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Paris Spring 2015 Couture: Atelier Versace

Atelier Versace sits at the head of the couture schedule in Paris. A favorite on the red carpet scene, this positioning gives them time to get out in front for the A list award shows that follow–the Grammys and the Oscars. Donatella always aims her looks that direction as well, and this line of 46 looks was no exception. Even the suits and pant looks were red carpet ready.


Straight lines were in short supply in this collection, as gowns and cocktail numbers alike sported swirly cut outs and tattoo style beadwork. The full collection is below. It starts a little slow, but keep scrolling. It’s worth it.

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PreFall 2015: Versace

The words Versace and Restraint aren’t ones that people normally think of in the same sentence. The line has always been about over the top glitz and glam, especially since Donatella took over. Which is why this PreFall collection was such a head turner.


Versace Rhapsody of Restraint in Blue was my first thought, and though by the end it hadn’t quite held, that first initial impression of cleanliness of line and graphic colorblocking were the takeaway.

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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Versace

Versace had a Grecian style theme for her Resort collection that was surprisingly out of characters for Donatella. So much so, that when it carried over to the beginning of the Spring 2015 collection, it turned my head pretty hard.


The the same Grecian border image and high side slits and midriff baring top, this was definitely a continuation of where the Resort Collection left off.

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Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Atelier Versace

Paris Couture Week kicked off last night with Donatella’s Atelier Versace collection. The Versace brand has been given the opening slot for the past few seasons, and tonight they made the most of going first.


Donatella decided to kick things off by going in a completely different direction from the last few seasons. No rock and roll muses this time. Instead a more serious and slightly exaggerated silhouette seemed to have taken hold.

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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 RTW: Versace

Versace Does Daywear. That should have been the headline for this collection. Donatella decided she didn’t need to do lots of evening gowns. Been There, Done That, as the saying goes. Instead she focused on her own brand of what the Versace girl wears during the day.


Apparently she wears bias cut dresses with aerated seams. Oh, and hardware to accent.

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Paris Spring 2014 Couture: Atelier Versace

“Grace Jones meets 1930s Art Deco” sums up the Atelier Versace show that kicked off couture week in Paris nicely.

Jones’s iconic hood may have been the jumping off point for Donatella, but the soft ease that seems to be a trend also has infected her work, as we can see with the soft skirt. Not that’s it’s all soft–that jacket is so stiff it could double as a girdle.

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