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Fozzie’s Bear-ly Funny Fridays

As part of the lead up to the return of The Muppets to the TV landscape, the show has begun putting out digital shorts. They are designed to remind us of some of the regular features that used to be part of the old The Muppet Show and are presumably coming back.

Like Fozzie, and his terrible, terrible jokes.

No really. They’re just bad.

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Brand New Clip from “The Muppets” Released

With the NBA finals running on ABC this week, now is the time to start dropping promos for the Fall season. And of course, one of the most hotly anticipated debuts, the return to the small screen of The Muppets made sure to be one of them.

All hail.

To be fair, Kermit, bacon wrapped anything, even hell on earth, is totally on trend. Just ask the folks at Food Network.

Below, Kermit and Piggy talk feminism and the new Muppet show with MTV News.

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First Images from “The Muppets”

It is soon going to be time to play the music and light the lights, and I for one, couldn’t be more damn excited. And now, post announcement and first trailer, comes the first promo pictures from the first season. Disney Insider put them up over the weekend, and they include everyone from old favorites like Kermit and Gonzo to new characters, like the Lighting Lady, to background Muppets who are moving to the forefront, like the heavy-lidded Denise The Pig.

Angel Marie

And yes, the Lighting Lady (who is named Angel Marie according to Disney Insider) comes with her own fresnel. I fully expect her action figure to do the same.

Check out the rest below.

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First Trailer for “The Muppets” (The TV Show)

This is going to get a little confusing for tagging purposes, as Disney and the people who are in charge of The Muppets seem to be having a spot of trouble in the creative title department.

The Muppets

First they named the comeback movie for 2011 The Muppets. Now they’re naming the TV show The Muppets. Look, I’m not saying they should call the show something stupid (like The Neighbors.) But a little ability to delineate between facets of the franchise would be super helpful, and a bit of creativity in the naming of the program might instill a bit more confidence.

But enough nitpicking. Let’s check out the surprisingly adult lives the Muppet lead in the first trailer for the new TV show The Muppets.

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