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Tunes for Tuesday: Sia

Sia is releasing an album next month made up solely of songs she wrote for other artists that they ultimately rejected. Though many know Sia for her large wigs and arty videos, but the fact is that she was famous already in the songwriter circles that support pop artists from Kelly Clarkson to Britney Spears. I first discovered her at tend of the last decade when I discovered Zero 7 (she was the lead female vocalist.) Since then her unlikely rise to superstardom has been a joy to watch.

Also a joy? These songs, which other artists so foolishly turned down.

Below, two more tracks from the forthcoming album, This Is Acting.

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PostModern Jukebox: Tears 4 Fears “Mad World”

This is….so weird. The Puddles Pity Party clown already makes any PMJ performance he’s involved in surreal as hell. In this video, we’re already a good verse and a half into him doing a surreal cover of “Mad World,” when the entire thing takes a hard left and Haley Reinhart shows up with the 1930s jazz vibe.

And then there’s a goddamn dance break. WHAT?

If you need me, I’ll be sitting over here with my brain melted.

Tunes for Tuesday: David Bowie’s “Blackstar”

Was Bowie’s last album, the first he’s released in many years, a little too staid for you? Did you miss the weird bonkers Bowie that gave us such offbeat oddities, such as Outside? Well, good news everyone. First of all, the very good news is that The Next Day wasn’t an outlier. Bowie really is back to making music full-time. The second one is that everyone is promising his new album, which drops just after the new year, will be that insane Bowie we were missing.

Need proof? The ten (yes TEN) minute long title track dropped over the holiday, and it’s certainly out there.

Are all the song on the album this long? Perhaps that’s why it’s reportedly only got seven tracks…