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Belk Finally Carries Project Runway Winner Dresses

They’re finally for sale! Six months after the episode aired and two full seasons of knock off shows later, Belk finally got around to putting the winning dresses from the “Belk Challenge” up for sale. It certainly took them long enough. So long you may not even remember the episode I’m talking about or the contestants in question who won.


Pleased be advised: this is not Season 12 winner Dom’s line we’re talking about here. God only knows when (or if) they’ll ever carry that.

You may think I’m being a little hard on Belk for waiting until the Spring season to release these outfits. But I’m not. Most places strike while the iron is hot when it comes to selling Project Runway dresses. (Even when they totally redesign them.) The All Stars have their dresses in production already and on websites by the time the episode airs. The same thing happened with Under the Gunn. (Well, at least with the outfit they wanted to sell.)

These clearly inferior shows can do it. So why did it take nearly six months to get Belk to carry the winning designs from last season? I can only imagine that Belk’s department shoppers made this choice. They chose poorly. When this episode appeared back in September, everyone was googling for the dresses. Now that they’re here, TV has moved on, and is already casing for Season 13 this coming summer.

What I want to know is, how did the final dresses compare with what our designers made? Well….

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: UNsurprising Finale

Another single episode finale. Wow. Last year I blamed it on having two Top Fours in a row. This year….I got nothing.

Lifetime wants to make PR go year round. It’s not working. They’ve tried spin offs like ProjRun: Accessory. They’ve tried two PR seasons a year. This year they have “Under The Gunn” which starts next week and includes popular PR alumni. All Stars has had its stumbles. Every year there’s a new host. Joanna Coles didn’t come back to mentor. This cast included past winners because there weren’t enough alumni to be found without them. Then there’s the format and its air dates. This is a down time in the fashion world. There’s no Fashion Week to send their cast to part way through. In order to send their cast to a Fashion Week–any Fashion Week–they’d have to do so before the show aired the premiere. That’s a problem. If this is supposed to be the show that’s a step up from regular ProjRun, then having a finale that is clearly inferior to the original product belies the premise. Yet the finale challenges so far have been to make a handful of outfits to show at a privately staged show for whomever the producers can round up. And let’s not even talk about the fact that the judges gave the win to AnthonyRyan last season when he did not deserve to even be in the finale. That sort of thing sinks a show’s credibility fast.


A single episode finale feels like they’re admitting defeat. Alyssa’s outfit also seems to be admitting defeat. I’m not sure what looks more unfinished–the blouse, the skirt or the hair. She announces the finale challenge–six looks, four days. (At least this year they set a limit.) Their inspiration is to be their heritage. Alyssa helpfully tells each contestant where their ancestors hail from in case they don’t know–Elena: Ukraine; Seth Aaron: Spain; Korto: Liberia. This inspiration turns out to be an excuse to send them to the UN, because that’s where they are holding the mini-show, rather than rent Gotham Hall this year.

The contestants do their best to get excited to go to the UN rather than, say, Paris and over meeting an undersecretary and a bunch of delegates. (Hey it’s a step up from last time PR:AS went to the UN. This time they went inside.) At least they’re given a full hour to shop at Mood and a $2000 budget. Once we return to the work room it’s time to squash four days into about 20 minutes of show. It boils down to the usual–Elena freaking, Seth Aaron sympathizing, Korto snarking.

On Day Two, Elena says “I just wish we had some help.” Magically, ZRR shows up on cue to walk through.

  • Seth Aaron: We know his weakness is going a bit costumey, and some of his “spin influenced pieces” look like they might work for Halloween. ZRR worries he’s going too different from what he usually does.
  • Elena: She says this is the collection she wanted to make in her season. (As opposed to her dummy collection? I knew these pieces looked familiar.) ZRR tells her to pull herself together.
  • Korto: She admits her collection is really American, just with “African influences.” The sketches look good. ZRR frets unnecessarily about tailoring because she has nothing else to say.

ZRR didn’t just bring useless advice. She also brought preassigned assistants–Viktor for Elena, Christopher for Korto, Jeffrey for Seth Aaron. (I assume this is to keep anyone from turning anyone else down on camera after last year.)

