A Note to the AI Faithful

I really wish everyone would stop yelling on the internet about Shania and/or HCJr for Paula and Simon’s judges seats.  Completely taking out my personal opinion that neither of them were exactly impressive in their mentoring (and Shania was merely competent during the audition rounds, which only seemed amazing at the time because it was a rare thing), the fact of the matter is they are not now, nor does it seem that they ever were, seriously in the running.

You know why they were never really considered? Because they were on LAST YEAR. It is a truthiness universally acknowledged by Nigel and the producers that season nine was HORRIBLY WRONG and HOUSES MUST BE CLEANED. (Whether or not this is, in fact, true is Not Actually Relevant.) Both Shania and HCJr were part of season nine. QED.

I think that’s what’s worrying me for next season, more than the image of Steven Tyler or J.Lo at the judge’s table.  Everyone seems to have bought into a “Season 9 was a mistake and all wrong” meme that is false.  Season 8 was where shit went off the rails, only dumb luck kept it from being noticeable.  The only difference between seasons 8 and 9 was luck.  If the producers can’t (or won’t) recognize that, they are not going to solve this.


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