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First Images from “The Muppets”

It is soon going to be time to play the music and light the lights, and I for one, couldn’t be more damn excited. And now, post announcement and first trailer, comes the first promo pictures from the first season. Disney Insider put them up over the weekend, and they include everyone from old favorites like Kermit and Gonzo to new characters, like the Lighting Lady, to background Muppets who are moving to the forefront, like the heavy-lidded Denise The Pig.

Angel Marie

And yes, the Lighting Lady (who is named Angel Marie according to Disney Insider) comes with her own fresnel. I fully expect her action figure to do the same.

Check out the rest below.

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First Trailer for “The Muppets” (The TV Show)

This is going to get a little confusing for tagging purposes, as Disney and the people who are in charge of The Muppets seem to be having a spot of trouble in the creative title department.

The Muppets

First they named the comeback movie for 2011 The Muppets. Now they’re naming the TV show The Muppets. Look, I’m not saying they should call the show something stupid (like The Neighbors.) But a little ability to delineate between facets of the franchise would be super helpful, and a bit of creativity in the naming of the program might instill a bit more confidence.

But enough nitpicking. Let’s check out the surprisingly adult lives the Muppet lead in the first trailer for the new TV show The Muppets.

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The Muppet Show Reboot Gets Full Series Order

Along with the canceled and uncanceled game the networks played last night, it was also time to announce which new series would be coming int he fall. And the biggest news out of ABC is they’ll be adding yet another tie in show to an existing Disney franchise. The Muppet Show reboot (which promises documentary behind the scenes stuff and a “more grown up attitude”) was given a full series order and the first photo was released to celebrate.


According to Time Magazine, we should really get hyped. “The recent pilot presentation, we’re told, received a standing ovation when it screened for ABC executives a couple weeks ago. Bill Prady and Bob Kushell are co-writers and executive producers alongside Randall Einhorn and Bill Barretta.”

But just in case that wasn’t enough for you, the recent spate of Muppet YouTube collaborations that hit the web this week should be. As if either priming us for this announcement, or just one more show of proof to ABC execs this was the right move, these viral vids have been some of the week’s best bits of the web.

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The Muppets Go A Capella

It’s viral videos that the new reboot of The Muppet Show need to produce on a weekly basis, please and thank you.

The human in the video, by the way. is “YouTube Star” Mike Tompkins who specializing in a capella songs like this one.

And it seems like The Muppets are planning to do the viral video thing in lead up to a show coming to TV. According to the press release that came with this video:

The Mouse House’s Muppets Studio and YouTube Space LA, the studio Google funds to encourage creators to create video for the platform, have teamed up with YouTubers including a capella vocalist Mike Tompkins, musician Lindsey Stirling, Crash Course, VSauce3, Barely Political and Mental Floss. The videos they have created will appear on the Muppets’ official YouTube channel, as well as on their own channels, and promoted on the Muppets’ social-media pages.

Miss Piggy To Receive Award in Feminist Arts

Many women actresses spend their careers snubbed by awards shows. Susan Lucci famously was nominated 18 times before she was awards.


Such has been the fate of Miss Piggy, actress extraordinaire and tireless worker for pig rights around the world and in space. But finally, that wrong will be righted, as Miss Piggy will be presented with the Annual Sackler Center First Award. The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art is a standing exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum since 2007, and “the first international exhibit exclusively dedicated to feminist art from 1990 to the present,” according to the website.

“Moi is thrilled—but frankly, not surprised to be receiving this Sackler Center First Award,” Miss Piggy said. “It is truly wonderful to be celebrated and share this honor with fellow legends, role models, and pioneers of female fabulosity. We rock!”

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Sesame Street: The Aveggies- Age of Bon Bon

Crumbly Pictures is at it again. The fabulous company that brought you such parodies as The Hungry Games and Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies is back with yet another sequel, stuffed with all the stars you know and love. The Aveggies!

Onion Man, Dr. Brownie, Captain Americauliflower, Black Bean Widow, Mighty Corn, and Zucchineye are the team to save the world from having their vegetables covered in chocolate and sugar. In the end Cookie Monster saves the day, since his secret is, he’s always hungry.

Michelle O would be proud.

(It’s good to see they made sure to keep all the movie’s trademark one liners too.)