Day Three and Alyssa is in the work room. That’s never good. There must be an extra sponsor to shoehorn into this finale. Turns out it’s a bunch of ugly scarves from the Theodora and Callum Collection. They are ugly because they are “inspired by different countries.” Lovely. The designs do their best not to roll their eyes at having to incorporate these things in a seventh outfit. At least Seth Aaron and Korto aren’t going to freak out about prints. Elena decides this is an opportunity to cry.

Day Four, no more assistants. The models come and go en masse, since there’s 21 of them. Then all of a sudden it’s Day of Runway without anything much of all happening. I guess they needed that time to dedicate to the Name Dropping Hair Salon and the Product Displaying MakeUp Men. The models are dressed and made up and shipped off to the UN.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: “Lack of Fashion Cents”

Four designers left this week to meet Alyssa and her deliberately untied bowtie accessory at the runway studio. This week’s challenge is Ready-To-Wear: the designers are sent to a New York fashion house and have to make clothing at a price point. So far the results of this challenge over the years have been mixed, as Mondo was treated with respect by Nanette Lapore, while AnthonyRyan was treated much less so by Ellie Tahari. This year we have Michelle Smith from Milly. The retail price for the garment is $400.


We meet Michelle at the studio. The line is “Urban Tribal.” They are using fabrics from her production room in order to make sure they’re paying wholesale prices per yard. Once they finish sketching and swatching, each is sent into the CEO’s office to have their design approved for production. SethAaron’s obvious zipper, we are informed, is too expensive, and he must edit it out. No math is done to explain how or why. Korto’s fabric for her maxi dress is also too expensive per yard. She has to redesign on the fly in front of the CEO to get approved. Elena and Christopher simply pass. This is already too much like the visit to Tahari. Unless I’m seeing calculators and people are actually using dollar numbers and cents in the conversation, it’s all too gauzy and hazy. The idea behind this is to see the knitty gritty. There’s nothing knitty gritty about a CEO not quite smiling for the camera.

Back to Parsons, where it turns out the first day is really short because they spent most of it at Milly’s. Then Elena rips her leather and has a meltdown. I cannot tell you how bored the others look.


Day two, and Elena’s solution is that she has to make something else. Unfortunately, it’s not an approved. But it turns out she does have enough leather to make the needed repair. So I don’t know what the fuss is about.

Zanna has Michelle Smith along with her for today’s walk through.

  • SethAaron: His design is up Michelle’s ally. She does have him consider whether the circle skirt portion should be in the fabric pattern (which to my eye is a bit busy) or if she should leave it made of the tech mesh underskirt, or just the black from the bodice.
  • Elena: ZRR takes one look at the second dress and says “Nonononono.” Not approved by the CEO, not professional. Michelle is clearly impressed.
  • Korto: Michelle does not like the mixing of the prints. She’s not wrong. They are each seriously busy, and together that are way too much.
  • Christopher: Apparently he did not understand that he was approved to make a dress, and not two separate pieces. He thought it wouldn’t matter, since it was the same amount of fabric–but making individual pieces means running two separate production lines, and twice the labor costs. This is why a calculator and someone doing math in their faces would have been a good thing.

Christopher goes around to the others in the room asking “But two zippers is ok, right?” “It’s the same amount of fabric, what’s the problem?” The others shake their heads. The models come and go. No one seems to be having a major meltdown, except for Christopher who is still fretting over zippers and one versus two pieces.

Day of runway, it’s comical how freaked out Christopher is in comparison to, say, Elena. Everyone else are watching their models walk around and play with their accessories. Christopher is still sewing when time is called.

Let’s go to the runway.

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Top Ten Overlooked Outfits from Project Runway All Stars Season Three

This week Project Runway All Stars is on hiatus, due to the holiday. So, with only two weeks to go, I thought I would take this opportunity to dig through the eight episodes that have aired so far and see what the judges have overlooked.

This was a bit tough. I had sensed the work this season had not been up to par, but it took going back through to see that there wasn’t much for the judges to have missed. Most of what I pulled had been in the Top Three and just missed the win. But I did manage to find ten outfits.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: Nina Discovers The Internet

We’re back in the runway studio this week, but no Television of PreTaped Appearances is to be seen. Why has the show done away with such an embarrassing item? Because our celebrity guest is here on the runway with Alyssa. It’s telling that the contestants know her instantly from her silhouette behind the “Project Runway” scrim: Nina Garcia.


