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Game of Thrones Season 4: “Two Swords”

It’s been nine months since we last spent time in the Seven Kingdoms. Tonight was all about reestablishing where the pieces stand in our Game.


We open with memories of Ned Stark, and his great sword Ice. All gone now, the Starks defeated. Their remaining children are all presumed dead, save Sansa who is now a Lannister by marriage. Tywin strikes the final blow by having Ice reforged anew. This symbol of having a Valyrian sword in the family is one Tywin’s lusted after for years. Given the chance, he had them make two. This strikes me as a sign that Tywin is Westerosi nouveau rich. He doesn’t see the value in having one great historical sword. He’d rather have regular sized swords that happen to be made of Valyrian steel in order to boast his House has two: for Joffrey and Jamie.

The irony is Jamie’s lost his sword hand. He is no longer is Tywin’s shining son, but instead a cripple, to go with the dwarf and the daughter. Tywin thinks he can use this to get Jamie to quit the Kingsguard, go home to Casterly Rock and breed the next generation of Lannisters. But Jamie says no. After season upon season where no one says no to Tywin Lannister–certainly not his children–this act of defiance is stunning. Tywin disowns Jamie, but not in a thunderous way that throws him out. He doesn’t even take back the sword. Father assumes it will be temporary, his son will soon come round. Jamie responds the same way when Cersei refuses his advances. He too assumes it will just be a matter of time before she comes around. Like Father, Like Son.

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Game of Thrones: Tons of New Pics

Season four is almost here, and the deluge of last minute promotions has arrived. Yesterday, I looked over pics from the first three seasons to judge the fashions. Today we have a round of pics from the upcoming season to see how that evolution continues.



Strong shoulders continue. Note that the gold detailing on her bodice echoes the carving of the chair. She belongs here.

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The Fashion of King’s Landing

As we head into the fourth season of Game of Thrones, I’ve been rewatching the earlier seasons. It stuck me how much the fashions down in Kings Landing have changed in the course of a few short years.


Let’s start with Cersei Lannister, who is (in her own mind, at least) in charge when we first arrive.

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“Game of Thrones” Album Released That Does Not Suck

I’m sure you all remember the ill conceived rap album, er, excuse me, “mixed tape” that HBO commissioned in order to try and deal with their audience skewing a little too white? It was called “Catch The Throne,” mostly I assume because “Watch The Throne” was already taken.



Not that the album was bad, mind you. Just uninspired, as most albums that are done only because a premium network paid you a snotload of money. The tragedy, in my view, is that if only those on the album were really as inspired by the books ad TV show to make an album, it probably would have been fabulous.

I feel like I have been vindicated. Because The Sons of Mim has done an album, Shame of Tones. It is fully inspired by the books and TV show, and it is as hilariously awesome as I had hoped.

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Game of Thrones Season 4: New Photos

We’ve only got one more week to wait. These new pics are all courtesy of Sky Atlantic, who are celebrating their win on the simulcast front this season. yes, our friends across the pond won’t be tweeting their real time watch on Mondays at 4pm anymore. They’ll be watching right along with us on Sunday nights.


More below.

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