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On Jon Snow’s Mother

Game of Thrones has been off the air for just over a month now. In that time we’ve discussed everything we know for season five. We’ve looked at the large rash of Dornishmen that are coming and the changes to the book storyline that’s going to bring. We’ve discussed what is cut. We’ve also discussed the merits of Cersei being the first one allowed to have flashbacks and full prophecies inserted into her storyline. (We did not for the record, discuss her Walk of Shame through the city, though Lena Hedley says it is not cut, and she expects it to happen this coming season.)

But there is one thing we have not discussed. Partly because the show has been–so far–unable to transfer it from book to screen. In fact, it’s been so dormant, those who have not read the books have probably forgotten all about it, if they ever knew it was a thing.


I’m talking about The Mystery of Jon Snow’s Mother. Does it not occur to anyone else that when people call Jon Snow’s character dull, it’s because they don’t realize he has a whole Mystery History the show’s accidentally dropped?

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HBO Licenses Official Game of Thrones Cosplay

This coming weekend will be the official halfway point of the show, if HBO and the producers stick to that seven seasons outline they talked about. As with any time-sensitive property, HBO is looking to hit up every avenue of merchandising while they can.

"Hand of The King" Pin
“Hand of The King” Pin

To that end, they’ve partnered with one of the most respected LARPing websites out there, Museum Replicas, to bring us fully licensed and sanctioned cosplay for all your con going needs. The costumes will come out in several installments, and from the looks of it, in chronological order. The first two are Ned Stark, and Jon Snow, with a hint of Robb Stark to come.

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Fans Threaten to Boycott Game of Thrones, Take Two

Here we go again.

As I stated in my recap, I was worried about Game of Thrones being able to pull it off twice. It was one thing to keep Ned Stark’s beheading a secret. Fewer people had read the books. The fandom for the show was still growing. There was a marathon only days prior to the penultimate episode, so a slew of new viewers had been added right before it went down. Besides, Sean Bean was the biggest name in the cast–he was the traditional “hero.” No one kills off the biggest name in the cast, the main protagonist, and certainly they don’t do it pointlessly. Right?

But it’s different now. It’s been three seasons. Many, many more people have read the books. People aren’t just tuning in. We all know a big thing happens in the penultimate episode every season. Plus, Robb just didn’t seem to me to have the same draw to viewers that Ned Stark did. He was kind of lame–wasn’t he?

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Sean Bean Angles for Game Of Thrones Guest Spots

Oh, poor Sean Bean! It must be hard from going to the side-of-the-bus posters to having your head chopped off. Having started off the hit first season, Bean is hoping the producers won’t forget about him completely from here on out:

“I think there is in the books,” said Bean of the possibility of flashbacks. “There are apparently some flashbacks, and it would be great to see everybody again and be involved.”

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