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Disney Drive-On “Muppet Show Shorts: Episodes 3 and 4″

So there’s good news and there’s not so good news.

The good news is the next installment of Disney’s attempt to revive the Muppet Show came out this weekend.

The bad news is they aren’t releasing it to youtube like they did the first two episodes. The idea is to force everyone to sign up for a free account at their Disney Movies Anywhere website. SO you can watch them, they’re there, they’re free. You just have to make yet another account with yet another streaming service in order to do so.

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Disney Revives The Muppet Show Online

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights. It’s time….for Disney to take matters into their own hands, and revive The Muppet Show…. online.


Here’s the thing. I’ve been saying, ever since the successful reboot of the The Muppets for a new generation that the next step was bringing the original variety style Muppet Show back to TV. After all, who would want to see today’s stars appear with the Muppets once a week? But it on the Disney own ABC sandwiched between Once Upon a Time and Agents of SHIELD and all the other TV shows showcasing Disney properties. It would make a great cultural snapshot of our times, and give the aging SNL franchise a runfor its money.

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