Nina is here to tell us all about this blog she just discovered called “StyleHall.” Nina Garcia has discovered the internet everyone! Be afraid. She’s claimed to have brought five bloggers along with her, each of whom will pair with the contestants to identify a fashion trend for 2014. As SethAaron says “Bloggers! They’re the driving force in fashion! They’re celebrities!” (We are? Perhaps I should not be blogging this in my PJs then.) The bloggers are also the models–so this is the “Everyday Woman” challenge. The twist is that they have to somehow incorporate the Pantone color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid. The prize package for this challenge is pretty sweet: getting on the front page of StyleHall, getting endorsed by Nina, and a $10K package from Pantone that includes a trip to Belgium.

Back in the workroom, the designers pick their bloggers by their headshots displayed on tablets. I think that’s partly because one of them–Gigi, for those that don’t know–is transgender, and they didn’t want that effecting any decisions.

Our designers get down to watching videos by their bloggers while waiting for them to arrive. When they show up there’s not a lot of discussion of Trends of 2014 as much as we are talking about their own style and dressing our bloggers the way we do for everyone “Real Woman” challenge. Then  it’s off to Mood with a $200 budget. I’m noticing that the show refers to how much time the contestants have this year in hours, since otherwise they’re all “one day challenges.” This one is an 11 hour challenge.


Elena notes that everyone has neoprene as part of their 2014 trend, and gets all bitter because she’s been using it since 2010. She’s also terrified of seeing Nina again in a runway sitch, since Nina tore her to shreds on the regular during the normal season. I think that covers the Elena drama this week nicely.

On to Zanna!

  • Korto: Her trend for 2014 is a “white suit” plus “architectural detailing” in the vest. ZRR says this plays right into Nina’s trends at MCM with high end officewear.
  • SethAaron: His idea for 2014 is to marry the seam trend with the colorblock trend, and use the Patone color heavily. ZRR loves it.
  • Christopher: His trend is “lace+military.” He says he hasn’t seen a feminine trench done before, to which ZRR giggles: “Burberry?” Apparently he’s not into the orchid color so it’s only in his accessories.
  • Viktor: His trend choice is lame: “Good Girl Gone Bad.” ZRR looks sad.
  • Elena: Her trend is “texture+color” The jacket is a whole lot of jacket. It’s bordering on the Romulan looks Elena falls back on. ZRR loves it, which elates Elena.

Viktor is trying to find his way out of ZRR sad doom looks, with paint. In the workroom, the bloggers come and go. They don’t mention Michelangelo. They do have their hair and makeup already thought through though. Elena’s jacket is way too big on her model, and she has a small meltdown. SethAaron’s dress isn’t quite fitting. Viktor’s model wants her clothes tighter. Viktor is throws it away and remaking his whole outfit with only an hour to go on the day. His new trend is “make your own textile.” This is a massive improvement.

Day of runway and the bloggers are filed through the Product Displaying Make Up People and the Name Dropping Hair Salon Ninnies. Unlike the regular models, They Have Opinions. Korto is inwardly panicking she won’t finish. She’s trying to hide it, but the blogger smells that things aren’t good.  Elena has refitted the jacket and it looks so much better. Viktor’s blogger loves her new outfit.

Let’s see how this all turned out.

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Project Runway AllStars Season 3: Q-Lister Red Carpet Wear


The good news this week is that our Top Six designers are not meeting Alyssa on the runway with the Television of PreTaped Appearance by her side. No, they are outdoors, and they meet Alyssa with…. two Helicopters of Certain Death by her side? No, they are The Helicopters to Take the Designers to be Told Their Challenge By Someone Else! (Someone else who is paying for the privilege.) They are set down at QVC headquarters. I didn’t know Wall Sponsoring now included having to give helicopter rides.

Someone else turns out to be named Lisa Robertson. She is not anyone from marketing, or an SVP, but just a regular QVC host you’re never heard of. It turns out this challenge is…not a TV challenge. It’s not making a salable gown and doing the math about producing it to turn a profit. No, this is a Red Carpet Challenge.

What?! Yes, apparently QVC mistake themselves for somehow being tied to the Oscars. They pretend that having an endless sale of cheap knock offs of what the stars wear around the time the stars wear it means they are relevant to the event itself. The gown the designers make will be worn by… No, not an actual star who has anything to do with the Oscars, but instead by this overweening self preening host who keeps cocking her head oddly in affectation. Honey, if you think it’s helping to hide your cheap plastic surgery, it’s not. This is nowhere near in league with designing for Heidi, even though the designers obediently ooh and ahh like it could be. Then “a version” of the dress they make for her will be hawked on QVC. Robertson takes them on a tour of the blandly inoffensive sets and gives them some basic media training to present their work when one of them wins.

