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Lightsaber Escalation

This is not a video, so much as it is a compilation of a series of gifs. (Hence the lack of light saber noises.) It details the problem of light saber escalation. Light saber escalation is a problem, one everyone should know about. For the price of a cup of coffee a day., you can do something about light saber escalation for a Jedi near you.

(Though, for the record, Yoda’s is pretty badass. Because of course it is.)

Flare Wars: The JJ Abrams Special Edition

Friday, we had the new Star Wars trailer, in all it’s Episode VII glory. Monday, we had the “George Lucas Special Edition” version in all it’s over the top glory.

But George isn’t directing the new trilogy. In fact, he sold the whole damn franchise to Disney. That’s why fans have a New Hope, that this time, thing will be different.

Well, yes and no. Turns out JJ Abrams is fond of the Special Edition tradition of remaking Star Wars anything whenever possible. And he knows exactly what this trailer needed more of…

Star Wars Trailer: George Lucas’ Extended Edition

The new Star Wars:The Force Awakens trailer came out Friday, and it was awesome. We had everything from a black storm trooper (hey look, the future reached the 21st century!) to a soccer ball droid to Jedi Jesus light saber.

So of course, by yesterday George Lucas had to “improve” on it. You have to agree, his time frame between the originals and his tweaked versions is getting shorter. I’ll bet you won’t even be able to ever buy the original trailer on bluray…