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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: Nina Discovers The Internet

We’re back in the runway studio this week, but no Television of PreTaped Appearances is to be seen. Why has the show done away with such an embarrassing item? Because our celebrity guest is here on the runway with Alyssa. It’s telling that the contestants know her instantly from her silhouette behind the “Project Runway” scrim: Nina Garcia.


Nina is here to tell us all about this blog she just discovered called “StyleHall.” Nina Garcia has discovered the internet everyone! Be afraid. She’s claimed to have brought five bloggers along with her, each of whom will pair with the contestants to identify a fashion trend for 2014. As SethAaron says “Bloggers! They’re the driving force in fashion! They’re celebrities!” (We are? Perhaps I should not be blogging this in my PJs then.) The bloggers are also the models–so this is the “Everyday Woman” challenge. The twist is that they have to somehow incorporate the Pantone color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid. The prize package for this challenge is pretty sweet: getting on the front page of StyleHall, getting endorsed by Nina, and a $10K package from Pantone that includes a trip to Belgium.

Back in the workroom, the designers pick their bloggers by their headshots displayed on tablets. I think that’s partly because one of them–Gigi, for those that don’t know–is transgender, and they didn’t want that effecting any decisions.

Our designers get down to watching videos by their bloggers while waiting for them to arrive. When they show up there’s not a lot of discussion of Trends of 2014 as much as we are talking about their own style and dressing our bloggers the way we do for everyone “Real Woman” challenge. Then  it’s off to Mood with a $200 budget. I’m noticing that the show refers to how much time the contestants have this year in hours, since otherwise they’re all “one day challenges.” This one is an 11 hour challenge.


Elena notes that everyone has neoprene as part of their 2014 trend, and gets all bitter because she’s been using it since 2010. She’s also terrified of seeing Nina again in a runway sitch, since Nina tore her to shreds on the regular during the normal season. I think that covers the Elena drama this week nicely.

On to Zanna!

  • Korto: Her trend for 2014 is a “white suit” plus “architectural detailing” in the vest. ZRR says this plays right into Nina’s trends at MCM with high end officewear.
  • SethAaron: His idea for 2014 is to marry the seam trend with the colorblock trend, and use the Patone color heavily. ZRR loves it.
  • Christopher: His trend is “lace+military.” He says he hasn’t seen a feminine trench done before, to which ZRR giggles: “Burberry?” Apparently he’s not into the orchid color so it’s only in his accessories.
  • Viktor: His trend choice is lame: “Good Girl Gone Bad.” ZRR looks sad.
  • Elena: Her trend is “texture+color” The jacket is a whole lot of jacket. It’s bordering on the Romulan looks Elena falls back on. ZRR loves it, which elates Elena.

Viktor is trying to find his way out of ZRR sad doom looks, with paint. In the workroom, the bloggers come and go. They don’t mention Michelangelo. They do have their hair and makeup already thought through though. Elena’s jacket is way too big on her model, and she has a small meltdown. SethAaron’s dress isn’t quite fitting. Viktor’s model wants her clothes tighter. Viktor is throws it away and remaking his whole outfit with only an hour to go on the day. His new trend is “make your own textile.” This is a massive improvement.

Day of runway and the bloggers are filed through the Product Displaying Make Up People and the Name Dropping Hair Salon Ninnies. Unlike the regular models, They Have Opinions. Korto is inwardly panicking she won’t finish. She’s trying to hide it, but the blogger smells that things aren’t good.  Elena has refitted the jacket and it looks so much better. Viktor’s blogger loves her new outfit.

Let’s see how this all turned out.

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Project Runway Season 12: Finale Part 2

Last week we had the first part of the finale, in which Helen was eliminated to leave Alexandria, Justin, Dom and Bradon to have their lines from Fashion Week televised. This week… we need to immediately un-back burner that woman from Tide who showed up with the last minute Washable challenge! Because as quickly as Tim congratulates them on making it to this round, he has reloaded the bank cards with $250 and taken them to Mood for the last time to shop for “washable” fabrics. Everyone says the word “washable” over and over, as if they’re getting an extra $100 for each utterance. This is only interrupted by an extra long trip to the Name Dropping Hair Salon.

