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Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge: Getting A Head

Our Top Seven are greeted by a wall of heads when they arrive in the shop. Brian tells them that these are the heads they will be bringing to life this week–magical creatures who have been slain and mounted on a wizard’s wall. They will tell us how they died and how they feel about their lives now that they hang out all day.


Gigi drops the big news–this is their first solo challenge. Three days to build your own semi mechanized hand puppet. I am all for seeing how these guys do. Ben gets to pick his head first since he won the last challenge.

  • Ben: Horse Head
  • Jake: Bear Head
  • Robert: Warthog Head
  • Melissa: Goat Head
  • Ivonne: Badger Head
  • Russ: Cow Head
  • Lex: Cat Head

The shop super is Peter Brooke this week. He explains these heads are just the base form. They are to sculpt their own piece on top of it. Then JHCS will bring in their professional moldmakers to mold their pieces overnight. This ensures no mold drama, and lets the designers focus on fabrication and motors.

Jake turns his head into a troll. Ben is making a tree person. Ivonne sketches a dragon idea. Russ is making a minotaur and swinging his dick around saying “go big or go home.” (We can hope for the latter.) Robert is making a “hippie camel.” Lex is aiming for a chubracabra hellcat. Melissa is going for sea serpent. At the end of the day they turn their sculptures over to the professionals and are rewarded with perfect molds the next morning.

Day Two: Mechanical issues. Melissa, Lex and Ivonne are all weak in this department. Melissa leans on Robert to help talk her through it. Ivonne turns to Russ, which strikes me as a bad idea. Russ has opinions. Of course he does.

There’s no walk through until Day Three. Oh dear. Walkthroughs need to happen early on. In fact, the earlier, the better. It took Face Off a few seasons to figure that out. It looks like JHCSC is also going to have that learning curve.

  • Melissa: She looks Peter dead in the eye and announces she’s drowning. He wants to help. But she needed eye mech and time management intervention yesterday. Today is too late. All he can say is “pick your battles.”
  • Robert: His camel’s eyes are not perfect. Peter says to take the time to fix it.
  • Ivonne: Another drowning victim, with no time left to help. Her eye mech doesn’t even fit in the mold. Peter has nothing to give her except that fur might cover the worst of it.
  • Russ: He’s already painted, which means there’s little Peter can interject at this point to change the course he’s on.
  • Ben: The only thing Peter questions is the choice of the independently moving eyes, which he thinks Brian won’t care for.
  • Jake: His troll is looking good. Peter frets about time management.
  • Lex: She’s the third drowner, totally done in by her non working mech. Peter looks ill.

By the end of the day, there is no help for it. There are a couple of crash and burns coming.

Day of the screen test and Melissa somehow got a finished looking creature from god knows where. Ugly, but done. Lex also pulled something out. Ivonne? Not so much.

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New “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Trailer

It’s not fair. I *really* want this movie to be good.

I really, really, really want this movie to be good. Not just because it’s Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s last turns in the role. (And probably also Hugh Jackman’s for that matter.) But because the story looks so good.

Note: This is the international version, which I liked better. The domestic one is below.

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Face Off Season Six: Howl Wolf

Our final four contestants were given a reprieve last week as the show founds a way to extend its Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge lead in by making Top Four Week take two episodes. Part one had them making Vampires. Tonight starts exactly where we left off at the end of the last episode. No really, it’s so right where we left off that McKenzie hasn’t even changed clothes. They’ve been shuttled to the Universal backlot’s “Court of Miracles,” where Patrick Tatopoulos is once again waiting for them.


Patrick reveals that this “Second Half” of the Vampire Challenge will have them making “A Vampire’s Greatest Enemy.” Before you get notions of the Top Four making walking, talking heads of garlic, he clarifies: Werewolves. The werewolves are to come from the same “visual world” as the Vampires each contestant just made. Like last week, each werewolf is also to have a “newly evolved feature,” which is designed to take down their specific vampire.

There’s sketching in the backlot. Then it’s home to sleep before the three days in the lab begins. On Day One, the Westmores walk through.

  • Niko: Since he forgot about the “evolved feature” last time, he’s ultra focused on his “evolved spikes to defeat an Aswang‘s tongue” idea. Michael worries his sculpt is too reptilian.
  • Rashaad: His Chinese Jiangshi plant based vampire ‘s foe is fire, naturally, so he’s doing a dragon-reminiscent werewolf who breathes fire. This sounds to me like exactly what the challenge is looking for.
  • George: His Yara Ma Yha Who had silly shoulder spikes, so his werewolf will also have silly spikes. Michael is much more interested in the facial detailing.
  • Tyler: He screwed up the wings issue last week on his Sasabonsam, so this week his werewolf is going a lot simpler. As in “it looks human because it’s still transforming” simple. Michael sighs and points out there’s nothing here that says “werewolf.”

Tyler decides to result his face and add a classic muzzle to it, so it reads “werewolf.” McKenzie returns for a private pep talk where she tells him not to let being in the bottom scare him into failing at this challenge.

Day Two and everyone is running on schedule. Niko is fretting about having time to make his spikes. Rashaad decides back to back wins means it’s safe to have mold drama over a hand piece, which he fixes with hot glue, tin foil and paper towels. George once again complains about how much his back hurts.

Day Three and Tyler decides the second face he ran in the mold looks better than the one he prepainted. Niko was so focused on his spikes, he didn’t notice his ears didn’t come out right and he has to repair them. George frets that the mouth on his model isn’t laying the way he wanted.

Let’s go to the make up.

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Game of Tywin

Face it–Tywin is the one really in charge of the Seven Kingdoms. it doesn’t matter who is on the throne. It could be Joffrey and Tommen or even Cersei and Jaime sharing a seat. (Ahem.) As long as the name Lannister is sitting there and Tywin is the Hand, he’s in charge.

In that vein, may I present: The Tywin Lannister Story.

You have to admit, Charles Dance is compelling enough to make it a watchable hour’s worth of TV.


The Voice Season Six: NonLive Playoffs Round 3

It’s the final day of the no-longer-live play offs, and the good news was this gimmick was over before I got bored of it. The better news is next week we finally start voting, with all the result shows and iTues rankings that entails. Idol is probably shaking in their boots. For the first time ever, I’m going to agree they ought to be.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let’s watch Usher cut his team from five to three.

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Game of Thrones “Breaker of Chains” Trailer Plus “Who Did It” Poll

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Law & Order: Kings Landing starts next week.

The only thing that would have made this trailer better would be this as the intro to it.

And since we’ve got a murder mystery on our hands, I thought I might put up a poll and see who you all think did it.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Ulrich Schnauss I

ulrichschnaussStuck doing taxes? Need something calming? Let me help you with some soothing strains of Ulrich Schnauss.

We’ll start in the 1990s, when Schnauss was working under other names and in two person bands. First up, Schnauss under the title View to the Future (as finding him under Police In Cars With Headphones is unfortunately a fool’s errand.)

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