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Grammys 2015 Winners RoundUp

The Grammys is run by old people, for old people. (The red carpet on the other hand, is for the young. We’ll post that later today.) This year was thankfully devoid of embarrassments on the order of Macklemore, Iggy stayed firmly in her seat all night and went home empty-handed. Kanye pretended he was going to jump the stage, for old times sake. Paul McCartney performed, because he’s going to be asked to do so until the day he finally passes. But in general the show–which has become mostly a variety show concert in the last few years, brought on the oldest and the safest for the telecast portion of the show. I mean, we opened with AC/DC. Who haven’t been relevant this century. We’ll skip them, as they spent most of their performance reading the lyrics from teleprompters. Let’s get to the good stuff.

One of the best performances of the evening came from 60-year-old Annie Lennox. Not only did she silence her critics, most of whom were still ready to rip her apart for tone-deaf comments last summer, but she schooled poor Hozier in just how to enter and own a stage from beginning to end.

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Beyoncé: Behind the Scenes

In celebration of Beyoncé’s re-release of BEYONCÉ, the Platinum edition, her youtube channel released this behind the scenes video of the making of the original album and all the videos that went with it.

The five minute clip focuses on one of the directors, Jonas Åkerlund, who directed the video for one of my favorites from the album–“Haunted”–along with the video for “Superpower.”

Beyoncé’s New Songs Leak

It was only a matter of time. Despite the best lock down and image control in the world, Bey sprung a pair of leaks last night. Two of the three new songs that will be included in the BEYONCÉ re-release next week are now out. Clips of 7-11 have been floating around since Monday. But it’s the second one, “Ring Off,” that everyone will be talking about today.

First off–note the serious call back in the riff to Love on Top. That’s going to get lost in the rest of this. The son is supposedly a paean to her recently divorced mother. But that’s ending bit about taking the ring off and the way the song’s happy boppy riff goes just slightly sour… that’s all people are going to hear. Ready yourselves. The divorce rumors are starting all over again.

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Solange Knowles Gets Married, is Flawless

I think it’s pretty obvious from previous posts that I’m a Beyoncé stan, so when the pictures hit the web last night from Solange Knowles wedding, I was curious. There’s something about Solange’s very determined non conformity that I find endearing. I know it’s partly a reaction to her sister (see also, Simpson, Ashlee, who did not do it nearly as well.) Solange carries it off.


And did she ever. Riding on matching white bicycles down the streets of New Orleans to Holy Trinity Church in the Bywater neighborhood, Solange made a heck of an entrance in a cream pantsuit and cape.

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New Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Marnifer looked at the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, and decided the best part, and only reason to see it, was Beyoncé.

This time I have looked at the second trailer. (We try to trade-off the more distasteful parts of this job.) My conclusion: I continue to believe the only reason to see this movie is….

…Actually no scratch that. Imma just buy the Beyoncé created soundtrack. And I say that as someone who already owns the Beyoncé album that has these tracks. (For the record, they are two of my favorites. Love the deep electronic vibes.)

When the sexiest part of your movie is the soundtrack, that’s only helping record, not ticket sales. I’m sure the music industry should be thanking someone.