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More Details on “The Muppet Show” Reboot

With reboots come modernization, and the potential Muppet Show reboot is no exception. Back in the 1970s when the show first aired, the traditions of the vaudeville world were still very much alive in memory, and many TV shows only a decade or so previous had drawn directly from them, so a straight show about “putting on a show” set totally in the theater world was not out of line with the sorts of things shown on TV in the period.

But it’s been forty years since then, and the vaudeville traditions are now close to 100 years in the past. a show about “putting on a show” are no longer normal TV fare, nor have they been for quite some time. The exception, of course is Saturday Night Live, but that show is a relic of the 70s. A straight Muppet Show reboot would end up feeling like an SNL knock off. Not that this is totally a bad thing. But TV producers are wary of bringing back a relic in pure relic form.


This is why it’s not a huge surprise to hear that the Muppet Reboot will be taking cues from more modern shows. Evening dramas like Scandal and Gray’s Anatomy have always made sure to give just as much heft to the private lives of the characters when they go home as they do to the episodic procedural at hand. The result is season long arcs of characters’ home life along with crisis of the weeks to be solved. The Muppets are aiming to follow, and parody, that same model.

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Cookie Monster Skin Rug

That’s what every baby needs. To know that their parents will skin their favorite Sesame Street character in order to use its fur to decorate their room.


Sorry kid, it was a monster.

If you’re looking to scar your toddler for life, check out the how to video. More pictures, plus scarred for life children drowning their sorrows in cookies, below.

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The Muppet Show Reboot: It’s About Time

Back in 2011, when Disney successfully rebooted The Muppets, my first response was “Awesome! Let’s bring back The Muppet Show!” 

Except things got in the way. NBC somehow grabbed the rights to a Muppet TV revival. And being NBC, they then proceeded to cluelessly pitch…not “The Muppet Show” but “The Neighbors” some dumb cookie cutter sitcom where The Muppets happen to live next door. Unsurprisingly, and like many of the things at NBC, it disappeared, because let’s face it, no one wanted that.


It took diminishing returns on a second Muppet film for Disney to get their act together, find a way around NBC, and get the show on the road properly. In a season where it feels like every thing from the last 20-40 years is being revived right now (Coach? Seriously?), taking the Muppet revival to the logical end, and creating a variety comedy show where A and B list stars interact with felted mayhem.

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