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Mad Men Season 7: What Do We Know?

Mad Men is finally back this Sunday! What do we know? Nothing! Well, that’s not true. Weiner wishes we knew nothing. But we know more than you think. Flavorwire does the math for us.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (1)

For instance:

  • It’s more like Seasons 7 and 8.

The season is split in half over two years the same way they did Breaking Bad. We knew that going in. Because once this is over in June 2015, AMC doesn’t have anything other than The Walking Dead. Don’t let me they have Turn. I saw the trailers and got all excited for 18th century fashion. Then I saw the reviews. That one is kind. Let’s hope they manage to pull something out before Mad Men ends.

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Then and Now: Mad Men

It’s been a decade since we originally met the characters in Mad Men. Next week, we start their final year, 1969, to see how they’ll close out the decade. (It’s not a spoiler to say it’s 1969. It’s a fact. Weiner isn’t jumping to 1974 or anything at this point. Even the teasers are “hello end of the 60s!”)

(Yes, Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World” was actually released in 1970. We’re still not jumping ahead.)

I don’t know about you, but since we’re in a spoiler-free, trailer free zone now, all that’s left is nostalgia. Let’s look back on some of our favorite characters, then and now.

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More Mad Men Season 7 Pics

I should have known. Mad Men loves to drib and drab out their promotions. Over the weekend, they continued to add to the collection of “Mad Men On A Plane” stills.

The good news: We get a much better shot of Peggy’s outfit, and she’s in the forefront with all the other guys from Sterling Draper behind her. (Note Harry still favors the scarves and Stan’s still in a shaggy jacket.) But they are all out of her way.

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Mad Men Season Six: The Better Half


“Status quo, ante bellum.” – Arlene


Don is finally not the only one kissing other women in this marriage. Megan’s (bisexual? closet lesbian?) co-star Arlene, who we last saw trying to get both Don and Megan into bed with her and her husband decides it time to try to just get Megan into bed, husbands need not apply. The scene between them as Megan cluelessly gives off all the wrong signals and suddenly finds herself in a very embarrassing situation was almost as funny as the sight of her as her “twin” in a blonde wig on their terrible soap opera.


But when it comes to funny, nothing beats Peggy stabbing Abe with a harpoon.

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Mad Men Season Six: The Doorway

“Life will eventually end and someone else will get the bill.”

Mad Men has returned, and I am happy to report that we are at dateline December, 1967. Yes, this means we skipped over the “Summer of Love” but considering that the show is set in New York, not San Fran, and the Summer of Love was more about the legend of what happened rather than the actual experience itself, I think that’s for the best.


No instead we went to Hawaii for Xmas–or at least Don and Megan (or shall we call her Corinne, like everyone else seems to?) did. Not for fun, but to learn more about the Royal Hawaiian Hotel so Don can mangle the pitch later on.

I thought the fact that everyone around them mistook Megan for her character was telling. Don looks at her now like he has no idea who she is anymore. Perhaps now to him she might as well be Corinne.

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Mad Men Season Five: The Phantom

We’ve reached the end of this long delayed Mad Men season. We’ve lost Peggy, killed Lane and learned more about Megan than half the audience wanted to know. I count myself lucky to be in the latter half of that group. But before we get down and pull out this recap like a bad tooth, let us take a minute and enjoy one last look at Lane, shall we?

We’ll miss you Lane. Even if Don had no right to fill you with ambition. And yes, we know that $50gs Don gave your wife was for our benefit, not hers.

On to what Megan wore this week, along with a revelation of why she matters as a character.

You see Megan? Is who Sally is going to grow up to be.

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