Tim is really excited when he shows up to look over the finale lines.

  • Bradon: From what I see in his corner, the boy is having an editing issue. There’s a lot of looks, and each look is a lot of look in an of itself. But nothing seems to go together. Tim gently suggests he cut a seriously oversized skirt outfit to fit in his “washable,” and help edit the collection.
  • Dom: The Queen of Prints is on her game. Her self created prints look fantastic, and the outfits she made out of them are correctly scaled. There is one bellbottomed onesie that Tim suggests is a bit “janky.” Her washable isn’t made yet, so there’s no way to judge anything about it.
  • Justin: His washable outfit is reversible. Tim worries Justin shouldn’t challenge himself too much at this point. Tim also points out that one dress has a bad “librarian” length, and then apologizes to librarians everywhere for suggesting they have no fashion sense.
  • Alexandria: Her washable look is so of her collection, I never would have guessed it wasn’t an original piece. Tim’s main concern is to turn Nina around on the collection, and tells her to not walk too many “flat tee shirts,” and warns her that she needs to appeared to have taken their notes, or there will be “retribution.”

Day before runway, and I just realized there are no assistants this season to help the final four finish their pages and pages of notes. Alexandria is cutting tee shirts in favor of “more special tops.” Bradon is still draping and redraping his washable look. The models arrive. Justin spends lots of time on his fittings working with the 3D printed pieces. Bradon decides not to cut his enormous skirt despite Tim’s advice. Alexandria and Dom have a lot to do. In the middle of this time crunch, the contestants are pulled away to sit with the Product Displaying Makeup People to do consultations. When Tim arrives for the last gather round, Bradon wishes he could still be working. I don’t know why–the last hour should be packing, not sewing. Tim tells them it’s anyone’s game and group hugs.

Onto the Day of Project Runway’s show at New York Fashion Week. One of Justin’s models had to be swapped because the original broke her ankle. Bradon is having fits over a tiny coffee stain on his silk charmuse. But all I can think about is the fact that just off camera, at this very moment, Ken is having a hysterical meltdown and refusing to walk his line. But because Project Runway insists on maintaining the fiction that only the Top Four are backstage showing instead of the Top Nine, they are denied the ability to put what I’m sure was some seriously filmable drama in this episode. Do we think this will finally convince the producers to stop lying to us every season? And instead be honest that everyone left when the show airs post Fashion Week show, but only the top three are televised and eligible for judging?

You’re right, probably not.

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Project Runway Season 12: Finale Part One


…and then there will still five! Five pretending that they’re not all showing at Fashion Week. You know, all it would take is a small change of wording to make it so this show wasn’t baldly lying to us. Anyway–the designers have only six weeks (!!!) and $9000 to create a 10 collection look for Spring 2014. (Spoiler free sampler of the results here.) Heidi then throws a curveball–one of the 10 is an unconventional materials look. Everyone is then dismissed to go home and await the coming of Tim.

Tim’s Home Visits:

Dom is in Philly. Her collection is inspired by “retro futurism”–think Bladerunner. Her fabric prints are all self designed, and most of what we have to look at is the yard of proofs. She has three semi-finished looks which are amazing. Tim worries about the amount of work she has left to do.

Out in LA, Tim meets up with Bradon. His inspiration comes from crocuses pushing up from the end of winter. Some of his textiles are fantastic. Tim’s only concern is his unconventional look which is a clunker next to the other looks.

