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Downton Abbey to do Another “Text Santa” Special

With only one episode left to go over across the pond, it’s not surprising that ITV is having Downton Abbey do a another one-off special to help promote their Text Santa charity special. Text Santa, for those that don’t know, is ITV’s answer to the BBC’s Children in need telethon, which already happened a couple of weeks back. Lats year, Downton’s inclusion in the special (with George Clooney guest starring) meant that Text Santa got a global boost in awareness. Of course they’re going to do another one.


The guest star this time isn’t an American level A list actor, unfortunately, so perhaps the hype in the US might not go quite so high. Instead Sir Bruce Forsyth, most recently of Strictly Come Dancing fame, will take the guest spot.

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Downton Abbey Finale: Christmas Special Hints

ITV has released promotional photos for Downton Abbey‘s finale. The Christmas Special will air next month (and will air directly following Season 6 on PBS in February.) No major spoilers here, but there are quite a few adorable hats.


Check out the final looks we’ll see Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Rose in, below.

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Downton Abbey: Changes and Spoilers are Coming

While ITV continues with their run up to the Christmas special finale to play upon the sympathies and nostalgic emotions of the British people, over here in America, PBS continues to recognize why Americans tune in.

Behold! Modern technology creep continues!

(You’ll notice, like the earlier montages, this has no footage from the upcoming season. Can’t allow spoilers!)

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Downton Abbey Season 6: Preview Picture Spoilers Part 2

Downton Abbey finished its last regular series run this past Sunday, so that can only mean one thing (other than the PBS wind up for it to air over here in January.) It’s time to round up the spoilery pictures for the second half of the season, and try to make sense of what we’re seeing. (For those who missed the spoilery pics for the first half of the season, they are here.)


Please note, the following pictures are deliberately out of order. There are also some *very* spoilery pictures at the bottom, so be careful. And as always, a full disclosure–I have not watched any of the episode for the season yet, though I did pick up a few things on the way. I promise not to mention them. Those who may have been illegally streaming them over here (or our readers from over there) we ask that you do no spoil anything in the comments either.

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Downton Abbey Season 6: Masterpiece Theater Preview

We’ve had a couple of different trailers, one from ITV that was a deliberate tear-jerker, and one from PBS which was most certainly not. This latest one from Masterpiece Theater splits the difference. The first half is spent with moments from earlier seasons that tug at the heartstrings, before giving way to glimpses of new footage from the coming season that are cheerful and heartening.

feteing isobel

A small spoiler here. Note who is standing closest down left, and put it together with whose head that’s the back of that they are all toasting in this scene. Then notice the only other person note standing.

Check the whole piece out below.

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Downton Abbey: “Fun and Games”

In this clip job from Masterpiece Theater, We are reminded of all the sports and games we’ve seen the members of the Downton household play over the last five years, both the types of high-end sport for the upper classes and landed gentry, and the low-end games for those below stairs.

And then of course, there’s cricket. Because everyone plays cricket. Team Downton indeed.