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So You Think You Can Dance 12: Top 6 into 4

We’re down to our final six–three dancers from Team Street and three dancers from Team Stage. For once the voting totals of which team is ahead are interesting, as the loss of Neptune last week apparently really hurt Team Street. Team Stage is now ahead for the first time in a while.

With only six dancers, but two hours to fill, this is our dancer’s first week of two partner pieces and a solo. First they dance with the All Stars, and then they double up with each other. The lack of gender parity means that those last three dances will be at least one double female pairing. Not that I mind–I almost wish the show would surprise me and do two female-female duets and one male-male duet. But heteronomativity says probably not.

No Bottom Six or Bottom Four revealed tonight, since it would all give away the game, so no learning who is safe and who isn’t until the end of the show. Let’s see how our semi finals shake out.

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“The Shannara Chronicles” First Trailer

It has begun–MTV’s bid to find their own younger teen-focused a slightly hipper version of Game of Thrones.

The major name in this production is John Rhys-Davies. Otherwise, it’s all people you haven’t heard of, including Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero and Manu Bennett.

Terry Brooks is one of the producers, and is very protective of it as a result:

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Liam Hemsworth Guest Starring on The Muppets

It’s not Justin Timberlake, but we’ll get there.

Liam Hemsworth is one of the few non-ABC associated actor to be flagged as appearing on the first season of The Muppets. The Hunger Games actor posted a photo to his Instagram (it’s the only photo on his Instagram, actually) promoting his appearance on the rebooted show.

Liam hemsworth
Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hemsworth will be joining Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Banks and Imagine Dragons as part of The Muppets first season roster of guest stars. I can’t wait for the Hunger Games parody that results.

The Best and the Very Worst of the VMAs Red Carpet

The VMAs, aka the live trainwreck of the red carpet calendar, cheerfully crashed into our living rooms last night, with Kanye announcing he was high as a kite and going to run for president in 2020. Taylor continued her tour habit of showing up on stage with the most unexpected partners in a  Nicki Minaj duet. Meahwhile Justin Beiber begged for a comeback, while Miley Cyrus reminded us as long as she’s willing to wear as little as possible on live TV, she’s not going anywhere. But though the show was a mix of lows with the occasional high of a The Weeknd performance, it was the red carpet show before hand (which went on for nearly as long as the awards show itself) that we are interested in.

Line up wee ones and aging pop stars. It’s judgement time.


1 Vanessa Hudgens

This is one of those red carpets that’s really hard to thread the needle on. Too tacky, and you’re tacky. Too high end and you overdressed, Vanessa Hudgens may eb aging out of this arena, but her style is on point–the dress is perhaps too fussy for the even alone, but with all the extra glitz and gold (not to mention the matching single glove and gold fingernails) , this look nails that balance perfectly.

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Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams

We’ll have full coverage of the VMAs red carpet at lunchtime, but before that, we should get to the major news that came out of the awards show: Taylor Swift’s début of her latest single “Wildest Dreams.” The once undisputed Queen of Country who has simply moved on to a new Pop continent to conquer is making a serious case for her being allowed to exchange one crown for another in this lush and atmospheric track written with the assistance of Max Martin.

It also makes a case for Swift to consider becoming a brunette. The Old Hollywood glam look always suited her delicate features very well, but the discovery of how well she looks with dark hair is something of a revelation.