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“Game of Thrones” Album Released That Does Not Suck

I’m sure you all remember the ill conceived rap album, er, excuse me, “mixed tape” that HBO commissioned in order to try and deal with their audience skewing a little too white? It was called “Catch The Throne,” mostly I assume because “Watch The Throne” was already taken.



Not that the album was bad, mind you. Just uninspired, as most albums that are done only because a premium network paid you a snotload of money. The tragedy, in my view, is that if only those on the album were really as inspired by the books ad TV show to make an album, it probably would have been fabulous.

I feel like I have been vindicated. Because The Sons of Mim has done an album, Shame of Tones. It is fully inspired by the books and TV show, and it is as hilariously awesome as I had hoped.

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Tunes for Tuesday: George Michael III

186817_George+MichaelThere was another long break between Older and Michael’s next album of original work, which didn’t come until 2004.  In between that there was “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael” a greatest hits compilation that included some material he had never released.

This was originally released in the 80s on Aretha’s  eponymous album.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Orbital II

Orbital-01-bigIf Orbital 2, their second album, was when the band began to take off, it was with Snivilisation that they officially hit the big time. Part of it was the timing–the album was released just ahead of the Criminal Justice Act in the UK which was designed to crack down on raves and rave activity. In response, this was part protest album, with the title track “Are We Here?” single featuring “Are We Here? (Criminal Justice Bill?)”, a 4 minute track of complete silence.

(FYI, the redheaded singer is Allison Goldfrapp, of Goldfrapp fame.)

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Tunes for Tuesday: Orbital I

Orbital-01-bigI was recently reminded of Orbital, one of my favorite bands from the 1990s. They were (and still are really) an English electronic dance music duo from Kent consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll. I say were because they originally broke up in 2004 after a decade of success. They got back together in 2012 though, so I suppose they still are, although probably not nearly what they once were.

You can see why I loved them. Nerds + electronica.

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