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Emmys 2014: Best and Worst Dressed

As I said earlier, the Emmys are a rather staid affair. This extends to the Red Carpet where the stars of the small screen–especially the ones who won’t be heading to the Golden Globes next winter–are more concerned about not making waves then they are about making fashion moments.

It’s not surprising then that the trends we saw last night were less trends than “unspoken fashion rules.” Nearly everyone wore red white or beige. Everything was long, and everyone was working to project a look of glamour with dresses that were more appropriate to the show’s usual fall air date. The decision to move the show up a month to the end of August (and then back a day when they realized they did want to go head to head with the VMAs) may have made sense on paper, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they rethought the decision come next year.

The Good

1 Caplan-2014-primetime-Emmy-Awards

Since safe was the watch word of the evening, it’s not that surprising that the look of the night went to something that would seem run of the mill for the Globes or the Oscars. But in a sea of red, beige and safe, Lizzy Caplan’s Go tile of a gown was striking.

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Top Five Looks of The VMAs 2014 (Plus Several Awful Ones)

MTV’s annual Music Video Award are always a bizarre spectacle. The show itself is now older than many of those it supposes to honor. Yet it chugs along every year on the strength of the dying music industry. Every couple of years the execs go out, find a new crop of teenagers, throw them against the wall and see what sticks. Therefore, there must be a red carpet event for those who do stick, and even for a few that don’t, but haven’t figured out they can leave now.

As for the fashions, we’re talking about an event that introduced itself to the world with Madonna humping the floor in a wedding gown. This is not high fashion couture. Even with the class, there’s an element of tacky that’s perfectly acceptable.

That being said, the Top Look of the night went to the most classy dame on the carpet.


Beyoncé strolled the red carpet after the show was well underway and Nicki Minaj had already had the first wardrobe malfunction of the evening. (JayZ was recorded entering the backdoor with Blue Ivy in his arms at about 9:15pm.) So TV audiences were robbed of seeing her gown. But then again, that meant she also didn’t have to share the carpet with the rest of the tacky gang. After all, the moment she hit the carpet, these photos hit twitter. Beyoncé doesn’t have to arrive on time to make an entrance. She’s still the best look on the carpet by miles.

We should also note here that after two hours of relatively mediocre performance, Beyoncé took the stage for a fifteen minute tour de force as she ran through the bulk of her new album before receiving the MTV Video VanGuard Award. Only the opening number medley came close in terms of tech and only Usher came close in terms of raw talent. You owe it to yourself to stop what you’re doing and watch her school these children with a master class.

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85th Academy Awards - Oscars Countdown

Oscar 2014 Red Carpet Roundup

It’s a rare day that the Oscar red carpet fails to produce at least some knockout looks. Even in times of war and/or disruptive world events, like the Ukraine situation, actresses know this is the time to make or break their careers. The right dress will put the in the public eye and keep them on the A list, even if they don’t have a movie even in the pipeline, let alone on the nominations slate.

The Top:

We should start with Lupita Nyoung’o, who has played the red carpet game so cannily this year, from the time 12 Years A Slave was released until tonight that it should be studied as a masterclass. Considering all that came before (helpfully summarized as the United Colors of Lupita) this Cinderella dress was a little surprising. But for someone about to win her first Oscar, it struck exactly the right tone of ingenue, humble and sweet that Academy members love. (Think Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink gown. This is the blue answer to that.)

Then, as bonus cookies, just as you thought “Ah, well, I guess she couldn’t top the Globes dress anyway” it gave us the most remarkable iconic moment.

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Golden Globes Fashion Roundup

The 2014 Golden Globes took place on NBC last night. Everyone showed up in their finest lent frippery and best borrowed baubles and sailed down the portion of the red carpet not soaked by bursting pipes.

Inside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler brought the house down by not only firing off a hella Clooney joke, but also managing to do one about “12 Years A Slave”–one that probably cut a little close to home for some in the audience.

(I’m not sure why NBC broke it into two parts, but definitely click “watch part two” in the corner.)

There were other good moments too, like Amy winning her own Globe, Matthew McConaughey’s speech (complete with “All right all right allllriight.”) My personal favorite came early–a drunk Jacqueline Bisset refusing to give a damn after unexpectedly winning after 47 years of snub.

But what we really came for were the dresses.

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Project Runway All Stars: No One Cares What Carolyn Wears

…and then there were eight, walking one of the non developed sections of The High Line Park. Carolyn manages to make the “excitement” of the High Line sound slow and boring. She is joined by the much faster talking Joshua David and Robert Hammond, who founded the non-profit that created, maintains and is developing the new sections of the park. They have a spiel they’ve pre-written for the occasion, but apparently it doesn’t contain the buzzword Carolyn was looking for, so when they’re done, she interjects “So essentially you recycled the High Line?” with such emphasis on “recycled” it’s almost comical.

So is this a “recycle challenge?” No. It’s a “green,” “environmentally friendly” challenge. They are to make a red carpet gown in an “environmentally friendly way.”

