Warehouse 13 and Eureka Gear Up For Their Return

SciFi SyFy’s forays into original programming has not been without its bumps. But two of their biggest success stories are Eureka, and it’s slightly younger skewing cousin Warehouse 13. These both are their lighthearted summer fare. Even though Eureka is now doing “half-seasons,” a la BSG, these “half-seasons” have aired a year apart, keeping it summer viewing.

Last season Eureka found an ingenious way to reboot their entire storyline, with time travel and alternate universes. By keeping this “the second half of the season” the writers keep the viewers wondering if at the end of all this, we’ll return to the Way Things Were Before (which would be a nice way to re-un-boot all over again), or if the new timeline is here to stay. The promo of course doesn’t hint one way or the other…

Meanwhile, I’m not sure if the fear is that Warehouse 13 can’t stand on its own, or if SyFy is trying to pull in more Eureka viewers, because they seems to really like the whole “Let’s Do A Cross Over Episode!” gimmick. You can see glimpses of Fargo in the promo here…

…I just hope the show doesn’t end up as Eureka’s appendage. It’s got too much potential for that.


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