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Byzantine Pop Culture

When I was in school there was a story we read about an architectural dig in the future that found someone from the 20th century, in a large object worshiping at the altar of a square filled with electronics and a glass bubble.

The point of the story was of course to talk about how we’re just guessing and reflecting our own ideas upon archaeology when we find remains of things, But the idea of us worshiping pop culture never left me. So when I saw these Byzantine style portraits of pop culture icons, it seemed only natural.


Walter White, cradling his blue meth. More below.

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Genderswapped Lord of the Rings

LoTR is a problematic movie, in that it’s an inspired work of fantasy, but in order to have any women at all, Jackson had to inflate bits from the text that really weren’t there. Well, the internet has solved that problem, by simply genderswapping the entire story. No muss, no fuss, and strong female roles for everyone.

And seriously, some of these casting choices are *inspired.*

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