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Cosplay Boom: Star Wars Celebration

It’s been a week since the Star Wars Celebration ended. But we’re turning back to it now that Cosplay Boom has gotten themselves together and put together a video. Cosplay Boom are professional who make it their business to gather images of the best cosplay images of any given event, and I’m very excited they put together a video. It includes some stunning work, from the extremely faithful recreations to the most out there interpretations and mashups.


Below, the full video, plus some other pictures from the event that I just f’loved, but didn’t get around to publishing.

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New Cranky Batman is Afflecked

Is it a deliberate leak or an accidental one? It doesn’t matter, the picture is out, and wether or not anyone meant it to get out, it’s there. Our first direct look at Batfleck.


How sad and depressed our Batman is! And if you thought that perhaps this picture is not real, compare it to what Zach Snyder tweeted the other day, and the color photo version it came from that followed.

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Doctor Who Returning To “The Fires of Pompeii”

When Capaldi was first cast as the Doctor, it did not escape notice that once again Moffat was going to a pre-cast well. Companion Amy Pond had played a one off role in the exact same episode. But this was the first time the Doctor would have had his future face in his past adventures.


At the time, Moffat said the show would acknowledge that, and perhaps find a deeper meaning behind it. But other than a throw away line in the premiere of the Doctor musing “why this face?” the show did not pursue that line of inquiry. Instead they preferred to focus on the season at hand, and realizing the world of this Doctor here and now with his companion. Not a bad choice.

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American Idol XIV: Top 4 “Soul Songs/Judges Hometowns”

Has a season ever leaked all the suspense out of an episode like Idol has done with tonight’s pairing down to the Top 4? Let’s see. We have five contestants tonight, four of whom have never been in the bottom, and one who ahs four times. Logic dictates… Well, perhaps this is unfair. Idol has not actually leaked out all the suspense, after all, miracles do happen. What Idol really did was somehow screw up the twitter voting process so badly, it became something of an embarrassment. I mean, c’mon now. The Voice has been doing this twitter vote thing for literal years, and they never had a contestant run the table like that on them.



Idol seems to never quite hit the mark on these things, instead allowing themselves to look like they cannot handle their business. Five white male winners in a row made them desperate enough to be obvious about casting sub par male talent. Perhaps the show always meant to institute the twitter save once the Idol Save was used and the resulting double elimination happened. But the lack of press release announcing it ahead made it look like an idea someone came up with the Friday after the double elimination, when they saw the voting trends and an opportunity to remove the weakest contestant. And though they could have always planed to end it post Top Five Tour mark, the lack of a press release announcing how long they planned to run it for made it look like a decision (after Rayvon survived it three times, and was obviously headed for a fourth) to shut it down before it got any more embarrassing.

Let’s get on with this and see if Rayvon can survive without a save.

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