They end up sketching on the set that PR:AS judge Isaac Mizrahi hawks his wares on. (It’s not like there’s anywhere else to actually work.) Surprise, surprise! Mr. Mizrahi shows up and gives them precious little useful advice. I think he just wanted to make sure they weren’t going to pilfer anything.

The next day we’re back in New York and shopping at Mood. The designers get $300 budget, and once again, only 10 hours. They accept this as par for the course, while I wonder if Lifetime will ever bother spring for a two day challenge budget. Only having ten hours means some of the designers go back to what they know (Christopher is feathering!) while others are trying to do what they don’t know and failing. (Hello, Elena meltdown!) Viktor decided this is the time to burden her and Seth Aaron with his HIV problems. Ok, Look. Not that I’m not sympathetic. Being infected with an incurable plague is incredibly traumatic. But really, could you have chosen a better challenge week, when everyone isn’t attempting to create couture in a day? I’m just saying the timing could have been better. At least it pulls Elena’s head out of her hysterics. Seth Aaron is properly emotional about it too. Good thing, as Korto points out, he only has to make three dresses this week instead of that entire line of Margewear he did last episode.

Let’s get back to this week’s episode, already in progress. Hey, there’s Zanna! She says if she sees one strapless jeweltone in the room, there will be BLOOD, er, trouble.

  • Christopher: Hey look, a strapless jeweltone! ZRR looks incredulous. He claims there will be leather straps on the shoulders for edge, or some nonsense.
  • Viktor: Hey look, a strapless jeweltone! ZRR points out the green color is hideous and informs him no one buys green.
  • Seth Aaron: Hey look a…black dress with obvious zippers. That was unexpected. She says “stick a train on it?” He says that train left already.
  • Elena: She whines it’s not looking the way she envisioned. ZRR says “Yes, but the idea is genius.” So that makes the fact that it’s not working ok?
  • Irina: Hey look, a strapless…bridal gown. ZRR says she has to remove it from the wedding world.
  • Korto: This dress is OMG Orange. ZRR calls the texturing cheap and clearly is writing her off as gone by tomorrow.

ZRR is not pleased. She says all of them could go home because nothing here is unique. That’s ok, they’re selling on QVC. Unique need not apply. Strapless jeweltones for all! The moddles come and go. Dresses rip, dresses are too small, dress are then pinned together and put in front of a photographer to see how they look on celluloid. Viktor panics that you see every pucker. Korto starts editing furiously when she sees ZRR was right, her dress looks cheap.

Day of runway, and Korto is in a panic. So is everyone, really. Elena is praying over zippers. Viktor is still pucker city, even though he did put shouldering strap faux sleeves on it. Christopher still have no sleeves on his, because Fuck You ZRR. Irina’s dress continues to rip, which I assume is why she hasn’t handed the girl her wedding bouquet yet.

Let us see what is hooray and what is boo.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: Marge vs the MonoRunway

Alyssa is once again joined by the Hanging Television of PreTaped Appearance. But this time it turns out the appearance had to be pretaped, as our guest star and client is none other than Marjorie “Marge” Simpson (née Bouvier.) Alyssa is really excited to introduce her–the matriarch of America’s most popular TV family for 25 years. (Holy shit, The Simpsons have been on for 25 years? I am so old.) Marge is here to request a dress for a dinner date with Homer. (He apparently said there might be waiter service, or at least not a cafeteria tray to be seen.) The main guidelines are Marge’s request of “no green” and Homer’s request of “easy enough to remove after having several glasses of wine and a secret six pack of beer.” She would also like some accessories from the “WhoeverIsSponsoringTheWallNow Wall.” Alyssa announces that the winning dress will be animated in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

Back to the workroom to sketch. I love the different takes on Marge that designers create as they sketch. I am also highly amused to see Jeffrey is waxing poetic about Marge’s figure. At Mood, the budget is $200–of course this is a one day challenge. Oh and “Marge” sent the designers all presents–Simpsons Chuck Taylors.

Swatch Roll!

