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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 RTW: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld Builds Grocery Store Inside Grand Palais screamed the headlines. And How.

Going to a Chanel is a bit like going to a supermarket of fashion. There’s plenty to choose from.(Today’s count: 78 outfits.) Many are the same thing is a slightly different format, and the choices can feel overwhelming. Apparently Mr. Lagerfeld realized this, and decided he might as well just go with the obviousness of the theme. No discounts here though. The aisles proudly showed 20-50% markups. Everything was rebranded as a Chanel product. Models wandered the aisle. The A-listers who showed up grabbed the obvious moment to have fun and a photo opportunity. I could write an entire review based on the set alone.

But there were also 78 outfits to look at. (I assume only 78 because Lagerfeld spent so much time on the set.)  To open he sent down a swiss cheese version of the tracksuit. After all, no one goes to the supermarket in stilettos.

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Paris Spring 2014 Couture: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld decided to thumb his nose at everything for Chanel‘s Couture presentation. He took the sort of grand entrance staircase and had his girl skip down them like they were on a sidewalk. He put them out as debutantes in easy to walk in sneakers. Does one really need a heel to be couture?

But the real nose thumbing came with the clothes themselves. Chanel made her name in 1913 by doing away with the wasp waist and the corset. Tonight Lagerfeld’s rebellion was in bringing it back.

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PreFall 2014: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld, do you ever sleep? Seriously, I worry about you sometimes. This is PreFall. Runways are not required. 20-30 outfits is standard. And yet here you are not only presenting a full on runway collection for Chanel, Mr. Lagerfeld, but it contains 90+ outfits. There is such a thing as overdoing it.

Oh, but then there was the theme.

Clearly, the setting, the coloring and the boots read “cowgirl.”

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 RTW: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is a prolific man. For the Spring Chanel show, he produced nearly 90 outfits. His inspiration? Hip hop mash ups. He mashed the Chanel brand with a hip hop sensibility with a swirl through the art world.

The opening outfit was pure Hip Hop Chanel, with their standard suit chopped for a hard line, and the standard pearl necklace turned into a street smart accessory. Continue reading

Paris Fall 2013 Couture: Chanel

Over at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld was going on a Brave New World and moving the Old World into The New. There were many, many looks for this new world of futurism that found ways to work in Chanel’s trademark tweediness–nearly 70 in fact.

Let’s run through a few of them. I’d suggest clicking the link above to see the whole opening set, but this is a very good representation of the sort of post apocalyptic uniforms that were suggested. Oh and their were headpieces galore to go with them (because calling them hats is a stretch.)

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Resortwear 2014: Chanel

The Resortwear season doesn’t properly start until after Memorial Day, but there’s been a few early bird shows getting out ahead of the pack. You might think Chanel would not be in such a hurry, after all, it’s known as “fashionably late” for a reason. But Karl Lagerfeld is one of the biggest over achievers in the business, so not only did he get his line out first, he presented one with 80 outfits it.

Let’s take a sample.

This line wasn’t pre-anything. It was a full on collection, and that collection had a theme–high end cruises.

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 RTW: Chanel

Over at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld seems to be under the impression he needs to take over the world. There was an insane amount to this collection–80 looks in all–and an expanse to the stage upon which they were presented, which kept the audience far enough away that it was hard to make out the details. WorldWide Chanel, too big for you peons to get too close. But if Lagerfeld was determined for world domination, it was definitely the bad guy kind–with nearly everything in shades of black and grey, and punk accents to boot.

I suppose only the evil are the ones hell bent on taking over the world, if you think about it. Of the good and the bad, the bad guy is always the more fun to design for. In the opening look, Lagerfeld showed off one of his two signature silhouettes for this collection–a hard line mullet cut, high in the front and long in the back.

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Paris Spring 2013 Couture: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel is a busy man. Just before Chirstmas he gave us a collection for PreFall of great complexity and style, a love letter to the Titans of Tartan. This week he gave us a complete 180, sweet yet sad girls set in a sylvan glade.

It was something about the styling that gave the sense of sadness. Without it the clothes themselves would seem fresh and bright and very, very Chanel.

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel put on an 80 look extravaganza. Looks were experimental, and yet never lost that certain Chanel stamp to them.

What does every woman wear were her Chanel suit? If you said “Pearls,” you would be right. Lagerfeld took that as his jumping off point, festooning outfits with oversized pearl studs. What else dis a woman once wear with her Chanel suit? If you said “gloves” you would understand wear the inspiration for the little leather half-gloves came from.

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