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American Idol 11: Top Five Eliminations

…so: Hollie, whose perpetual presence in the bottom three means she’s toast? Or Phillip, who the producers are working hard to rid themselves of?

We report, you decide.

Joshua on the other hand, has announced that he’s not looking to make a record for radio. This is what happens when Jimmy promises you a record deal before Top Five week is over.

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American Idol 11: Top Five “The 60s/British Pop”

We’re down to the Top Five, and the real question this week is can Hollie find a way to hold on? Or is this the end for our second perpetual bottom dweller?

Part of me wants to argue with this Top Five, the yell and scream it’s incomplete without Elise. But the truth is, these five are just as strong as Elise. It’s the strongest Top Five we’ve seen since 2009. I cannot argue with any of them.

Tonight in Jimmy Iovine Stoner Buddies, we have the one and only “Little Stevie” VanZant, he who is Bruce Springsteen’s right hand man. It’s not The Boss himself (Nigel, I’m still waiting for Bruce Springsteen week, please and thanks), but I will more than take it.

After the jump, we’ll start with the 1960s!

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