….That’s…not exactly in the designer’s control. That’s really up to the ProjRun producers to give them a “green” workroom and “environmentally friendly” fabrics, is it not?

Well, apparently the fabrics have been taken care of–they’ll be using “AirDye” fabrics, a company which prides itself on using “no water or power.” (I’m sorry but I’m picturing thirsty third world people sewing in the dark.) Carolyn has swatches from them that everyone gets to pick–they are “double sided,” according to her, so this way everyone gets two fabric looks to work with. Emilio, having won last week, picks first. Some of them don’t look double sided to me–especially the chiffons, but ok.

(Note that for whatever reason Laura Kathleen’s fabric isn’t featured on Lifetime’s website, so the shots of her fabric are screengrabs.)

It turns out there is recycling involved, in that they’re not allowed to shop, so the show has collected all their half used thread spools, and cast off closures and embellishments from all the challenges leading up to now for them to use along with their fabrics. Diane von Fürstenberg will be the guest judge today, as she’s a big supporter of the High Line, so it all ties in nicely. And this red carpet dress? Carolyn slowly suggests she might like to wear the winning look. (Seriously? No. Either they’re designing for you, and they all fall at your feet like they do when Heidi announces the outfit is for her, or you don’t. This coy shit does not fly.) 30 minutes to sit on the finished parts of the High Line among the tourist hordes walking it and sketch….

…and then back to the workroom, where there’s a free for all over the leftover trims and embellishments collected from the previous challenges. Emilio and Casanova have a private moment making fun of Uli and her “bedsheet garments” in Spanish. Ivy calls them out, saying she can’t wait for this episode to air so she can read the subtitles of what they just said. Casanova laughs, embarrassed to be caught.

Uli is having an “Uli explosion,” according to her, since she discovered she accidentally picked a depressing fabric. LauraKathleen is making a jumper. (For the red carpet? O. K.) AnthonyRyan feels stuck because he ended up with a chiffon, and doesn’t work with those very often. Ivy has a ton of pieces to cut out and stitch together. She’s also flashing back to being eliminated on the red carpet challenge for not finishing two seasons ago. That’s pleasant.

Let’s go to Joanna. She says she ‘s “excited” that “Runway is embracing ecotech,” in a voice that says she’d rather kick a puppy. She also refers to Diane von Fürstenberg as “DvF.” From here on out, in the interest of not having to press all the keys to get an umlaut, I will too.

  • LauraKathleen–Joanna likes the idea of the pants, as long as they are so full you can’t really tell it’s not a dress.
  • Emilio–Joanna calls it a spectacular color and likes that the design is simple.
  • AnthonyRyan–Joanna loves the strong blue and that he doubled up the sheer fabric. She also notes it has the flowiness one associates with DvF.
  • Althea–Joanna frets that it might be a bit dreary on a red carpet.
  • Josh–Joanna doesn’t say she hates the fabric, but you can tell that’s what she means as she drops her “fabulous or hideous” remark.
  • Casanova–When he shows Joanna the backside color, he folds the fabric in the center of a breast, causing her to remark that his design is “nipple focused.”
  • Ivy–Joanna is impressed with her clear vision, and tells her good luck.
  • Uli–Joanna frowns that the “Uli explosion” of trimmings makes it very similar to last week.

Ivy is so behind that she has no dress when the moddles walk in. Her moddle giggles uncomfortably. Althea’s fabric looks terrible. Emilio only has an underdress for his moddle, but unlike Ivy, he’s not worried. He should be. Time is short. The day ends, and everyone goes back and drinks at the hotel and giggles over red carpet dresses.

Is it already day of runway? They have two hours. Emilio is suddenly realizing how screwed he is. Uli feels better realizing she’s not the only one who is screwed for time. Ivy is melting down and hacking at her dress with scissors. AnthonyRyan’s moddle is having trouble walking in his voluminous insanity. Joshua name checks the shoes he pulls from the wall.

Ivy and Emilio are sewing their dresses onto their moddles. Ivy is just glad hers is not naked.

We all are, Ivy. Let’s go to the runway.

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Project Runway: Stop! Emmy Time.

….and then there were 14. We’re treated to Raul saying the stupidiest thing, calling “pretty”a one trick pony. Does he not know of Badgley Mischka?

What the heck is Heidi wearing today? Did Seal get custody of the fashion sense when they divorced? Gunnar calls her “life size Barbie.” Life size Barbie needs to stop wearing PJs to work.

The contestants head to South Street Seaport for no discernible reason, except that out back there’s a nice bit spot where the show could park a bunch of expensive cars. Yes, expensive cars! No, this is not the Idol finale, this challenge is brand whored by Lexus! We are even treated to a Lexus commercial during this segment by some Lexus representative who Tim brought along for the occasion. Exactly how the cars fit in to the challenge is never really explained, but whatever. It is a Red Carpet Challenge for the Emmys. (Guess what Raul–pretty would help here.) It is immediately obvious this is a group challenge because there are half as many cars to be assigned as their are contestants. The color of the Lexus you get has to be included somehow in the red carpet look–other than that the cars, and their brand, are extraneous. The clients are past Project Runway contestants who are attending the Emmys. There is a $300 budget, and this is a one day challenge–the winner (not the winning team, just the winner) gets to accompany their client to the Emmys.