Now that we’ve seen the two with guaranteed slots…

Alexandria lives in a tiny flat in San Mateo. She’s got about 30 pieces made and is really at the editing phase. She calls her collection “neo nomadic punk.” Her unconventional look is woven phonebook pieces that she had her students weave for her as part of an ongoing project at school. She hastens to add they don’t know what it’s for. Meanwhile, I’m wondering how the PR producers feel about this horrifying admittance of breaking child labor laws, and how parents might feel to know they pay for their children to go to camp only to be put to work as slave labor and their classroom turned into a third world sweatshop. To top it off, she then takes him to her child labor factory where she has not only been having these kids make her textiles, but also “Ugly Dolls” of everyone on Project Runway. Tim loves the one of him.



Helen meets Tim at a warehouse in New Jersey wear she has her studio. He inspiration is “clairvoyance.” Tim worries that’s a bit abstract. Apparently she too had a print manufactured for herself and this collection–that of an up close eyeball. So much for Miss I Don’t Get Prints. The rest of her looks are…boring. The print is the most interesting thing there. That and her unconventional look, which is made of shower mats. But everything else? Yawn! Tim lays it out for her that this is not going to get her televised at fashion week. Unlike other times, she doesn’t has a meltdown at this.

Finally, Tim meets Justin at his parent’s house in North Carolina. The sign language interpreter sticks out like a sore thumb in their upperclass southern gentile home. We learn Justin’s sister is not a fan of his clothes and doesn’t seem interested in becoming one any time soon either. The parents try to laugh this incredibly uncomfortable moment off. His workspace is on campus at NC State. His collection’s inspiration is touching–it’s inspired by soundwaves and the moments before and after he got his cochlear implant. He’s also got a 3D printer, which knocks Tim’s socks off. The piece he’s currently producing in the printer will take 180 hours to make. His unconventional piece is made of plastic test tubes. Tim agrees there’s potential in this collection. I’m more concerned that I didn’t see any actual clothes.

When everyone arrives back in New York, there’s a show and tell at the workshop as they all unpack. Tim arrives with Raquek Rozas who is “the brand manager for Tide.” Apparently it’s the 11th look challenge, which must be washable! But this challenge isn’t for now. It’s for after we find out who is going to fashion week. So don’t mind me while we back burner that in favor of Tim’s critique.

  • Alexandria is planning on showing her take on the trench coat, a jacket with one of the headpieces and a leather vest. She’s worried she’s not showing a balance of things. Tim tell her to follow her instinct.
  • Justin is showing his unconventional piece, and extremely dull looking piece that is all white. Tim notes how sloppy his construction is, and how much his pieces don’t work together.
  • Helen’s three looks are one of her red capes, an eyeball pattern dress with a red center and an eyeball skirt with a bustier. Tim calls the seamwork on the cape “clunky.” He points out the red center outfit’s skirt looks like an undone baby onesie. He thinks she needs to show more capes if that’s what’s she’s really basing her collection on.

Day of runway, Dom and Bradon feel a little weird being outside the chaos of the other three as they prep to show. So they end up assisting Helen and Justin, respectively, since it’s not like they were going to get any work done in the insanity anyway.

Let’s go to the runway.

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Project Runway Season 12: Make It Avante Garde

It’s the last episode before we get to the two part finale. As Heidi says: “It’s the sausage dangling in front of their noses.” (We’ll just leave that one there.) This week involves going to a Butterfly Garden for an Avante Garde Inspiration. There they are met by Tim, who is saddled with the man from the Product Displaying Makeup People, who mistake this for also being a challenge about them.

After 30 minutes of sketching, they head back to Mood. Suggested spending is $500. The sense at Mood is that the times they saved on other challenges was to spend here. Bradon doesn’t even have a sketch. He’s just blindly buying.

Since this is a two day challenge, the first day is spent working on foundation pieces. Except Bradon, who still has no sketch and spends his day making “fashion noodles.” Day two starts with a whole lot Product Displaying by the make up people, who have even brought a nail maven along for bonus products.

Tim Time!

