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Mad Men Season Seven “Time Zones”

“He was thirsty. He died of thirst. His company sent him to a hospital. I was supposed to be part of the cure somehow, and all I did was observe. I thought he was really getting better and a doctor told me he would be dead in a year. They all would be. I’m going to close my eyes now.” -Lee

Dateline: January 1969 (And there’s Nixon getting inaugurated.) We open our final season of Mad Men (first half) with Freddy Rumsen doing an ad pitch. Yes, Freddy. I know, weird. Where is Draper? Oh wait, he’s been fired. Fine. Where is Sterling, or even Cutler or Chaough? More importantly, why is Freddie doing a total Don imitation?….and why is he pitching it to Peggy? 


Welcome to the final season of Mad Men, where nothing has changed, and yet everything had changed. Everyone seems to have swapped places–Freddy is playing Don (even if he’s pitching to Peggy.) Ken seems to be Pete now as head of accounts. Joan seems to be Ken now, rescuing accounts from drunken irresponsible imbeciles like Cutler. Where is Pete? Gone native in California, the only one who is enjoying the transition. After Don pretty much blew his chance to go to Cali so Ted could, Ted’s miserable there as can be.

The only person who is still doing their usual role is Peggy. She’s been passed over for Don’s job, which was given to one “Lou Avery” (you may remember seeing him at the tail end of last season, post Don firing.) Everyone loves Lou…except Peggy. Poor Peggy. This was the worst. This Lou guy is is an old accounts guy, who sees Peggy as barely fit to be getting his coffee. Women in the workplace? Bah! One boss like this, and it’s like she’s gone back five steps. Peggy’s technically got the position, but the glass ceiling just dropped all the way own so far she can’t even squat properly, let alone stand on her own two feet. Watching her be squashed like this, when to me, at this stage she is the heart of the show, is horrifying.

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Mad Men Season 7: What Do We Know?

Mad Men is finally back this Sunday! What do we know? Nothing! Well, that’s not true. Weiner wishes we knew nothing. But we know more than you think. Flavorwire does the math for us.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (1)

For instance:

  • It’s more like Seasons 7 and 8.

The season is split in half over two years the same way they did Breaking Bad. We knew that going in. Because once this is over in June 2015, AMC doesn’t have anything other than The Walking Dead. Don’t let me they have Turn. I saw the trailers and got all excited for 18th century fashion. Then I saw the reviews. That one is kind. Let’s hope they manage to pull something out before Mad Men ends.

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More Mad Men Season 7 Pics

I should have known. Mad Men loves to drib and drab out their promotions. Over the weekend, they continued to add to the collection of “Mad Men On A Plane” stills.

The good news: We get a much better shot of Peggy’s outfit, and she’s in the forefront with all the other guys from Sterling Draper behind her. (Note Harry still favors the scarves and Stan’s still in a shaggy jacket.) But they are all out of her way.

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Mad Men Season 7 Photos

We have our first 1969 based stills from Mad Men‘s final season. (We can just assume it’s 1969, right? Right? I’m sure Matt Weiner would refuse to answer, but it’s not like we’re jumping to 1972 or something. Let’s be real here.)

The airplane theme from the teaser carries over, and much like the teaser, these contain very little in the way of spoilers. Actually, if anything, they suggest the events of the end of last season aren’t really taken into account at all. After all….

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Mad Men Season Six: “In Care Of”


Does everyone remember Don’s pitch for the Hawaiian Resort back at the beginning of the season. A man arrives, he strips off all his clothes and disappears.


Tonight, Don did just that. He stripped away his barrier between himself and Dick Whitman that’s stood all these years. In the process he lost his job, he lost his wife and he lost his children. As we looked upon SC&P and the end of the episode, he was gone. Disappeared. At his desk, now head of creative: Peggy Olson.

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Mad Men Season Six: “The Quality of Mercy”


“My father has never given me anything.”- Sally


So after last week’s absolute horror show, Sally has decided she wants to go to boarding school. Don’s been on a bender apparently since it happened, and is so relieved/guilty/drunk when Betty calls with the news that he’s all for this. He’ll pay for all of it! Sure! Fine! So off to Miss Porters School goes Sally, to interview for an escape from the hell she was born into. I’m a little stunned, but mostly disappointed. I wanted her to go full on stoner hippie. Running away from the family is such a Don like move–I just thought she’d do it via drugs instead of physically.

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Mad Men Season Six: “Favors”


“Couldn’t it be that if someone took care of you — very good care of you — if this person would do anything for you — if your well-being was his only thought — is it impossible that you might begin to feel something for him?” -Bob Benson


So Bob is gay. We have our proof tonight, as he makes a pass at Pete, though it was sort of weird and underhanded and might have been missed if he hadn’t touched knees with Pete afterwards. Not only is Bob gay, but his nurse friend Manolo, the one that he got for Pete’s mother is also gay. Unfortunately *that* couldn’t be kept secret, especially after Mrs. Campbell is going around making it sound like she and Manolo are getting it on. Pete’s is about to fire Manolo for sleeping with his mother, until Bob explains that could only be the product of Mrs. Campbell’s fantasies, as Manolo doesn’t like the ladies, er, you know what he means? So instead Pete takes out his freak out over Bob’s pass by firing Manolo for the crime of being socially sexually unacceptable, and calls being gay “disgusting.”

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Mad Men Season Six: A Tale of Two Cities


We have a company name: Sterling Cooper & Partners. “It’s the only thing that’s offensive to all.” When in doubt, offend everyone.


It’s certainly the creed of those rebelling in 1968. Rebellion is everywhere–in the dress code, in the culture and now, in the streets. Yes, we have reached the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Yes, it was in another city than the two we visit tonight, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t on television affecting the under current. It upset Megan, who sided with the protesters. It upset people like Cutler, who see the protesters as long haired horrors. Better yet, it caused Ginsberg to start spouting words like “fascist.” That’s always a good time.

But the biggest rebellion of them all this week was The Rebellion of Joan Harris.

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