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Game of Thrones “The Dance of Dragons”

This week we’ve got videos from the writers perspective, the producer’s perspective and the actor’s perspective. Let’s dig in.

First up, Benioff and Weiss discuss the terrible fate of Shireen. Then it’s on to Arya’s lies, and Jorah’s and Drogon’s return to Meereen via the fighting pits.

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Game of Thrones: The Dance of Dragons

With the white walkers, the Night’s King and the oncoming storm beyond the Wall still hidden from view from nearly all of our characters this week, this was an episode which found everyone doing their best to play the game to their strengths. In all cases, business got done, and–at least on paper–everyone got what they set out for. Jaime has Myrcella, and will get to take her home. Bronn will go with him, mostly in one piece. Doran got Ellaria to swear loyalty to his rule, in front of her daughters. Though her exchange with Jaime afterwards suggested Doran may have been wrong on that second chances policy. Either way, after Dorne not coming off all that well this season, watching Alexander Siddig lay down the law was a sight to behold.

Tyrion: “You’re an eloquent man. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. In my experience, eloquent men are right every bit as often as imbeciles.”

Arya may have been one of the very few this week who did not get her end result right away, but that’s not what was missing from her world. The fact is, Arya has had very little direction since she arrived in Braavos. Though she is apprenticed and working at The House of Black and White LLC, it was sort of default place to land, for lack of anything better. Killing thin men she doesn’t care about isn’t what she came here to do. She came with a list.


And though it might have been better for all involved if she had a few assassinations under her belt before the next name on the list happened to get off the boat, this was the first time we’ve seen that fire behind her eyes all season. Arya’s back, baby. As Stannis says,“If a man knows what he is…” Arya got her reminder just in time. Good thing Trant likes them young. I hope you all are ready to see far more of Arya next week than would have been legal these last few seasons.

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Game of Thrones: “Hardhome” Featurette

With the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel releasing a behind-the-scenes video labeling it as such, I think we can all agree that last Sunday’s epic battle has an official name: “The Massacre at Hardhome.”

I love the groupings of wights from “Super Fresh” to “Mid-Decomps.” These sound like terms one might find while buying their extras in the market place. Speaking of which, the scene featured 220 extras—that’s more than they had at last year’s Battle for Castle Black.

Game of Thrones: “The Dance of Dragons” Trailer

We’ve reached the ninth episode, which is nearly always the pinnacle episode of the season.  In other years, this episode has contained big game-changing deaths (Seasons 1 and 3) or big battles (Season 2 and 4.)


We already had a big battle this last Sunday with “Hardhome.” Perhaps it’s best we should start fearing for the lives of our leading characters…

Nearly all of this footage is new, with the exception of one shot, so let’s get to the breakdown of clips.

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Game of Thrones: “Hardhome” Inside the Episode

It’s time for our weekly deep dive into this week’s episode. Only three videos this time, George R.R. Martin is sitting this week out it seems.

Benioff and Weiss start with the only person who got any good news of any sort–Sansa. They then discuss that awesome Dany and Tyrion scene, before getting to what we really want to hear about: Hardhome.

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Game of Thrones: Hardhome

So this is what it looks like when Winter comes.

Tonight was full of great lines from characters one could easily grab and analyze the episode from. Dany’s declaration that she plans to break the wheel. Qyburn’s observation that belief is the death of reason. Ramsay wanting to leave a feast for the crows. But my personal favorite was Ja’qen’s acknowledgement that Arya may not be ready, but hey, it’s all the same to the Many-Faced God. Live, die, plot, scheme, the God does not care.

Jon: “We’re not friends. We’ve never been friends. We won’t become friends today. This isn’t about friendship, this is about survival.”

There’s been a lot of discussion this season on how this season doesn’t feel as well paced, or it feels like nothing is happening, and mostly that the show has suddenly slowed down. I’ve heard people tell me they think this is the worst season to date, and how the show is getting away from the books.


But with tonight’s episode, I think what we’ve seen is that the show has indeed captured the feeling I had reading A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons quite well. While all the other characters–from Winterfell, to King’s Landing, to Dorne to Meereen–are fiddling in plots that are going nowhere, up North the storm burns.

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