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Under The Gunn: Underwhelming Finale

We’ve reached our finale for the season, and it’s time to assess–how did Under The Gunn do?

The show fell prey to trying to keep the teams numbers even, the way The Voice did in its early seasons. No running out of contestants by Top Eight for this group. Also several key challenges were dumbed down, as if the show assumed those that needed mentors of PR alums were just not up to regular PR snuff. In other ways they stood by the tried and true PR formula of Tim Gunn bon mots, snarky judges and–of course–four people in the finale after they spent all season saying there would only be three. The true test of how they did–casting a UTG Season 2–won’t come until the fall. What do we think? One and done, like Project Accessory? Or could this be a nice derivative of the original, like PR:AS?


While we ponder that, our four finalists (and their still-full cohort of mentors) meet up with Tim in the runway studio, divided into their little teams. The challenge for the finale: a five look collection done with $2500 and three days. There will be eliminated contestants brought back as helper monkeys. So this challenge isn’t far off from the All Stars finale, which last time was seven outfits in four days with $2k. But it is still a far cry from the Ten Looks in anywhere from 5 weeks to 3 months (with $10k) that they get in Project Runway proper.

Day one has the show descending into a Lexus commercial for a few minutes before heading to Mood (with mentors!) We are then put through a Product Displaying Make Up People commercial. When we finally get back to the lab, we learn that Sam is saddled with Blake and Oscar saddled with Natalia for their helper monkeys. Asha is blessed with Michelle (someone to solve her construction issues!) and Shan has Stephanie.

Day two and after some family visits manipulated for maximum emotional impact we get to what matters–our final walk throughs.

  • Asha: She’s got a jumpsuit and a skirt to show so far, even though she’s been babbling on about evening and sumptuous looks. Mondo frowns and says “costumey.” Tim says she’s trying too hard.
  • Sam: He’s gone full Pavlov and gone back to the fabric from his first winning outfit because it got him praise. Five outfits all made from that tacky sparkly silver fabric? Mondo calls it “Legend of Zelda.”
  • Oscar: He has sparkly leopard print pants. He’s also recycling the coat from last week, which Tim does not like at all. Nick agrees bringing back a greatest hit is a good idea, but maybe not last week’s greatest hit.
  • Shan: He’s gone full out leather and lace. There’s a to-die-for jacket in the collection. Anya is concerned all the lace will make it feel crafty.

Sam is once again painting fabric. Why has no one done anything about that yet? At least this time it’s neon green so it will look like Vulcan bloodstains, instead of human ones.

Day three, the models arrive for fittings. Oscar’s collection looks semi-couture at this point. Sam’s starting to pair his silver stuff with far more plain pieces, which helps enormously. Asha’s models still look to be wearing Las Vegas casino costumes or perhaps rejects from the Pompeii challenge. It’s Shan’s work that I really want to see more of, especially the red and beige dress.

Day of runway and the producers have rented out one of those old 1930s theaters with the chandeliers to stage their show. Let’s see how the collections turned out.

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Emmys 2013

I’m afraid the Emmys this year were a bit of a bust, entertainment wise. I was very worried when the show opened and there was no sign of Neil Patrick Harris singing or dancing an opening number anywhere.

I should not have worried. He was merely saving it for a more unexpected place.

And there was Bonus Nathan Fillion! Therefore I will not complain.

As for winners, no one stole Colbert’s Emmy this year, so thank heavens for that. Also The Voice won, so Burnett will be even more insufferable than usual. Full list, after the jump.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Tonys 2013 II

I didn’t think anything could top NPH’s opening number. This was my fault. I forgot about Kinky Boots.

Cyndi Lauper was the composer-lyricist, and later on in the evening she won the Tony for it.

She also got a solo for the In Memoriam bit, since you can’t really have Lauper in the house and not put her on stage.

After the jump, A Christmas Story, Motown, a special paean to TV and NPH’s closing rap.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Tonys 2013 I

I’m sorry, but the Tonys were just utterly inconveniently scheduled for me this year. So since it’s truncated T4T this week, I’ll just use it to present my favorite musical numbers from the 3 hour ad for Broadway they run on CBS.

But first, here is an eight minute ad for why Neil Patrick Harris should be host for everything ever from now on, Amen.

Go Neil Go!

After the jump, the classics: Phantom, Pippin and Annie!

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Exhibits A-Z of why Sesame Street Should Be Funded Forever and Ever, Amen

Romney wants to cut funding to Sesame Street? Way to show you’re a heartless bureaucrat who hates childhood, fairies, puppies, rainbows, unicorns , bubbles and everything beautiful in life. Who the hell goes on TV and says he’s going to fire Big Bird?

In response, I have, for your Friday viewing pleasure, rounded up Exhibits ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (that’s pronounced “ab-key-deaf-gher-jeckle-mer-nop-qur-stuv-werx-yvs”, for the uninitiated) as to why Sesame Street is one of the greatest programs on television for children. (For those of you who saw me do the first draft of this on twitter last night, some of the videos have been switched out so it’s a little less celebrity heavy, and more of a cross section of the last 45 years. Also everything’s been re-ordered so the videos themselves are more “alphabetical.”)

We start with one of the most memorable moments ever on Sesame Street. People of a certain age will remember it. It aired only once, in 1983, on Thanksgiving day. This was when we all learned about death for the first time. I was five years old, and remember the episode clearly. I give you Exhibit A:

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People’s Choice Awards 2012

There were only two moments worth watching on last night’s People’s Choice Awards, which was mostly a long list of painfully unfunny moments, interspersed with a whole lot of product placement. (Seriously, if that opening was supposed to make me want to watch The Big Bang Theory, it failed.)

The first was Nathan Fillion’s win for Castle.

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Tony Awards 2011

The annual Broadway advertising segment known as the Tony Awards went off last night.Neil Patrick Harris reminded us that he should be first in line to host everything, always. There were musical numbers in nearly every segment, almost all which showed why, if you like this sort of thing, these shows were going to be the sort of thing you liked. The creators of South Park took home nine trophies for The Book Of Mormon, a moving culmination of their success story. Best of all, Bono was humble!

There were a few dud moments. The opening number was marred by a painful turn by Brooke Shields, who showed she could neither read a teleprompter, nor get a line right without multiple takes, and then was so embarrassed she couldn’t shut up about it later. Christie Brinkley also did herself no favors with a painfully delivered introduction of something else, suggesting that her turn in Chicago next season of will be feast of bed reviews.

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