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Anovos To Produce “Six” Line of Clothing

For those who don’t know, Anovos is where cosplayers who don’t want to make their own stuff get their outfits to go to their local BiMonSciFiCon. Up until now, most of their gear has been strictly Star Trek, but recently they’ve started branching out into other fandoms. Most of what they do boils down to “futuristic military gear”, so Ender’s Game and BattleStar Galactica were natural fits.

That’s where the Six outfit comes in.

Six’s iconic red dress image as the “new cylon” from the opening moments of the miniseries that spawned four seasons is now a scifi staple. Anovos has put in extensive research to bring us an exact replica of what we see her wear on screen.

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Rodarte Star Wars

Star Wars Cosplay at New York Fashion Week

It’s been said that this is the best time to be a science fiction geek–that this is our time in pop culture. The 1950s were the time of the cowboy, the 1960s the time of the spaceman, the 1970s the time of the hippie and so forth. Starting with the stunning popularity of Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and culminating with Game of Thrones, the Marvel movies and TV shows and the revivals of Star Trek and Star Wars, this is the hour to be a geek.

But if you told me that Rodarte would walk Star Wars print dresses at Fall 2014 Fashion Week, I wouldn’t have believed you.

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