Groups: Car Color, Clients are as follows:

  • Christopher&Andrea: Brown, Anya
  • Nathan&Sonjia: Gold, Valerie
  • Buffi&Elena: Black, Laura
  • Ven&Fabio: Blue, Kenley
  • Gunnar&Kooan: White, Irina
  • Dmitry&Michelle: Silver, April
  • Alicia&Raul: Red, Mila

Noted that Christopher calls Anya “my client” and not “our client.” Anya wants a more structured outfit than a flowy thing she’s known for. Fabio doesn’t like Kenley. His opinions are not going to matter, because Ven totally takes charge of their sketching and the project. Irina wants a black dress, and Gunnar suggests “white accents” since he has to incorporate the car color–noted that if he told her that was why the white accents, the show edited it out. Irina annoyedly tells him he’s not allowed to make her into a checker board. Alicia and Raul want to do menswear for Mila. Mila looks a bit ill and demands if they are uncomfortable making her a dress. Raul admits he’s never made an evening gown. (Neither has Alicia.) They are officially going to be a disaster. Melissa likes that April’s hair is purple, and she plans to keep it that way. Buffi and Laura hit it off, Elena seems left out.

On to Mood! Gunnar treats Kooan like an irritating assistant. Dmitry and Melissa can’t find silver jersey and have to buy silk charmeuse instead. Ven obediently buys tulle for Kenley. Buffi seems to have submitted to Elena’s enormous shoulder habit. And there’s Swatch the Puppy!

Let’s get to some team challenge drama. Christopher may spew words about being honored to work with Andrea and learn from her, but he’s totally trying to run her over. At least Gunnar is up front about running Kooan’s ideas out on a rail. Elena is totally treating Buffi like her assistant, giving her the bullshit busy work of ironing pleats, while Elena constructs the dress. Buffi is not pleased, while Elena is having a meltdown at how long Buffi is taking, which helps no one. Ven refers to himself as “stuck with Fabio” and makes fun of him for not having a formal education. Ugh.

Tim Time! The clients each join him for the critique.

  • Gunnar lets Kooan do the talking in their presentation of a dummy covered in tape. Irina looks a bit confused. Gunnar says he wants to smack her for not liking his idea. Meanwhile Tim says what they are suggesting is borderline vulgar. (Not just Irina who thinks you’re awful, Gunnar!) Gunnar grumps that he wants Kenley. Oooookay.
  • April loves the silk charmeuse that Dimtry and Melissa have on the dummy for her. Everyone agrees this stuff is going to be a bitch to work with.
  • Mila’s face is hard and angry at the sight of the print Alicia and Raul have chosen for her, and snaps that prints look “daytime.” Tim backs her up. Raul is all about the print and a bit defensive when Tim says it’s a nice top but not for this event. It turns out Raul and Alicia do have a good quantity of black fabric, so this outfit could be saved.
  • Cut to Kenley looking at Ven’s work and saying “Fabulous!” and saying he has great taste in fabric. Match made in heaven.
  • Valerie is also very rah-rah-rah about the gold sequins Nathan and Sonjia have going and says it’s ok to cut her dress down to there, since she’s pretty flat chested.
  • Anya likes Andrea’s ideas over Christopher’s. By the end of their session Christopher is totally lost and upset his ideas have been ignored. He claims to not understand what’s going on anymore now that things are no longer going his way, and starts pouting.
  • Elena straight IGNORES Tim and Laura during their critique because she’s so frantic. Buffi tries to tell her to calm down and Elena starts lashing out at her as soon as they leave.

Buffi is just like “Oh hell no. This is not what I signed up for.” Elena has run off and is having a panic attack in a closet. The other designers tell Buffi to take over. Elena can’t get over that she has 24 hours and that the show gives them so little time. (Hello, did you never watch an episode of this show? Maybe you only watched the Bravo years?) They are officially the melt-down team. Buffi really needs a break to eat and Elena cannot hear her. In the end, Elena calms down and the dress seems to have come out. Buffi is just like “See? I could have eaten dinner after all!”

Christopher has turned on Andrea completely, bitching about her speed as soon as she’s out of the room, and acting like the fact that they’re dress is steadily going down the tubes is all her fault. Meanwhile Raul has decided since he sucks as making his first evening gown that he now hates red carpet wear for ever and ever. So positive!

Day of runway and Andrea is having merrow machine issues–Christopher doesn’t understand why she’s having a sense of humor about things. Meanwhile everyone in the room calls Kooan and Gunnar’s dress “Gunnar’s dress” and, currently, it looks godawful. Irina is horrified at how it fits her. Kooan is too depressed to fix it. Gunnar ends up sewing her into the dress as she berates him.

Let’s go to the runway!
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