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Warner Brothers Says No To Hobbit Trilogy

Warner Brothers hurried to squash the “Hobbit Trilogy” rumor than Jackson accidentally set off at Comic con.

According to Variety:

Studio spokespeople told Variety, adding that there are “no planned or surprise announcements” involving a third film. “The plan was always for two.”


So any and all extra footage Jackson is pushing to shoot will probably just make for an extra extra long extenededededededed edition.

Glad that’s cleared up.

Jackson Threatening to Split “The Hobbit” Into Three Movies

I’m going to blame his Lord of the Rings Trilogy for this…apparently one of the stories to come out of comic-con yesterday was that Jackson is looking for permission to go back and shoot some more footage from the Appendices and split his second film “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” into two films, bringing the total number of films for his “The Hobbit” prequel up to three.

And if the reaction to his 12 minutes of footage screened at The Hobbit comic-con panel was any indication, he’ll get it too.

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Sunday Morning Images: Firefly Reunion

In answer to a fan asked question during the panel: “What’s your favorite crazy fan story?” Executive producer Tim Minear responded: “Remember the time we were off the air for 10 years and thousands of people showed up to see us?”

After the jump, a couple of pics from the one hour special, a couple of pics from the panel, and a quote from EW’s liveblog about the best moment of the panel.

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