  • Dom: She got all into the idea of butterfly crossbreeding, and so she’s “crossbreeding” textiles.
  • Helen: She’s got a big black cocoon cape. Underneath there’s a tangerine dress. Tim dislikes the cocoon. She has a complete meltdown at his disapproval. Tim all but slaps her and yells “SNAP OUT OF IT!”
  • Alexandria: She’s got a bunch of ripped up black lace. Tim likes that it’s raw and unfinished.
  • Bradon: Tanktop and mini in the front, insane couture gown in the back. Tim thinks the “fashion noodles” might be overkill.
  • Justin: Lots of piping. It’s very pretty. Tim worries one of his fabrics looks cheap.

The moddles come and go. Helen melts down at her model, who gives her a pep talk.  What is with the models being the source of strength for their designers this season?

Day of runway, and the designers arrive to see all the losing looks from the season prominently displayed in the workroom as they come in. It turns out, IT’S NOT RUNWAY DAY. There’s a second challenge being added in. The “Avante Garde” look will be joined by a second “Make It Work” look. No, they do not have to relate to each other. They each pick an auffed look:

Tim is very proud of Justin. He cries. Bradon forgot Sue’s was made of placemats. Whoops. Too bad there’s no trip to Mood. The moddles come back and go again. Alexandria hates everything she’s made. That not only makes two of us, but I’m going to toss in wondering why she’s still here.

Let’s go to the runway.

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Project Runway Season 12: Muse It to My Prints


“There can’t be that many of us at fashion week!” lies Dom as our episode starts. Honey, not only are all of you showing, but Jeremy too! Why must you turn this show into a House of Lies?

In the workroom, Tim introduces the man from the Branded PC Sponsor. It is time for the Branded PC Challenge, where designers create their own textiles on Branded PC hardware. (Due to the turnaround this is an automatic two day challenge, though they really can’t get to work until day two.) The winner gets a host of Branded PC stuff. They’ll be inspired by “Next Generation Innovators.” These young teen-to-twenty somethings are not the models or collaborators, just muses. Helen picks first since she won last week and then the rest pick from the button bag.

Justin gets a former Miss America. Kate gets a female software developer. Bradon has a BMX Bike trick doer person. Helen has an artist. The point of all these different people is they’ve created start ups all of which are bent on helping people. Well, ok, maybe not Helen’s. He just seems to be an artist. Anyway, I’m glad Project Runway has chosen to give them a platform, but can we get to the textiles?

Back at the workroom, everyone has one hour to create their print. Then it’s off to Mood, where suggested spending for supplementary fabric is $100. Tim encourages every to spend-spend-spend. Swatch Approves.


The next morning, the prints arrive. In lieu of anyone having a meltdown, or dragging producers on to camera, we have Helen being really insecure about what she should do with her print now that she has it. This causes Alexander to utter the immortal line: “Deal with your own designs, honey.” Dom tells her to stop talking and get enough done that Tim can help her.

Good thing Tim is here.

  • Dom: Her print is unflatteringly enormous. She’s making a basic body-con dress.
  • Bradon: His movement lines look like plaid. His plan is to use it as a skirt. Tim is perplexed.
  • Kate: Her print is meh and her design is muddled with starburst pleats.
  • Justin: He designed circles with hands doing an I love you sign. He’s making it into a gown.
  • Helen: “I’m awful, and yourself?” she says as Tim walks up. Her print is a little on the patriotic side with red, white and blue stars. She claims “I don’t do prints.” Hello, your skin is COVERED in prints. Get over yourself.
  • Alexandria: Her print is very light. When she adds the leather it helps the print pop.
  • Alexander: His print is chocolate lattices from a cake. Tim calls it “clerical.” That’s because there’s a big white cross across the center.

GO WITH YOUR VISCERA! cries Tim. The moddles come and go. The nun’s outfit Alexander is making is really tight and slinky. Does the Belk accessory wall include a crown of thorns?

Day of runway, and Helen’s finally got her head on the right way round. Alexander’s model is stunned to learn her nun’s outfit was inspired by a cake. Kate’s garment doesn’t fit her model properly.