This challenge is a little on the WTF level for several designers, despite several Marge animation guides, Patone coloring swatches and general cardboard Simpsons cutouts. Christopher, for one, is overthinking, and wandering around the workroom looking at everyone else’s ideas. Seth Aaron has too many ideas in one dress, and redesigns what he’s doing three hours in. Viktor tries to do a Marge Simpson voice, but truth be told he sounds more like Grover The Muppet. I’m still waiting for someone to break into The Monorail Song.

Let’s see if Zanna can play along with this challenge the same way Johanna deadpanned her way through Miss Piggy last season.

  • Jeffrey: His design has morphed into something a little “futuristic.” ZRR reminds him this is just “date night.” Yes, counters Jeffrey, but it’s 25th Anniversary date night.
  • Elena: She’s gone with a draping look, which ZRR points out is very unusual for her. ZRR is also against all the colors Elena has, since Marge herself is blue and yellow.
  • Korto: As “a housewife herself” Korto is going for “comfortable but sexy.” ZRR approves.
  • Viktor: He says he’s focusing on “workmanship and taste” but I think his is going in the right direction because the neckline looks like it would be fun to animate. ZRR makes positive noises.
  • Christopher: The man has two dresses (one pink, one floral) on two dummies with no clue which one to go with. ZRR declares she’s seen the pink one “one thousand zillion trillion times.”
  • Irina: Her base dress is the same tube thing Marge always wears, with lots of chiffon and applique additions. ZRR reminds Irina she hasn’t won yet.
  • SethAaron: SA’s new dress is very “red carpet” according to ZRR. He agrees. “But she’s not going to the red carpet. She going out to dinner with her husband.” ZRR says stop thinking of Marge as a cartoon and think of her as a 40 year old woman with three kids. SA realises he has to start over a third time.

Thankfully ZRR doesn’t have any twists to leave them with. She just leaves. Christopher and Viktor have drama that has nothing to do with the challenge at hand. The models come…and learn they’re going to be Marge. SA has nothing to put on his model. Jeffrey finally has a good fitting. Christopher is still self doubt central, even though he seems to be going with the floral dress. The models go. SA’s third fifth(!) dress still looks cartoony, but at least it would be fun to animate. The others ask if he planned to do a whole collection for her like this.

Day of Runway and SA pulled the fifth dress apart and is now on dress number six. The others all throw their hands in the air. At the Product Displaying Make Up Salon, no one is painted yellow, and at the Name Dropping Hair Salon, no one gets a blue wig. I am highly disappointed.

Let’s go to the runway.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: ’13 Bonnie and Clyde

The designers meet Alyssa in the runway studio which has been outfitted with a medium sized television. Our guests are not appearing live to introduce this challenge? No they are not. Holly Granger and Sarah Hyland have pretaped a short advertisement for the Bonnie and Clyde miniseries that will be premiering soon on Lifetime, and they desperately hope some of the PR audience will tune in to. (They’d have a much better chance of that happening with the Flowers in the Attic remake.) Since this is an advertisement for Bonnie and Clyde, the challenge is to update a 1930s style. For a couple. That means two outfits, one half of which is menswear. Do you smell what I smell? That’s right: team challenge. One partner will make the mens look, the other will makes the woman’s look. They need to compliment, but in the end each will be judged alone. Since Christopher won last week he gets to pick his partner first.

  • Christopher&Viktor
  • SethAaron&Jeffrey
  • Irina&Mychael
  • Korto&Elena

Christopher, Seth and Irina all pick their partners based on the other’s ability to do menswear. As for Korto, she volunteers to do menswear for their team, even though the last time she admits the last time she did menswear was…on Project Runway.

There is a decided lack of team drama. I mean really, everyone gets along. The biggest issue is Viktor ends up telling Christopher how to make his dress and Christopher not only follows directions, he thanks Viktor. Why can’t all episodes of PR be like this?

Let’s get to Zanna Roberts Rassi and her cheerfully bitchy walk through.

