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John Barrowman Fantasizes About His Own Doctor Who Spin Off

Funny, it’s almost like I remember John Barrowman being in a Doctor Who spin off not that long ago. Wasn’t he in one? And wasn’t it a bit like watching an episode of Doctor Who were you kept waiting for the Doctor to show up, but he never did? (Though Martha did show up once, and that was awesome. Too bad she didn’t stay.)


Ah, but now Barrowman has a new idea for a spin off, and it includes River Song. That I wouldn’t object to. Considering how thoroughly her original character concept was ruined by Steve Moffat by tying her into companions and some timey wimey stuff, not to mention completely throwing the “she’s going backwards from him” out the window, I think a spin off where Alex Kingston reminds us why we all thought this was the best character ever in Doctor Who when she first stepped on the screen.

Barrowman’s fantasy show, after the jump.

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Doctor Who: The Name of The Doctor


After a long season, one with a huge gap in the middle and many ups and down, we have reached the end of Series Seven.

Gallifreyan: It’s the repair shop. What kind of idiot would steal a faulty TARDIS?

It was a proper ending. All our answers were wrapped up in a package, tied up with a ribbon and presented with a box of chocolates on the side to help us overlook the rougher parts. We were given a generous dose of the Paternoser Gang, who once again reminded us that it is seriously unfair they do not as yet have their own spin off for 2014. The most surprising was the River thread. Since somewhere along the way it got all tangled up in string and her life no longer ran backwards from The Doctor’s, like the show originally claimed it would, and our hello to her was no longer our goodbye, Moffat managed to twist time up just a little more so that the character got a proper send off.

Do you hear the Whisper Men?
The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men
Then turn away your ear
Do not hear the Whisper Men
Whatever else you do
For once you’ve heard the Whisper Men,
They’ll stop and look at you.

Then we got the twist.

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Will There Be River Song This Spring?

Rumors give us hope that we are not done with River, even if we are done with her parents.

Alex Kingston was spotted in Cardiff Bay on Saturday and was speaking to a few fans. She was requesting that fans do not post photos of her onto Facebook and twitter.

They have been filming the Neil Gaiman “Cybermen” episode recently, so could this mean that River Song is finally going to meet the Cybermen? Or are they filming for another episode while she is free to do so (could it be the finale??)

I am on record as disliking the tying of River to the Ponds. I liked her better as her own agent separate and apart from the companions. With the Ponds gone, I am deeply hoping that River will return to her own awesomeness, and that in general, we are far from done with her.


Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan

Amy: Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends.

I thought I was going to cry inconsolably like when Rose was left behind. But somehow I didn’t. This was our Farewell to Ponds. It was their time to go. At the end we learn that the mysterious person who carried the sleeping Amelia into the house and tucked her into bed that first night she waited was the Doctor, after he read the last page of Melody Malone’s book. (Nice touch with the use of River’s real name.) Thus the story has come full circle. As much as I am sorry to lose Brian so soon upon meeting him, when it comes to our main Ponds, there should be no tears.

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