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Miss Piggy on Good Morning America

With only days to go before The Muppets returns to ABC, we get our next installment of “in world reality show” promotional advance, with Miss Piggy going on Good Morning America, as would any good late night celebrity talk show host, to discuss the public breakup of her long-term relationship with the man who manages her show, Kermit T. Frog.

“That twinkle in his eye…. is due to fact that he has no eyelids.” Both a sick burn, and yet totally true.


Synopsis of First Two Episodes of “The Muppets”

The synopsis for the first two episodes of The Muppets are here, including a listing of all the guest stars and musical acts we can expect to see happen through.

For those who haven’t put the overall plot of the series together, the idea is that Miss Piggy has gotten her own late night series. (Yes, in their world a woman, and a pig for that matter, can host late night TV.) This format is how they get the guest stars to appear, usually as themselves. Unfortunately, this means we won’t see complete acts, like we did in the old vaudeville format, but snippets of the bands and the actors on the late night circuit, mixed with a parody of the single camera comedy type that is personified by The Office.


As for the episodes themselves, check out the synopsis, via BroadwayWorld, below.

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