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First Glimpse of Downton Abbey Season 6

It’s not much to go on yet, except that the Dowager looks cross and put out, and Thomas is still carrying silver trays down long halls.  ITV has released its fall trailer for a bunch of shows that will be coming to the channel come September, including Sean Bean’s The Frankenstein Chronicles and the new Jekyll and Hyde. Heck, even Doc Martin makes an appearance.

carson and hughes

Oh and Carson and… should we call her Mrs. Carson? I think I’ll still call her Mrs. Hughes, thanks, are clearly gossiping about something.

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Downton Cast Films Last Christmas Special

Filming for the final Christmas special that will button Downton Abbey Season 6, and act as a series finale has gotten underway. Once again the show is heading to Hogwarts Alnwick Castle. Why exactly? Well, the pictures tell the spoilers.

mary and tom

No, not that spoiler. I mean, yes, this is a minor spoiler, in that Tom’s appearance at the race track in earlier filming wasn’t a one off where he heads back to Boston as soon as the episode is over.  He’ll be around enough to turn up in the Christmas special and saunter arm in arm with Mary.

The more major spoiler below.

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The Last Days of Downton Abbey

This week marks the last days of Downton Abbey‘s filming at Highclere Castle, the house that has played the titular house for all these years. The show is not quite done yet–they’ll be heading back to Hogwarts Alnwick Castle to film scenes for the final season later this month, according to the Northumberland Gazette. But today the cast and crew is saying goodbye to the house they loved so dear.

final day at Highclere

This pictures of the full cast and crew joining together for a portrait is from Michelle Dockery’s instagram. Clearly there are plans for a more official pic to come. But this still made me tear up. A few more pictures below.

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Julian Fellowes On Downton as a Feminist Tale

When Downton Abbey goes off the air at the end of the fall (or in March of 2016, depending on your country), the years it will have covered are from 1912, when the Titanic Sank through 1925 or 26. Some critics have wondered if this was Fellowes plan. Did he ever mean to even get to the 1920s, or was the pressure to keep the show going responsible? Some wonder why he didn’t go through the entire antebellum period to the mid 1930s?


Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Fellowes said that this period of time was actually exactly what he wanted to cover.

“The show is about the discovery of female independence as much as any other single themes,” Fellowes says. “The changing role of women between 1912 and 1925 was fantastic, given that it was only 13 years.”

With the last season especially, Fellowes has been making the show more explicitly about female independence.

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Downton Abbey Season 6: Branson Returns

Who needs America anyway? Branson seemed in an awful hurry to get himself and Sybbie across the pond and off to a new life, randomly blunting out America like it was some sort of mental tick. But with only one season left of the show, it seems that the lure of returning for one last hurrah suddenly didn’t seem such a bad notion.

Branson's Back

Allen Leech was spotted filming for the final series of the show last week. But here’s where it gets interesting. The place Downton was filming? Brooklands Museum, which is the former site of the Brooklands racing circuit and aerodrome. Brooklands was the world’s first motor racing circuit built for that purpose, as well as one of it’s very first airfields. The track opened in 1907. In 1926–which is right around the time we expect the final season to occur– Grand Prix motor racing was introduced. That sounds like a fantastic excuse for Branson, who went to America to sell and work on cars, to have a reason to come back.

Not only that, but the beau, Matthew Goode, who was played by Henry Talbot, the one that Lady Mary was so attracted to in the Christmas specials? Motor car racer. Just saying. I see a convergence of potential plot points, don’t you? Talbot is rumored to be returning next season.

More photos from filming, including tons of extras in period hats, below.

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Downton Abbey Cast: Fantasy Endings for Season 6

With Downton Abbey slowly grinding towards the last go round (so many eras ending!), PBS sat the cast down and asked them what sorts of endings they’re hoping to see at the end of the Season 6.

We do know the fate of one very important cast member of Downton–the house that the Dowager lives in. Byfleet Manor might not have quite the name recognition of Highclere Castle, but its interiors are just as familiar, and we have seen both the upstairs and the down over the course of the last five years.

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