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Star Wars Cosplayers For Shelter Adoption

Your dose of completely adorable for the day comes to us via the  501st Legion: Capital City Garrison. These dedicated Star Wars cosplayers (some of the best in the galaxy, let it be known!) have done a set of photos posing with shelter animals from the Ottawa Humane Society to promote the adoption of homeless pets.


Sand people prefer black cats, and so should you!

Check out more of these adorable pictures… if your heart can take it.

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Cosplay Boom: Star Wars Celebration

It’s been a week since the Star Wars Celebration ended. But we’re turning back to it now that Cosplay Boom has gotten themselves together and put together a video. Cosplay Boom are professional who make it their business to gather images of the best cosplay images of any given event, and I’m very excited they put together a video. It includes some stunning work, from the extremely faithful recreations to the most out there interpretations and mashups.


Below, the full video, plus some other pictures from the event that I just f’loved, but didn’t get around to publishing.

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Marvel Under Armour

It’s been a week of fashion lines released for Disney nerd franchises. Last Friday we had the awesome HerUniverse Star Wars looks, and then earlier this week the HerUniverse Marvel for HotTopic, with less desirable results.

Now Marvel has also teamed up with a brand that’s a little more in line with the very masculine vibe of the series, UnderAmour.


Check out the line, below!

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Her Universe’s New Star Wars Line Up

With the Star Wars Celebration on yesterday, it was time for Yoda, I mean Yogurt’s favorite thing. Merchandising! And though Star Wars the Flamethrower may not be available quite just yet, there are plenty of new looks to sport for Her Universe. They already had a pretty awesome Star Wars collection before, but with these 20 new looks are just the updates you were looking for.


First up, the light saber skirt, paired with the new four-color light saber Star Wars logo tee. The tee shirt, we should note, was sported by Kathleen Kennedy during the Q&A livestream. Disney clearly approves. Personally, it’s my favorite of the whole collection.

Check out more below!

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Best Cosplay Pictures of Mega-Con 2015

Mega-Con was over the weekend, and professional photographer 


From his pictures, we’ve got a smattering of some of the best cosplay there was at the convention. Check out the best of what Giancini took, below.

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The Best of Wondercon 2015 Cosplay

WonderCon concluded it’s four-day run in Oakland Anaheim yesterday. ComingSoon posted tons of cosplay pics from the convention. We’ve shifted through the 300+ looks and present the Top 16 (plus an honorable mention) from the four days of convention cosplay.

This will be WonderCon’s last year there, by the way. Today they announced 2016 will be held in Los Angeles.


The guitar is so great, as well as the costume and make up. Hands down, my favorite look.

Check out the rest, below.

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