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The Muppets: “Pig Girls Don’t Cry”

I don’t know if I will recap The Muppets every week, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say a few words about last night’s episode. Watching the Muppets update themselves for the 21st century, leaving the vaudeville stage behind for the variety talk show world is something of a sharp update, as those late night series are one of the few bastions of stand up comedy, music and guest star appearances left from television’s early years. It’s also a quiet jab at those complaining that network talk shows are still only hosted by white men in 2015. See, ABC has one that’s not only helmed by a woman, but a pig! She’s on just after Jimmy Kimmel! …In the Muppet-verse that is.

Where I think the show falls down in that those who are running ABC don’t actually understand where the jokes are. Those making the show understand that it’s not about the one liners, it’s about the absurd aftermath, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments that play to that original world of Muppet humor. But it was telling to me last night that ABC had their official The Muppets‘ account tweet out Kermit’s one liner about his life being a slice of bacon wrapped hell.

Yes, that’s a funny line, but it’s a line that would be not totally out of place on all those 22 minute sitcoms The Muppets is supposedly parodying. What made it special on The Muppets is the instant pass through of Sam the Eagle snapping “DON’T SAY HELL.” What wasn’t funny was Fozzie Bear doing his best David Brent insult to try to pretend everyone gets insulted. It was that the monster he insulted (whose name is Big Mean Carl) rounding on Fozzie and hitting him so hard his Muppet body flew halfway across the set in a moment of Road Runner cartoon slapstick. That was funnier than anything else that happened to Fozzie all night, including the “racist against bears” scene with the girlfriend’s parents, or the bit about “a bear looking for love” getting the “wrong” kind of responses.

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Miss Piggy on Good Morning America

With only days to go before The Muppets returns to ABC, we get our next installment of “in world reality show” promotional advance, with Miss Piggy going on Good Morning America, as would any good late night celebrity talk show host, to discuss the public breakup of her long-term relationship with the man who manages her show, Kermit T. Frog.

“That twinkle in his eye…. is due to fact that he has no eyelids.” Both a sick burn, and yet totally true.