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Grammys 2014 Roundup

The red carpet was as dull as they come, Macklemore took home rap awards over Kendrick Lamar, and Daft Punk confused everyone by coming up to silently receive their awards with their helmets on. It must be time for another Grammy Awards.

But first, the part that was worth watching.

By the way, did you catch her in PR alum Michael Costello on the red carpet? Too bad it was all downhill from there.

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Top Twelve Looks From The 2013 Met Costume Institute Gala


The theme this year was “Punk: Chaos to Couture.” There were rumors that stars were struggling to fit in theme. In the end, most gave up and just wore gorgeous gowns to the red carpet, but a few had the nerve to dress appropriately.

Those Who Went For It:

StyleBistro/Getty Images
Miley Cyrus

You know, I don’t give Miley nearly enough credit, and it’s all her dad’s fault. (I blame being alive in 1993.) She was the only star to go full out for us this evening, and she managed to make ripped up fishnet look glam. Love the hair.  Love the paired down accessories. Top of the list.

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The Nostalgic Act That Is Madonna

Let me not mince words.

Madonna. Was. Awesome.

From her opening entrance that had me saying “Gaga, eat your heart out” to her exit where I assume she was frozen in carbonite to keep her perfectly in stasis until her next life performance–it was the best Superbowl halftime show I have seen since the NFL fired the MTV peeps for the Janet Jackson incident.

As I knew it would be. Because Madonna has always been and will always be a perfectionist. It only stands to reason that those she brought with her would be expected to produce the same. No one can tell me otherwise. Also, the whole MIA flipping the bird thing? Look, I’ve watched this several times, and I didn’t even catch it the first time I looked for it. If that ruined your enjoyment of Madonna and her awesome show, where she even put a damn foot through the back of the LED bleachers and didn’t let it break her stride, then you need serious help.


(Note that NBC even worked in an extra The Voice cameo from CeeLo. Of all the judges they could have gone with, he’s hands down, the best choice here.)

After the jump, Kelly Clarkson knocks the national Anthem out of the park, and Melanie Amaro fulfills part of her contractual win for XFactor.

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Madonna + Cirque = NFL Halftime I Want to Watch.

First Britney, Pink and Xtina all do albums that reference circuses. Then Pink goes and learns aerial stunts for her tour in order to take it a step further, and wows the Grammys with a spectacular performance.

Well, Madonna is about to remind them all she came first. She may be 53 years old, but if you’re going to do it, you hire the best and you give it your all.

Confirming a not-so-well-kept secret, the NFL and NBC announced today during tonight’s Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game that Madonna will indeed be the featured performer at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis. Continue reading