London Fashion Week Fall 2014 RTW: Felder Felder

I know we’re behind (we’re always behind when it comes to the avalanche of lines that happen in Fashion Week.) But this week starts our look through of the best of London’s Fashion Week. Felder Felder opened the festivities with watercolors and mohair coats.

It’s hard to call anything made of mohair “coat porn” but there’s something about the mix of early spring greens and the melting watercolor blouse that suggested it might be a really good idea to leave the house looking like this.

This being London, spring is still a chilly time (well, not for much longer if climate change has it’s say, but still.) Heavier fabrics and quilted mini dresses made sense under those circumstances. (Though the chiffon inlays did not sit properly when the heavy fabrics moved.)

The mohair sleeves mar these sexy leather jackets, but we’ll overlook that since the outfits beneath are so chic.

The Felder ladies are not one to shy away from bodycon, but so many people do the dress on the left better, I really think they should. Meanwhile, on the right, the hairy sleeves are out of control.

The idea of organza under the laser cut out sounds great on paper. In reality, I was sorry to see it blurred the lines.

Look, there’s hairy experimentation and then there’s looking like the Muppet monster version of Big Bird. Sexy cut outs don’t help.

To close the show, Felder and Felder went back to white suits, with well placed cut outs. They were some of the highlights of the day.

But please, give that hair a trim.

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