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The Count Counts Pi

Someone, somewhere should be receiving an award for this video. It’s the count, counting Pi….to 10,000 decimal places.

Yes, really. It’s SIX HOURS LONG. (It doesn’t help that *every* number is punctuated with the Count’s trademark Ah-Ah-Ahh. They should have saved that for the end.)

If nothing else, this is perhaps proof that Sesame Street is better at sticking to simple concepts, like counting to 12. If this were my intro to pi, I might have been turned off numbers altogether.

Celebrating Sesame Street’s 45th Anniversary

Today marks 45 years that Sesame Street has been on the air. In celebration, here are Exhibits ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (that’s pronounced “ab-key-deaf-gher-jeckle-mer-nop-qur-stuv-werx-yvs”, for the uninitiated) as to why Sesame Street is one of the greatest programs on television for children.

Let’s start off with the Letter of the Day pageant, and see if the A of Exhibit A can win.

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