Let’s go to the runway.

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Project Runway Season 12: Modern Southern Belk

Heidi claims we’re getting “close to the end.” The Fashion Week cut off has passed. So everyone can relax and have brunch. Right? Yeah, right. The restaurant is reserved for just them, and the cameras are rolling. Everyone is waiting for the catch. Just as they think they might really be having brunch, Tim shows up. Apparently the point of all this is today’s challenge is to design for the “Modern Southern Woman,” ie the Belk challenge. (Can Damaris walk in now please and Food Network and Project Runway have a fabulous cross over? No? Sad.) Some key buzzwords Tim spits out are “fashionably” “vibrantly” “put together” “color” and “feminine details.” It can be daywear or evening, and it’s a one day challenge. Don’t you wish you hadn’t just wasted all that time eating brunch?

Recommended spending is $200-250 at Mood. Back in the workroom, Tim turns up with John Thomas who is a Belk VP to announce the dress will be produced and sold in Belk stores. Bradon is going for a plaid day dress, but he, Alexander and Alexandria all seems to have very similar plaids picked out. Dom and Ken are horrified by the plaid and sneer at the northerners who stereotype.

Let’s see what Tim thinks.

  • Alexander: Tim assesses his plaid: “Not a shrinking violet!” Alexander says it’s a day dress “but not one you go to the forest in.” Tim calls it a “cocktail dress.” Alexander agrees.
  • Bradon: Tim loves his plaid. Bradon is worried he’s too 50s. Tim says you can’t go on what the judges said last time.
  • Justin: Tim’s concern is his color combination is very Halloween. Tim says cut the black and stick with the orange which alone looks more coral.
  • Kate: She’s letting the fabric dictate what she makes. Does that mean the fabric will be awarded the win?
  • Ken: There’s nothing Tim can say other than “Carry on.”
  • Jeremy: He’s making a jacket. Tim wants the dress to be as fresh as the jacket.
  • Helen: Her daisies over yellow is a bit 1960s.
  • Dom: Tim says “This might be under designed.”
  • Alexandria: She’s changed her design three times. Tim calls it “hideous,” and an editing eye would be useful. She goes back to design one.

The moddles come and go. The evening passes. Jeremy’s jacket is taking so long he has no dress to fit. Bradon is building his dress as he drapes. At midnight everyone is frighteningly behind.

Day of runway and Alexander and Bradon magically finish. Jeremy can’t believe he managed to get a dress done and his jacket. Dom is still sewing when Tim calls time.

Let’s go to the runway.

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New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 RTW: Project Runway Sampler

All but one of the contestants that still remained on the show at 10am on September 6th showed at Fashion Week. Don’t let the show’s lies fool you. The Top Three may show on television, but to avoid spoilers, eight lines walked the runway. The question, as always, is who were the dummy collections and who were the ones competing?

Fashion Week Project Runway

I know how much some of you hate spoilers, so for your entertainment pleasure I bring you one selection from each line, and I won’t tell you who it was who didn’t present. (Though if you’ve been watching, I’ll bet you can guess who it was.) These are not in the order that they presented and I have stripped all info from the pictures. Under the cut, eight outfits. Put your guesses in the comments!

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Project Runway Season 12: Sporting Obstacles

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve recapped ProjRun, and the first thing I come back to is Tim Gun dressed like a FootLocker employee. There’s an obstacle course awaiting them, the winners will get an extra hour to work. (This being a one day challenge that’s half wasted on an obstacle course, this is worth its seconds in gold.) The challenge–in case you couldn’t figure it out by the Heidi Klum branded New Balance athletic wear everyone is being forced to sport–is to design something for Klum’s line which is “bringing the runway to the treadmill.” Aiyiyi. Winner will be sold in select NB stores.

