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Billboard Music Awards 2012

A few notes from last night’s event–with no Adele and no Beyoncé performances, the show felt mainly like an afterthought. Noted that currently Idol winner Scotty McCreery won nothing, once again indicative of his true standing in the music industry of another WGWG with little staying or selling power.

Meanwhile Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood took advantage of being the biggest powerhouses on the bill to remind us that they are still the platinum standard that all Idol alum are reaching to be.

After the jump, Carrie’s latest hit, “Blown Away.”

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Tony Awards 2011

The annual Broadway advertising segment known as the Tony Awards went off last night.Neil Patrick Harris reminded us that he should be first in line to host everything, always. There were musical numbers in nearly every segment, almost all which showed why, if you like this sort of thing, these shows were going to be the sort of thing you liked. The creators of South Park took home nine trophies for The Book Of Mormon, a moving culmination of their success story. Best of all, Bono was humble!

There were a few dud moments. The opening number was marred by a painful turn by Brooke Shields, who showed she could neither read a teleprompter, nor get a line right without multiple takes, and then was so embarrassed she couldn’t shut up about it later. Christie Brinkley also did herself no favors with a painfully delivered introduction of something else, suggesting that her turn in Chicago next season of will be feast of bed reviews.

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Beyonce Shows How It’s Done

Last night’s Billboard Music Awards didn’t contain much to speak of in terms of awards given, but never mind. Britney Spears showed up twice, once with Rihanna, once with Nicki Minaj, and both times looked to be boredly phoning it in. “What?” she looked to be saying “Look, I showed up, I’m in costume, I’m walking around on stage hitting all my tape marks, and I’m though I’m blatantly lip-syncing, at least I’m mouthing all the words I’m supposed to.” Meanwhile, CeeLo was strapped into a piano and stuck up on a hydraulic pivot to bring visual interest to the rapidly-getting-played-out “Fuck You” song. For the finale, Neil Diamond came out and confused teenagers all over the world that pop-music ever sounded so white bred.

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