  • Jeffrey: ZRR is amazed he’s still here. She suggests that Jeffrey might be trying to do too much, and asks if his coat is part of a Chippendale look.
  • SethAaron: When ZRR suggests SA was a fool to pick Jeffrey since he’s only here by the necessity of having an even number of contestants this week, Seth cuts her dead. She declares this is confidence she can get behind.
  • Elena: She thinks her sketch is very modern. ZRR rolls her eyes and calls it Victorian.
  • Korto: ZRR is clearly hoping to hear that Korto and Elena are Team Disaster Drama. She is disappointed when Korto tells her they’re getting along swimmingly.
  • Mychael: There’s some glittery tweed on his table that he’s promising to mix with leather. ZRR calls it “spangly”
  • Irina: She’s fretting about her blouse. ZRR tells her if it’s all about the jacket, then leave it to the jacket.
  • Christopher: ZRR looks at his sketch and calls it a “red carpet” look. Christopher is chuffed.
  • Viktor: The blazer he’s making looks like something I swear I’ve seen him wear before. ZRR worries it’s not cool or modern enough. he turns it around to show the back of the blazer is a forest of fringe. She yelps in horror.

The moddles come and go. Jeffrey’s measurements were apparently a year old and he storms off because nothing fits. Seth finishes his outfit quickly so he can spend time working on Jeffrey’s.

Day of runway and everyone is freaking out that they are behind. Irina threatens to close herself in the sewing room for two hours. Christopher can’t figure out how to put a zipper into his dress and has to sew the girl in. Jeffrey is in a controlled rage that finally dissipates when the jacket works upon second fitting. The lack of drama from Korto and Elena is amazing.

Let’s head to the runway.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: School Daze


You know it’s a bad scene when a school bus pulls up to pick up our designers. It’s an even worse one when Alyssa is waiting for them when they reach PS 212. She tries to be coy about what they’re doing there but they all know. “Unconventional!” snaps Elena. Exactly! Everyone gets a backpack and four whole minutes to grab whatever they can from a predesignated classroom. I suppose this is because school is in session and they need to be in and out in under a class period.

It’s not just jump ropes and red rubber balls in the classroom either. PS 212 is an arts and crafts school. So there’s lots of craft crap in bins as well. Then it’s off to the gym to sketch. Viktor thinks sketching for one of these challenges is useless. Christopher is going all message and talks anti-bullying and talking about how miserable his childhood was. Then it’s back to the workroom ….to play double dutch with the jump ropes? Elena is not having it. This will be stress city and no fun! Irina notes that back on her season challenges were two days long, not one day. Yes, well, that was before the show got cheap.

If there’s five hours left, it must be time for the cheerfully bitchy walk through of Zanna Roberts Rassi.

  • Jeffrey: He’s working with puzzle piece mats. ZRR calls it “a lego dress.” She doesn’t mean it in a good way. Too bad. He LOVES this idea.
  • Elena: ZRR asks if she’s angry. Elena turns into a human water fountain. ZRR is stunned and goes into pep talk mode.
  • Viktor: He’s trying to make feathers out of plastic rulers. It’s a choice. ZRR asks what inspired him. It was actually Elena’s idea, but he doesn’t admit to that.
  • SethAaron: He’s not using any fabric–not even muslin. When is the show going to catch on Seth is making fun of them?
  • Irina: She has a big pink skirt on her dress form. ZRR calls it “princess-y.”
  • Mychael: He admits he didn’t have much on an idea going in. ZRR looks at his dressform and suggests he still doesn’t. He asks her to have faith in him.
  • Korto: She announces she’s making a print. How unUSual. ZRR calls it amazing. Korto is like “about time she liked something I made.”
  • Christopher: He immediately goes into his “bullying” memories. ZRR informs him he needs to win because this is nothing compared to his childhood memories.

Right! That’s enough from ZRR, right? Wrong. She’s brought along a twist. Turns out it’s not really a twist, it’s just a bullshit way to waste the designer’s precious minutes sitting through the Product Displaying Make Up People hawking their wares and dropping their company name. For this waste of five minutes, it turns out the winning designer will appear in an ad hawking the Product Displaying Make Up Brand. That’s nice.

The models come and go. Mychael puts his to work crushing crayons, since he has nothing to put on her. Korto also puts hers to work cutting up rubber bands. Seth Aaron and Christopher have their pieces nearly finished. Elena seems to have pulled herself together emotionally–at least long enough for fittings. By the end of the day both Korto and Mychael realise their ideas are total failures and they need to start finding Plan B asap.

