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Tunes for Tuesday: Postmodern Jukebox does David Bowie

For your Tuesday listening pleasure, PostModern Jukebox had done a splendid cover of David Bowie’s seminal hit, “Heroes.”

Scott Bradlee’s piano on this is so good. Portions of sales of this single will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute. I highly encourage everyone to download it.

We haven’t been keeping up with PMJ, so we have a few more of their new pieces below.

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Downton Abbey: Antiques Roadshow

Downton Abbey has a long and illustrious history, and not just the one we heard Cora rattle off tonight. If one googles Highclere Castle, one would learn that an early version of the building that would go on to star in one of the most popular series on television in the 21st century has been standing on those grounds since 749AD. The medieval palace bones upon with the Georgian/Victorian era would renovate has stood since somewhere in the 12th century. The building as we see it today came into being in the late 1830s, when the 3rd Earl of Carnarvon transformed it into the grand mansion that stands today. All tis history, all this talk of merely being caretakers for the next generation to preserve and protect the estate, and yet Robert Grantham cannot understand why the public would treat his house as the living museum piece that it was even in 1925?

Robert: “What on Earth can we show them to make it worth their money? Lady Grantham knitting? Lady Mary in the bath?”

Well, the show hasn’t gone quite so far as to show Lady Mary in the bath, though it did once show us Cora in the bath, so I suppose when it comes right down to it, the truth will out. But though year after year, I claim that the reason we really tune in is for the hats (and this year, the glorious headbands), one of the main draws of Downton Abbey is the chance to glimpse this tremendously splendid estate. (A coworker of mine rather tellingly once referred to it as “that show about the house.”)

18 downton 6 6

If Season 6 has been about everyone heading to their happy endings and their future, why not the house as well? The estate has been just as much a key player in the dramas that unfold about us every week as the costumes, the hairdos, the hats and the changing times. Downton Abbey, and estates like it, have a future in the post-landed gentry era. In today’s world they are museums, reception halls for the asking price, rented out to movies and television productions looking for certain interior and exterior settings, and of course, regular stops on the long running series Antiques Roadshow, where the doors of such estates are thrown open, and the local villagers are invited in to see the sites while bringing along the token items that once came from a household like this that was given to their mum’s mum’s mum back by the grand lady back in 1769, and oh no, they’ve never had it appraised. We just keep it in a box up in the attic, you know. And though Downton’s first experience with the public this week was devoid of a Hugh Scully or an Arthur Negus, that too will come in time. Until then we have the Dowager, having lost her job at the hospital, who turns out to be able to do the honors quite nicely.

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Beyonce’s “Formation”

This is working on so many levels, it’s killing me. And on top of it the beat is so sick she must have sneezed on it.

Red Lobster is never going to know what hit them. Coldplay just got coldly played on Superbowl eve. Whatever they do tomorrow is just her opening act, and everyone knows it.

Project Runway Junior: Maya’s NYFW Collection

Maya was 13 years old when this show began filming, and turned 14 halfway through its run. The youngest contestant on the program, she isn’t just good. She’s a phenom. Kelly called her a genius, and she not wrong. When these pieces came out of the bags last week, I was stunned at how much better they were than the other three collections. But what I didn’t realize until seeing them walk how much better her collection was than anything that walked the runway for Project Runway proper. Certainly better than Season 14’s finale, and even maybe better than anything we saw in Season 13’s finale as well. It took bringing in Children, but Project Runway finally found that creativity well that seemed to have run dry.


I heard whines about the cape from the judges, but they need to be the hell quiet. The boning structure she created for the back is simply superb. And putting it with the black minidress heightened the impact.

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