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Downton Abbey: Six Seasons… and A Movie?

We first reported this on Monday when it was still in the “not getting denied” rumor stage. But yesterday the press releases started flowing, and the rumor became official. Downton Abbey‘s Season 6 will be the last.

Fellowes addresses the cast at the final table read
Fellowes addresses the cast at the final table read

Carnival’s Managing Director and Executive Producer of “Downton Abbey,” Gareth Neame said, “Millions of people around the world have followed the journey of the Crawley family and those who serve them for the last five years. Inevitably there comes a time when all shows should end and ‘Downton’ is no exception. We wanted to close the doors of ‘Downton Abbey’ when it felt right and natural for the storylines to come together and when the show was still being enjoyed so much by its fans. We can promise a final season full of all the usual drama and intrigue, but with the added excitement of discovering how and where they all end up…”

Neame is putting a good face on it of course, but no one could miss how disinterested Fellowes was becoming with the series this last go round. But as they stated on the conference call, this might not be the last time you see the Crawley clan. Both Neame and Fellowes say they want to do a movie.

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Octopus Fascinators Are The Hottest Accessory Under The Seas

For those who are not into the full hat experience, there are always “the fascinator.” Though they originally started out as a knitted head covering that was an alternate to a hat, since the end of the 1980s they’ve been the stylish head adornment (usually attached to the head by a band) that functions as the hat alternative in high end functions.

And now you can have one that looks like a corss between a faux hair fall a brain sucker and a cosplay creation. behold: The Octopus Fascinator.


octopus on wig


These amazing creations are the brainchild of Kirstie Williams, who has just put them up for sale in her Etsy shop.

Check out all the color combinations below, from her deviantart page.

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Thirteen Fun Facts About The Avengers

Just in time for the next installment, while those over at SHIELD are talking about them, Disney released “13 Fun Facts” about the Avengers team that we should all know before the movie hits.


1. Hulk got a welcome upgrade to his wardrobe with the addition of stretchy pants, which he wears underneath his clothes. No more will he be caught in the embarrassing situation of being half-naked in shredded clothing when he Hulks out—the pants, made of high-tech, microfiber fabric, stretch with him.

Technology! And yes, the female superheroes still don’t get *any* pants. What’s up with that?

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American Idol XIV: Top 9 “Eighties Night”

We’re a little late today with the recap, because this once-a-week, shifting target Idol schedule totally confused me , and I forgot to watch last night. Good thing the DVR pays attention for me. Let’s hit the opening number!

So the first big note is that Idol has returned to an earlier format when it comes to “The Save.” The first two seasons “The Save” was in play, that meant there would be a double elimination that followed. Once we hit Season 10 though, and “The Save” was now a staple, Nigel simply shifted the schedule to accommodate the extra week of performances. After all, two people going home those first two years really upset the balance of power among the contestants. Better to have the extra week built in and only send one home every week, no matter what. (Of course, that backfired the year the judges refused to use “The Save,” but never mind.)

I believe our new producers decided to go back to the double elimination format as part and parcel with the “shorten the season.” Also, we have to remember, they haven’t lived through seeing their favorite go home the very next week after someone who might be lucky enough no to make the Top Five had The Save wasted on them.

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Inside GoT: Stunts

At the end of the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere live stream on Monday night (which was punctuated with clips released on YouTube, segments from the A Day In the Life special and, of course, the latest trailer) producers unveiled a brand spanking new segment of the ongoing “Inside GoT” series. The first two installments focused on design—the weapons of Dorne and the set designs of the new places we would be visiting. This new one focused on the physical nature of the production, specifically the stunt work involved in the huge battle scenes we have been promised.


Now, that new inside special has been released for us all to watch to our heart’s content. Check it out below.

And beware–it contains spoilers.

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