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Tunes for Tuesday: Diva Dance Live

We no longer recap The Voice, but this video from Russia’s version of the reality program was too stunning to pass up.

This is even more stunning when you go back and listen to the original, and realize that most of those “runs” in the techno part of the diva dance are totally autotuned/played on a synthesizer. (Trust me, I’ve listened to this a lot.) And this chick is doing it LIVE.

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Adam Lambert Returns To Idol Tonight

I know it was due to Nicole Kidman’s father tragically and suddenly passing away that caused Keith Urban to miss the first week of filming the Idol auditions. But the fact that it led to us getting two nights of Adam Lambert in a judge’s seat (where he probably belongs at this point) makes joy out of a tragic situation.

Adam’s “audition” for J.Lo and Harry only reminds us how goddamn lucky Season 8 was to have him decide to walk into the room.

Let’s hope Season 14 is so blessed.