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Beyonce Rumored to be Joining The Wiz Cast

Well, that’s one way to stop the twitter hate watching. No one will spend their time snarking on the show if Beyoncé is cast–the Beyhive is too strong.

NBC’s latest installment of “live musical performances” during the holiday season is the modern classic The Wiz. After the surprise hit of The Sound of Music, and the barely admitted to flop of Peter Pan, NBC seems to be actually putting a major effort into making their third outing one that doesn’t rely on Twitter hate watching the program, but instead be something children of all ages will turn in to see.


The Wiz has already announced the casting of  Mary J. Blige, as the Wicked Witch of the West Evillene and Queen Latifah as the Wizard. Beyoncé is reportedly being offered Glinda the Good Witch. As for Dorothy, the plan is to cast an unknown after a nationwide search, since apparently American Idol’s portfolio of female African-American singers is not considered impressive enough, or young enough, and Lester Holt doesn’t have a daughter who wants to use nepotism to break into showbiz.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Miss Piggy Sings “BBHMM”

By now nearly everyone has seen Rihanna very NSFW video for her latest single “BBHMM.” (“Bitch Better Have My Money”)

What you need to see is Miss Piggy take it on.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why returning the Muppets to TV was such an important cultural step. Because without that, places like Vulture would have never thought to do this sort of mash up, let alone promote it.

Oh and if somehow you’ve been living under a rock and missed the original, please check it out here. (Warning: Very NSFW.)