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May the 4th… Have New Pictures of Star Wars

Yes, there are new images of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and they’re here courtesy Vanity Fair. Because all things Star Wars now happen on May the 4th.


These cute and cuddly gang are “Galactic travelers, smugglers, and other assorted riffraff fill the main hall of pirate Maz Kanata’s castle.” Who’s castle you might ask?

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Cosplay Boom: Star Wars Celebration

It’s been a week since the Star Wars Celebration ended. But we’re turning back to it now that Cosplay Boom has gotten themselves together and put together a video. Cosplay Boom are professional who make it their business to gather images of the best cosplay images of any given event, and I’m very excited they put together a video. It includes some stunning work, from the extremely faithful recreations to the most out there interpretations and mashups.


Below, the full video, plus some other pictures from the event that I just f’loved, but didn’t get around to publishing.

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Beyond Star Trek: Best Trek Movie Ever Made Comes To TV

If there is only one Star Trek movie you ever watch, make it Galaxy Quest. The movie, which is part love letter to the franchise, part parody of the Star Trek world, both on screen and in real life, and part awesome science fiction action film, is for my money, the best Star Trek movie ever made.

Since the Star Trek reboot back in 2009, I have been convinced the place for the franchise was not following the big screen counterparts of the original series, but in fact to boldly go back to where it truly belonged–an weekly episode serialized format. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t listen to me.



The second Star Trek movie (Into Darkness) may have made bank at the box office, but it was a disaster in terms of PR, causing JJ Abrams to leave the franchise and hand it over to someone else. The movie schedule floats in semi-limbo, while everyone insists everything is fine. But with news that the latest installment will be sallied with more terrible titles that insist on treating Trek like a verb, the outlook for fans is grim. Big at the box office, but killing the love of the fans is the place Star Wars found itself in ten years ago. One would hope someone in the Trek office would have started putting things together.

Meanwhile, that TV slot Trek should have taken is going to the more worthy candidate. Deadline reported yesterday that Galaxy Quest will fill that Trek shaped hole that’s been there ever since Enterprise went off the air.

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Darth Barrow in….. Downton Wars

It’s the ultimate mashup. Downton Abbey meets Star Wars in a digital short cooked up by none other than Robert James-Collier. Starting along with his pal, ‎Brendan Coyle as Obe-Wan Bates.


The first episode (and RJC has already teased that there will be more) is entitled (appropriately) “The Phantom Butler.”

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Star Wars VIII Release Date and Stand Alone Title Drop

I think it’s official that we can blame Marvel for this sort of behavior.

Marvel and the MCU  made it a thing to run ahead five years and drop several movie dates in a row to populate the field with their Phase II announcement. DC managed to get out ahead of them with the Justice League shared universe series of movies staking out dates through 2020. But Marvel caused near fan hysteria and stomped all over that only weeks later with their Phase III announcement that took us  to 2019.


With all these announcements, it’s no wonder the Star Wars movies are pushing ahead to get their own dates and titles on the already crowded fan calendars. No matter that this is the sequel to the new sequel to Return of the Jedi, that none of us have seen yet, and no one knows if it will be a hit or a flop. Actually scratch that. it’s a pretty safe bet Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens will be a hit.

So what do we know? and more importantly, why was the announcement not made in a sexy MCU way?

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RIP Leonard Nimoy

Yesterday was a day of celebration on the internet, with llamas and dress colors. Today we mourn. The passing of Leonard Nimoy, so beloved by nerds everywhere, hit hard. When I saw the report he was heading to the hospital earlier in the week, I tweeted out he had to get better. I wasn’t ready for Spock to die. Turns out nobody else was either.

But Nimoy, as was his wont, left us with an amazing last thought. Let this be a model to all celebrities. Any tweet could be your last. Make it count.

Nimoy is a man who is preserved in our memories. He brought joy to millions, not just as Spock. Long before Jackson got his hands on it, Nimoy was telling the tale of The Hobbit. Let us all sing along to The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

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