Superhero Soup II: Marvel Edition

Marvel closed out Hall H on Saturday evening, the last major movie studio to give a panel. People camped out in the Hall all day in order to be there. And why not? Marvel is on a run that is some what unprecedented in this day and age. With the release of Civil War this past spring Marvel has released thirteen–a baker’s dozen!–of films that all tie back to the same saga, in the span of eight years. There is nothing int he movie verse that even begins to come close. Even Star Wars, with the seven live action and one animated Clone Wars movies have been over a span of thirty years (and barely equal half of marvel’s output.) DC may be good at marketing, but Suicide Squad which hasn’t even come out yet, will only put them at a measly three.

With such a run still dominating at the box office–even their middling movies like Thor 2 and Ant-Man have been hits–Marvel walked in with no less that six movies to promote, five of which are releasing in the seventeen month span between November of this year and March of 2018, starting with the trailer they brought with them, and then distributed, Doctor Strange.

Other than my intense need to replace the soundtrack they have here with Game of Thrones‘ “The Light of the Seven,” this is not a bad trailer. I was worried there for a minute, especially after they fumbled the controversy of casting Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One instead of a person of color. (One might consider Swinton a person of anti-color she’s so pale.) But I think the mindbending aspects of the movie might be able to override it. I’m thinking this might not be a smash hit, but as we saw with Ant-Man, the company no longer needs to have smash hits at Civil War levels to maintain their streak.

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Superhero Soup I: DC’s Wonder Woman Trailer

Over the weekend, I sat through the live blog of the Warner Brothers Studio DC offerings, because I needed to monitor the final segment of the panel (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) for Wizards&Whatnot. Though the Rowling property closed the day, with the exception of Kong and a couple other small throwaways, the majority of the panel was given over to Warner’s currently struggling DC properties.

The directors of all the upcoming movies slated to be released, from Suicide Squad to Affleck’s stand alone Batman that we will direct himself were present and accounted for. Even Lego Batman got into the action. But the trailer that was the most anticipated was that of Wonder Woman.

Of all the trailers we’ve seen out of the DC slate so far, this is the first that has not left me scratching my head in bewilderment to what they were thinking (Man of Steel), feeling sort of meh (Suicide Squad) or left me laughing for all the wrong reasons (Batman v Superman.) In fact, this is the first trailer from DC I can say I’ve liked, and that’s despite the problems clearly baked into the text.

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The Great British Baking Show: Season 3 “Alternative Ingredients Week”

The official PBS schedule once again scheduled two episodes to play back to back, for those whose stations that are actually following along with what PBS Food referred to as “the suggested schedule.” So once again we have two back to back recaps–today will be Alternative ingredients, and tomorrow will be “Pastries.”

For those whose PBS stations think that PBS’s suggested schedule is total bunk (WETA DC, I’m looking right at you) and are airing it on the proper British night for PBS television (Sundays) and one a week like god and the BBC intended, the recap for the “Desserts” is right here.

Snapshot - 6

Alternative Ingredients Week opened with a weekend where the weather cooperated, and the world was bright and sunny. Sun, it turns out is considered an “alternative ingredient” but not one that will feature in any of this week’s challenges. Instead we had a Signature Challenge of “Cake, sans Sugar” followed by a Technical of “Bread, sans Gluten” and rounded off the week with “Ice Cream, sans Dairy.” Vegans, this was your week.

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Sherlock: Season 4 Trailer

They’ve promised this season of Sherlock will be the darkest one yet. Looks like, if the trailer is anything to go by, they’re going to deliver.

So let’s recap where we are, just in case anyone’s forgotten. Despite the first three seasons of the show looking like they had dropped the entire “Sherlock is actually a bit of a drugged lunatic” facet of the character in favor of him being “spectrum” instead, the Christmas special revealed that… well actually…. Sherlock is a drugged lunatic of epic proportions. Moffat may have said in the run up the Christmas special was a one-off but that seems to have been a lie to throw us off the scent of it occurring in both eras.

During the panel itself, another interesting clue came up:  “Thatcher,” “Smith,” and “Sherrinford.” Exactly how a dead Prime Minister will be involved in anyone’s guess, but Sherrinford is the name of the fanfictioned-in “oldest” Holmes Brother, who was suggested by a “Holmes Scholar” after Dolye’s death as a possible character we never saw, and accepted as hypothetical canon decades before the words fanfiction and canon existed.

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