Note I said winners, not winner. The obstacle course is a team challenge. But the actual challenge is not. So who gets paired with who doesn’t matter. What matters is Dom and Justin win and get to pick their fabric first (which happens right there on the field with fabrics from Heidi’s collection) and get the extra hour in the workroom. Oh and please remember from last week, Helen has the last immunity. After today there’s no more immunity, because everyone who survives today shows at NY Fashion Week.

Back at the workroom, the dress forms have been outfitted with examples from Heidi’s collection, just for reference. Tim makes sure to say not to cut them up. It’s already after 3pm and the designers only have until 11pm tonight (except Dom and Justin who have until midnight.)

Helen’s got a brain and she’s using it. She checks to see if it’s legal to pattern from the Klum pieces provided, and Tim informs her that would be smart. The others (especially Ken who is working hard to get the camera time he missed out on early in the season) get their noses out of joint because Helen has the audacity to think and ask questions. God forbid. Ken gets so verbally abusive about it that Helen actually goes to Tim and asks the producers to protect her. Tim has a sit down with him to get him to apologise for his behavior and prevent Sandro Part Two.

Let’s move on from this unnecessary drama and hit the walk through. Tim brings Heidi along, since she is the client.

  • Kate: She’s pulling inspiration from her little brother who is a motorcross racer. Heidi loves the high end jacket on the dummy.
  • Helen: Heidi worries that the spandex pants and flowy top are too basic, and Helen needs to make a wow piece. She promises a jacket.
  • Justin: Heidi makes Justin extra nervous, and he blushes when she talks about boobs bouncing relative to the neckline.
  • Karen: She’s making a green sports bra with style lines. Heidi hates it and calls it trashy and “Martian.” It’s 7pm, and Karen has to scrap everything and start again.
  • Dom: She’s got a low back to her top which Heidi likes, since it shows off muscles.
  • Alexander: He’s colorblocking tights. Heidi frets over his piping.
  • Jeremy: They’re so busy making fun of his sunburn they forget to talk about the clothes.
  • Ken: I’m not sure what the heck he’s thinking, but Heidi looks at the sketch and says “scuba suit.” He also starts all over.
  • Bradon: He noted how Heidi’s seams tip backwards to create a flattering optical illusion of thinness and is attempting to imitate it. She’s flattered.
  • Alexandria: She’s apparently a marathon runner in real life. She’s doing drop crotch pants. She doesn’t want to do color. Heidi and Tim encourage her to stay different.

The moddles come and go. Helen’s crotch rips open when the moddle puts it on because it’s so tight. Karen starts going for loose wear since she’s in a hurry to get something done. She announces “Hashtag “I’m Going Home!” Once everyone leaves except Justin and Dom they discuss how on edge everyone is, and blame it on Heidi being the client. After all, the show won’t let them mention on camera that the real reason is this is the Fashion Week cut off.

Day of runway, and Ken and Karen are frantically behind. The moddle tries to give Karen advice, which goes over like a ton of lead bricks. Ken’s top is nowhere near complete. Helen should be thankful that she has immunity, because she admits she made an outfit that you can buy anywhere.

Let’s go to the runway.

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Natural Born Reviewers | Project Runway: Sole Searching

Heidi steps out in some fabulous gold shoes. Too bad her peach parka dress is horrible. This is of course intentional; shoes are the point of the episode! Designers have to create a look based on a shoe from Marie Claire’s fashion closet. We are down to 11 contestants, just one elimination away from the magical 10 who will make collections for Fashion Week. (Only the final 3 get aired.) Alexandria’s immunity guarantees she’s Top Ten; Kate’s feeling the pressure because last season she went out on the 7th episode. This season she’s a darling of the judges and certainly not the weakest link left, so we don’t think she’s got much to worry about.

The shoes must be prominent in the final look and the model will wear them on the runway. But wait a minute, what’s with the buzzers? It’s fashion quiz time! A mini competition will determine the order of picking shoes. Despite the impressive wall of shoes they only get to choose from a select set which come in multiple sizes.

