Benioff&Weiss Discuss Game of Thrones

In today’s must read interview, Weiss and Benioff discuss Game of Thrones Season Two over at The Daily Beast.

A couple of excerpts:

What lessons did you learn from the first season—in terms of adaptation, breaking episodes, production, etc.—that you’ve taken on board for season two?

Weiss: In general, across the board, we learned the necessity of planning ahead with a show that strives to be ambitious without completely breaking the bank. We can’t afford to waste expensive shots, or shooting days, or ketchup. So we try to stay as far out ahead of everything as we can, we eat what we kill, and now it’s all smooth sailing!

Benioff: Whatever lessons we’ve learned from the first season are mitigated by the increased difficulty of the second season. We have more characters, more locations, more dragons. I wish we could say we’ve found a nice groove and life is easy now, but I still find myself waking up from anxiety nightmares at 4 in the morning.

After the jump: sexposition, pudding people and how GoT season two will differ from Clash of Kings:

The show drew some criticism during season one for its use of so-called sexposition and a reliance on nudity. Why do you think that some critics and viewers reacted so strongly to the inclusion of the nudity, considering George’s novels are rife with them and this is HBO? Do you intend to address the “sexposition” issue in the show’s second season?

Benioff: We will address this issue with a 20-minute brothel scene involving a dozen whores, Mord the Jailer, a jackass, and a large honeycomb.

Weiss: There will always be those who want to see less sex, and those who want to see more sex, and those who want to see sex in big tubs of pudding. You just can’t please everyone. This year, we’re going to focus on the pudding people.


Filming is already under way on season two. Ten episodes is not a lot of installments to contain everything within A Clash of Kings. How difficult was it to structure the season, and how much—if at all—do you diverge from the source material?

Benioff: We’d prefer to let the audience watch season two and make their own judgments, rather than revealing too much now.

Weiss: Hodor.



One thought

  1. Typical show business ignorance. The pudding people are an insignificant portion of the GoT fanbase.

    They must have gotten hold of some greatly distorted accounts of the jello/GoT fans.


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