62 thoughts on “Open Thread at Now”

    1. OMG thank you. I’m about gnashing my teeth at the “oh noez! but the Aspergers don’t even have empathy!” ignorance swirling around out there.

    1. Creative dyslexia strikes again. I read that as “Richard Dawson.” He might be interesting as a theater reviewer.

      (“Show me… Les Mis!”)

      1. it is looking increasingly like Mr Bear’s not-so-secret crush on Anne Hathaway will get him in the door with me.

        (He has a thing for smart brunettes, what can I say?)

  1. I’m sorry I forgot! This is what happens when I’m so invested in not working on that Big Project that I have to work on that I actually leave my desk to eat lunch and read my book.

    1. Emily Emily: here is the link I promised you (and Nora, and…?).
      ta-da. Sorry photobucket is not as user-friendly as it used to be.

        1. I hope to be able to learn enough this coming year to be able to make us both hobbit coats for movie #2.

      1. Ok, this may be evil of me, given all the work you did, but I think my favorite shot is the one of the feet and the credits – ha!

        Followed closely by every other one, because my God! Look at all the beautiful work you did! Wow.

        1. Well, MY work is only the green dress (back row, second one in) and the two front hobbits (me and the g/f). Danni (elf, back row, 1st one) did his own; Martin (ranger, back row, 3rd one) did his many years ago; Ed (hobbit, back row, 4th one) either did some of his own or else his wife sewed it for him); Catherine (counting her as an elf, though it’s a ren faire dress) bought hers. Christina (elf, 1st on the front left) made hers back in LOTR days or even prior. So…I didn’t clothe everyone!

        2. The slippers were presents from a dear friend who excitedly called us several weeks ago when they arrived from thinkgeek. She wanted us to have them in time for the movie rather than waiting for Christmas.

    2. I would like to be working on a Big Project but the contracts that were supposed to arrive while I was out of town last week have *still* not come and yet this sucker has a January 3 deadline. ARGH.

  2. I feel completely over my head with stuff I can’t even talk about and the worst thing is, I have so many sweet treats in the house that I am temporarily even *totally over chocolate* so that can’t help. Woe.

    1. It’s all well and good to be overwhelmed and/or anxious about the future, but “over chocolate”…! My dear KCox, I send you all my love and support!

  3. Have avoided screaming at co-workers about Newtown: +
    May have blown up an old freindship: –
    Report I finished 2 weeks ago, then modified this morning, and now they want more mods: ?
    Learned that they do in fact have Pizza Huts in Finland: + (The more you know.)

  4. so sleepy….afternoon zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but I have to get stuff done today………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. So apparently no one in my family can use a cell phone except to call/email me. This is particularly great when any given two of them cannot find each other, and I am in another county.

  6. Hi, all!

    I have nothing independently interesting to contribute today…but I love you guys anyway!!! :)

          1. She always looks SO HURT when we put her in the bath. As if she’s being punished.

            We try to tell her that if she would stop rolling on her back in the dirt she wouldn’t have to get bathed that often. Sadly, I don’t think she understands English as well as we think she does…

            1. Or understands it more *selectively* than you’d like.

              At least, that’s how our elkhound always was.

  7. would someone please go do my holiday gift shopping for me, pretty please? and for very little money? thx.

      1. impossible to shop for mom. impossible to shop for b-i-l. sister (only sometimes hard to shop for). impossible to shop for dad. the kids will be fun, if I ever get the time.

        I HATE shopping. Made the mistake of accompanying housemate to the mall on Sat. :: shudders :: Totally shut me down there was so much overload.of cars/people/noise/crap

        1. oh, also have not shopped successfully for best friends or their kids. sigh. at least housemate agreed to exchange after the holiday…

          1. I have a standing agreement with my primary co-worker that the best gift we can give each other is freedom from exchanging gifts. It’s one of my favorite presents every year.

        2. I have not done physical Xmas shopping in several years. That’s what the intertoobz are for. I haven’t been in a mall, even in the offseason, since 2004.

        3. My phone died on Friday night, which meant I had to go to the Apple Store on Saturday. 10 days before Christmas. It was nightmarish! On the other hand, they did get me a new phone which seems to be functioning properly. I just had to wait there for 2 hours to get it.

    1. A great old liberal lion. As important to HI as Ted Kennedy was to MA.
      Rumor has it that MA Governor Deval Patrick is going to name former governor and former presidential candidate Mike Dukakis to be the placeholder for John Kerry’s seat when Kerry is named SOS. I’ve known Mike since he first ran for state senate in 1966. when I was first eligible to vote. He came and knocked on the door when I was home with mono.

    2. Does Hawaii elect a replacement directly, or is there a nominated temp who holds the seat until an election cycle (like 2014)?

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