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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Anna Sui

There was definitely a blue thing going on at Anna Sui‘s show on the last day of Fashion Week. Sui said she was inspired by interior decorating legend Madeleine Castaing, but as always, the punk side of Sui dominated.

The pattern on the jump suit may read “high end curtains,” but the cut is such that all this model is missing are blue 10 holed Doc Martins that match her hair.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Betsey Johnson

How do you celebrate turning 70? If you’re Betsey Johnson,  you send 90 looks down the runway to a live Cyndi Lauper concert. One part retrospective, one part spring collection, one part party, and 17 parts cake…oh jesus. Would it be wrong to simply post them all without comment?

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka is known for their luxury, their glitz and glam, their over-the-top lines. This season was no exception. Matelassé and bouclérocade, lace and brocade, this was clothing mean for rarified air. So, par for the course.

The inspiration for this season’s line came from “A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” specifically the 1935 version. For the opening look, the outfit was a very 1930s movie glam pantsuit, with only the floral necklace as a nod towards the world we were about to enter.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta is one of *the* household names in fashion. Oscar DeLa Renta menas upscale. When people spoke of Ann Romney wearing a dress by him for her Republican convention speech it simultaneously said she had good taste and a lot of money. Oscar is for the upscale lady.

De la Renta seems to know that’s his rep, and so this season decided to do something a little different. Gone were the ballroom dresses that brush the audience’s toes. In their place was…

Latex? Does de la Renta not know that sane people wouldn’t wear that on a train on their way to work, lest they arrive drenched?

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso is really a furrier. He’s been slowly expanding outward to augment that, which is why it was inevitable he’d go full on evening wear sooner or later. But the evening wear was so gaudy, so in your face, so unmissable, that the furs ended up taking a backseat.

I’m not saying I don’t love this dress (which looks like a Christmas present) but I couldn’t help but ask: “Where is the fur?”

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