sliced it, it was supremely strange fare.

The pop star interview was done with Katie Couric, who’s stint in hard news had temporarily erased from my memory that when she’s confronted with pop stars, she asks nothing but fawning softball questions. Oh Katie Couric, I’m so sorry. The infomercial was for Gaga’s upcoming cd “A Very Gaga Holiday.” I guess we should be thankful that the Very Gaga Thanksgiving means we will now not be subjected to A Very Gaga Christmas. Though, if network television is looking for programming ideas, I’m all for A Very Beyoncé Christmas. Because, and that’s why.

As for the performances sprinkled throughout the special (and there should have been a whole lot more of them, and a whole lot less talking), we have some clips, after the jump.

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