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The Game of Thrones Countdown: 2….

With 2 days ’till Game of Thrones, GRRM gave to me….

12 Tyrions Talking
11 Aryas Dancing
10 Tywins Glaring
9 Margaerys Smirking
8 Jaded Jamies
7 Cersei Side eyes
6 Sansa Dresses
4 Fallen Kings
3 Dragons

2 Daarios


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Three New Game of Thrones Season 5 Promos

Were you sad at the lack of a third trailer this year? Well don’t worry, because HBO just dropped three new mini trailers to make up for it.

Let’s start with the first one. It’s called “The Future,” and it features new dialogue from Littlefinger who’s discussing that future with….Lady Olenna, who is standing in The Best Littlefinger’s Whorehouse in King’s Landing. It is almost certainly the corollary dialogue to Olenna’s snippet from way back in the first trailer.

Other than the Littlefinger clip, not much of this is new, ecept for the Hardhome footage.

The Future. That’s all that’s worth discussing. And it’s coming in four days.

Two more clips below.

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