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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 RTW: Maxime Simoëns

Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Maxime Simoëns Fall 2014 Line. It’s continuing mission: to explore strange new fabrics, to seek out new style and new sophistication. To boldly go where no designer has gone before!

Yes, Space and the stars were Simoëns’ inspiration for Fall 2014. Which might explain why this model is dressed like a fur lined 24th century club goer.

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 RTW: Maxime Simoëns

Maxime Simoëns is still struggling to find his place in the Fashion World. He is clearly French, and the pedigree that his clothes come from is obvious (Isabel Marant by way of Balmain.) But the results are still uneven.

There’s a really good idea behind these paneled looks. But the results look like people do in a video game: square edges where there should be smooth, boxy motion where their should be fluid.

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Resortwear 2014: Maxime Simoëns

Maxime Simoëns hasn’t done one of these pre-collections before, so it’s not surprisingly that for his first time out he got all meta on the subject. The cyclical nature of the fashion business led to the cycle of trends to the cycle of the bust and boom times. This being the end of the great recession, he reasoned, it must be time to head back to the 1930s.

Not depression era styling though. After all the Great Recession is over. Instead he focused on the architectural lines that defined the Art Deco period and started updating them for the 21st century.

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