Alexandria has immunity AND gets to bypass the quiz AND gets first choice. With all the advantages of winning a challenge, why is it so rare to win two in a row? The answer to one of the quiz questions is Parsons – name-dropping shoes quiz name checks name-dropping fashion school. Meta-advertising? It comes down to Dom vs. Miranda, whose fashion knowledge is not on par with their peers. Miranda selects dead last without being able to answer a single question. Like Regis used to say, “It’s only easy if you know the answer.”

Shoe pairings:

  • Alexandria: Black knee-high bondage / Gladiator sandals
  • Ken: Black strappy heels
  • Jeremy: Tall black suede boots
  • Karen: Horrible fluorescent green sandal heels (They match her shirt!)
  • Helen: Black ankle boots w/silver studded toe
  • Kate: Red surrealist Pop Art heels
  • Justin: Multicolor pattern w/Southwestern/American Indian art feel
  • Bradon: Sparkly gold flats
  • Alexander: Off-white platform heels w/red stripe down back
  • Dom: Purple/ turquoise/ pink creepers
  • Miranda: Turkish-looking red patent flats

The suggested budget is $250. Jeremy is inspired to turn a blouse into a cable-knit sweater. Ken’s drawing is as puffy as the Staypuft Marshmallow Man. Bradon is planning to do some shirring called bouillonné in which the fabric resembles boiling water. Bradon introduces us to yet another sewing technique. It’s almost like this is a FASHION SHOW! Can he please have his own series showing us all sorts of stitches and construction techniques? We would watch that in a heartbeat.

At Mood, Miranda and Alexander both buy red plaids, and both are planning to make pants. Battle of the tartans! Over in adorable-ville, Swatch and Tim share a moment that leaves him just Swatch-xhausted.

ProjRun Swatch kisses

Tim’s walk-through, after the jump.

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Natural Born Reviewers | Project Runway: Glamping

ProjRun Glamping top photoFollowing two episodes of unrelenting Dra-ma, we get a breather and a dose of nature. Tim Gunn and Heidi appear in their high-class “outdoorsy” wear. This may be one of the most fun outfits Tim has ever worn. There are cargo pockets on his pants! The designers are swept away for a “glamping” trip at a beautiful riverside campsite. This upscale camping comes complete with above-ground cots, hammocks, and catered meals with real dishes and silverware. The Craft Services truck must be just off-screen.

ProjRun Glamping Tim-Heidi outdoorsy

Lest we think this is simply much-needed stress relief, the name-dropping bottled water company sends spokesperson Seona Skwara with Tim to announce the challenge. (Not only does Ms. Skwara have an amazing name, her mysterious job title is “Head of Activation.” Where are the Wonder Twins?) Tim tells the designers they should take inspiration from their experience and the natural surroundings. Make a high-end editorial look, not something you would wear in this environment. Suggested budget of $300, and this is a one-day challenge once they return from the outing.

Meanwhile, the designers bond over relaxation, rafting, and zip lining. What a reprieve to see them enjoying each other’s company! S’mores are made over a campfire. Justin teaches some sign language profanity, and later asks everyone about their favorite sounds. Jeremy puts it well: “Out of the studio, we are all nice people that get on quite well together.” This was a delightful and much-needed hiatus. Every season should include a retreat.

Back to reality and the designers scamper around Mood. Wait, sorry, that’s Swatch.

ProjRun Glamping Swatch1
In the workroom, Jeremy is painting calligraphy on his fabric – it’s a love letter written to his family. This could be stunning. Bradon is doing a technique he calls “thread painting” by running multiple lines of embroidery all over his fabric. Ken decides now that everyone is friendly it’s time to throw an insult at Alexandria. Classy. Though we must admit, calling her a tiger seems more like a compliment – tigers are Fierce & Fashionable!

Justin is making lace out of glue gun material. This is seriously amazing and has incredible potential.

ProjRun Glamping glue lace

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