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XFactor US Smells Desperate: Simon Still Trying for a Season 4

We here at IShouldHaveBeenABlogger may have taken one look at the “four chair challenge” and decided this was too much to stomach, but that doesn’t mean that the trainwreck millstone tied around the Idol ankle has fully sunk. Alex and Sierra are looking like something along a “viable winner” line, and even managed to score a hit on iTunes, as XFactor‘s live show portion morphed ever closer into a Voice clone.

With the finale going ahead tonight (even though the show struggled mightily to find celebrities willing to show up who were not already under contract with Cowell, Fox and Co.), it is now time for Simon to start attempting to will yet another season into existence. The saddest part is that, despite XFactor’s pathetic ratings, he may very well succeed. FOX execs have yet to put two and two together that this is one of the poisons ailing their Golden Idol Goose. And it’s not like they have any fall programming anyway. Better to stick with the failure you know that risk new levels of fail, yes?

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XFactor Season 3: Four Chair Fail

And that was the last time I watched XFactor.

I sat down to write a recap. I made it through the first few Over 25 auditions as ten contestants vied in front of a television studio audience for one of four chairs that will pass them through to the live rounds. All four of the first auditions were given seats, no matter how terrible. Then we reached the fifth audition, and they started switching people out and sending them home. That’s when the begging started. The pleading with the judges for their chance. The hysterical sobbing of mothers in the audience. The wafts of desperation began to emanate from my TV, and they stunk worse that Mario’s hosting smarm. (It doesn’t help that he looks like he bathes in Axe body spray.)

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XFactor Season 3: Last of the Auditions Part 2


I am really thankful this is the last of the audition rounds. I find it telling that the show seems to have kicked off with bad auditions nearly every time. Idol proves that you’re only as good as your last winner. Their audition quality was starting to fade until Phillip Phillips’ “Home” became a smash hit. The Voice may not have produced a solid winner, but the ratings are high enough to overcome that.

The XFactor has neither ratings nor winner to show for their efforts. They’ve quickly become the cheap trashy cousin of singing shows, only able to bring people in who aren’t serious or who are too young to know better.

Bah. let’s get through the last of these and see if any of them were worth watching.

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XFactor Season 3: Last of the Auditions Part 1

Have you heard? This season: Boys vs Girls vs Over 25s vs Groups? XFactor is very concerned you might not have heard. Also Mario wants you to know the competition is heating up. Meanwhile, my first reaction after two nights of the flash&trash of The Voice is how cheap and sad XFactor looks in comparison, and how dull Simon and his bobbleheads are in comparison to the Voice crew.

On the plus side, Mario is less awkward and dorky than Carson Daly. So there’s at least that. I was confused for a minute what Miley Cyrus, Pink and Usher had to do with XFactor, but after a moment the answer turned out to be “nothing.” Simon was just having the script name drop.

There apparently a new segment coming up called “The Four Chair Challenge” once we get out of this audition phase. Are chairs on swivel motors on the way? Will audition phases never be the same again? The Voice agrees that swivel chairs did change things…

Let’s stop comparing and get to some good auditions.

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XFactor Season Three Auditions Continued

One Audition, One Dream, etc. I guess we should be thankful Mario doesn’t also read the numbers as they countdown on the screen. We’re back in Charleston. The show pretends we haven’t been there before with a sepia tinged reel.

There’s a rundown of who we saw yesterday, which only adds to the sense that these one hour Friday episodes are just leftover clips from Thursday’s two hour show.

Let’s start with a mediocre performance!

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XFactor Season Three: LA/Charleston Auditions

Tonight’s show starts back in LA. We already have our first mentor not bothering to show up for work. Paulina is “at a concert.” I assume she’s performing at one, not sitting in on the lawn seats somewhere.

The show reminds us of who we’ve seen so far. Three plants (yes, three! Not just Lillie McCloud and Rachel Potter. It turns out those three sisters, “Roxxy Montana,” are the granddaughters of Marvin Gaye.) That leaves two undiscovered and a whole lot of cannon fodder. Mario reminds us yet again what the categories are.

Oh and we start with a bad audition. Please Simon, get over these already. They are, to quote Fergie, 2000 and late. Are there any good auditions? Continue reading

XFactor Season 3: Premiere Part 2

Can anyone explain to me why people try out for XFactor USA at this point? It has no proven track record. (The UK version of the show producing One Direction does not count.) The first two seasons were trainwrecks, and there’s no evidence this season will not be the same. I am perplexed where all these fools come from.

And yet, here we have two whole hours of them. The hopping around might be a hint that turn out was low, but at least XFactor has a track record of about-hopping to fall back on.

Oh and if Mario reminds us once more about the damn groups again in the next round, I’m going to ask for the booming voice guy to return.

Let’s start in Denver.

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XFactor Season 3: Premiere

It is time for the trainwreck that is the American version of XFactor. Just in case that point can’t be driven home any harder, the montage that opens the show of successful “XFactor Acts” magically does not include anyone from this country. (Though, to be fair, Americans have heard of One Direction, even if your average person over the age of 21 has no idea they are a product of XFactor UK.) One might almost feel sorry for Simon’s broken winged bird of a show, limping along on FOX’s lack of a Fall season schedule. There’s no two hour grand premiere, or two night special. Nope, this premiere is one hour. Heck, FOX barely promoted it’s return. I’d bet more people knew Simon’s having a baby than knew the XFactor USA was coming back tonight.

Mario has been relieved of the dead weight of last year’s poorly conceived Kardashian, but apparently the experience left him with grey wingtips. He voice overs throughout the entire hour to make sure we know what the table banter is about. He also drops pieces of information, like “In the next round the producers will assign the categories to the judges.” I cannot figure out is the show is afraid we don’t know, or that we’re too stupid to remember which format the XFactor follows. The fact that they’ve changed the categories for a third year running doesn’t help. This time we’re back to “Boys,” “Girls,” “Over 25,” (instead of Over 30) and “Groups.”

Let’s go to Los Angeles and see what fools are trying out for a show that has yet to prove it can produce a star in America.

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