Day of runway and the workroom looks like a daycare after a Night of Wild Rumpusing by Max and Friends. Mychael and Korto are starting to pray. When it comes to the Name Dropping Hair Salon, Mychael says: “Oh who cares? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Amen brother! Sing it with me now! Elena’s idea for Viktor came out really well. Too bad her own is not nearly as interesting. At the five minute mark, Korto starts to freak because her model isn’t out of hair and makeup and starts to scream about sabotage. Christopher is finished, so he starts helping Mychael so that he has something to put on his model to cover the, ahem, bottom.

Let’s go to the runway and see if everyone’s hoohah got covered.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 3: A Toast! To Toast!

We meet our contestants this week as they are under the mistaken impression they’re about to have a night off at the 40/40 Club. When they arrive, Alyssa is there to greet them, dashing all hopes of a good time. Tonight’s experience is to provide inspiration for tomorrow’s one day, cocktail dress challenge! That experience being having a cocktail. Chris double checks it’s ok to drink the drink after watching it being made and observing the color. There is a menu of nine drinks. How perfect that we have nine contestants. Mychael gets to pick his drink first.

  • Mychael: Spotted Plum (Plum, Simple Syrup, Basil, Gin)
  • Korto:  Summer (Green Apple, Ginger, Vodka)
  • Jeffrey: Le Exotique (Passion Fruit, Cardamom, Anise)
  • Christopher: The Rose (Raspberries, Lemon Juice, Prosecco)
  • Viktor: Tiger Eye (Lemongrass, Lime, Cucumber, Tequila)
  • Elena: Sardina (Fennel, Lemon, Strawberries, Simple Syrup)
  • Melissa: The Sunset (Watermelon, Lemon, Honey, Vodka)
  • Seth Aaron: Hemmingway (Grapefruit, Lime, TripleSec, Rum)
  • Irina: Strawberry Fields (Strawberry, Lemon, Pepper, Whiskey)

Noted that Jeffrey has a virgin drink. Viktor hits on the bartender. Irina is the last to be picked, and tries not to be bitter about it. Everyone sits and sketches over their drinks.

The next day at Mood the budget is $100. No one is happy about this. Elena is cheating–since her drink isn’t inspiring her, she’s going with the name, since it’s Italian. Christopher seems to have bought curtain fabric, and is concerned about his model’s hoohah showing. As a homosexual, he declares, he has no interest in seeing hoohah. Glad this has been cleared up. Viktor and Korto are having the battle of the print for Print Royalty Domination.

Into this insanity steps Zanna Roberts Rossi. I feel like I want to call her ZRR from here on out.

  • Viktor: The print he broke the bank on is a church chapel ceiling. It’s gorgeous. ZRR says she can tell Viktor was drunk when he sketched his dress.
  • Jeffrey: He’s got a really pretty velvet and lots of rhinestones. ZRR glows at him.
  • Korto: Her print is bright green, and she admits it’s a literal interpretation of her drink. ZRR tells her not to play it safe.
  • Seth Aaron: He has a bright pink on his table that ZRR all but calls unwearable. He says that a cocktail dress is supposed to make heads turn.
  • Mychael: He’s got some pretty purple shades on his table. ZRR loves his sketch and tells him to stick closely to it.
  • Irina: She has a removable piece, which concerns ZRR.
  • Christopher: He has the curtain fabric as an overlay finished, but no underdress yet. ZRR worries he’s thinking “red carpet” when he should be thinking “cocktail party.”
  • Melissa: High collar and asymmetric? How unUSual for her. ZRR says it’s not special.
  • Elena: She’s got another graphic architectural piece that looks highly Elena. Hey, it’s worked for her so far this season. ZRR shrugs.

…And that’s when ZRR announces the twist. After all, all cocktails have a twist, no? The twist is they have to make an accessory to go with the dress. No shopping for this. They can use their own stuff, someone else’s leavings, or refashion something from the Accessory Wall. PROJECT ACCESSORY LIVES! Seth Aaron already had an accessory in his original design, so he’s good. Some of the others look ill.

The models come and go. Christopher worries about his nips and slips. Viktor has nipples showing. Jeffrey is fretting that this is harder than his original season. Elena is calm and collected and on schedule. Who is this girl, and what did she do with Elena?

Day of runway, and Korto declares she is creating magic with a belt. Jeffrey had a dog collar on his model. Melissa is panicking that her suede is unforgiving. Elena has a meltdown over her accessory. There’s the Elena we know!

Let’s go to the runway.

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