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The Eurovision 2015 Finals

After two days of semi-finals, this weekend the Eurovision finals were seen around the globe by millions. With 20 semi finalists performing plus the seven given passes straight to the finals, it was a most densely packed two hours of musical performances. (Seriously, the first act stared at 3:15 EST, and the last ended at 5:15 EST. Idol could take serious lesson in time management from this show.)

Now, as the US viewers might not know, the performers who come to Eurovision come with only one song and one package, which means that if you sat through the semi-finals, you’ve already seen the majority of the performances. Those who were performing only for the first time were “The Big Five” (the top five economic powers in Europe: UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), the host country (Austria) and the 60 anniversary invitee Australia, which was rewarded for decades of Eurovision fandom with a performance slot. (Hear that America? We have to be fans for decades before they invite us. And probably not even then.)

Amusingly enough, most of those who got to skip the semis performed worse in the voting than those who were already somewhat familiar in the judge’s and public’s minds. Austria and Germany tied for last place with zero votes, and France and the UK fared little better. Australia got quite a few votes, but the sense was those were thrown their way with the knowledge that they wouldn’t actually crack the top three. After all, no one wants to hold Eurovision in Sydney next year. Only Italy, which had the pimp spot at the very end of the show fared well from the straight to the finals seven.

We have all 27 finalists performances posted below, in the order of the final scoring tally. Enjoy.

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Eurovision 2015 Round Up: SemiFinals Part 2

Yesterday, the second round of the Eurovision 2015 SemiFinals aired across the globe. It was 8pm in Vienna, 3pm in New York and in Australia, well they kept wishing them a good morning, as that country started the next day.

For those who might have worried that we saw the best of the best in the first semi final round, not to worry. In fact, I would say we saw the potential winner of this year’s Eurovision in this second group, provided that those seven who were sent directly to the finals don’t have something really extraordinary up their sleeve for the live show.

With seventeen acts this round, as opposed to Tuesday’s sixteen, this was a tightly packed show with little time for introductions. This batch up for your votes this time consisted of the following countries:

  • Lithuania
  • Ireland
  • San Marino
  • Montenegro
  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • The Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • Latvia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Cyprus
  • Slovenia
  • Poland

Let’s get to those who were voted through to Saturday’s finals, and the seven less than lucky countries who were cut.

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PostModern Jukebox with Haley Reinhart “Lovefool”

PostModern Jukebox has released its latest track, once again teaming up with Idol runner up (and jazz aficionado) Haley Reinhart. This latest song is 90s era pop fluff “Lovefool” from the Baz Luhrmann Romeo+Juliet Soundtrack.

(Confidential to Idol producers–bring PMJ and Reinhart to perform during the final season of the show would be a very smart move. Get on it.)

Eurovision 2015 Round Up: SemiFinals Part 1

Last night, in Vienna, the first round of Eurovision semi-finals occurred. Yes it was 3pm EST here, and morning in Australia, but that’s the variegates of the Time Zone system the world worked out for you. For those who may have missed it, 16 countries competed for 10 slots in the finale. On Thursday (that’s tomorrow), 17 more semi finalist countries will compete for 10 more slots. In all, 27 countries will be competing in Saturday’s final. Ten from yesterday, ten from Thursday, plus seven more who were selected to go straight to the finals. So we won’t see their performances done live until Saturday’s finale.

The show naturally opened with last year’s winner Austria, and Conchita Wurst singing her winning song “Rise Like A Phoenix.”

The semi finalists who performed last night were:

  • Moldova
  • Armenia
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Estonia
  • Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Denmark
  • Albania
  • Romania
  • Georgia

Below, we’ve got the ten performances that qualified for the finals, plus the six who weren’t so lucky.

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Eurovision: Why You Should Watch!

Eurovision starts tomorrow! I know, all my US readers just looked confused. What the heck is Eurovision? Only the longest running Europe’s Got Talent broadcast in the world. The European continent has been holding this contest since 1956, and it is the most watched non-sporting event in the world. (Sorry Oscars!) What started out as seven countries now boasts over 40 separate nations participating.

Why should you watch Eurovision? Let The Nib’s illustrated guide explain.

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