Torchwood: Back in 2012?

Apparently the Aussies got a treat at the end of their Torchwood: Miracle Day finale:

Following the BBC Australia broadcast of the finale last week, a teaser saying “Jack will be back – January 2012″ was shown. However, this was later confirmed to be just an advert for a repeat run. There was no way a full series could air as early as January 2012 in any case. If a fifth series followed the same pattern as Miracle Day, filming would begin in January for a Summer 2012 broadcast.

Sigh. The reviews for Miracle Day were terrible. But there is the fact that BBC and STARZ announced they had signed a multi-year partnership deal to produce 100 of hours of new content. Torchwood would be assumed to be a part of that, no?

Let’s just hope they learn from their mistakes as well as their successes, and whatever new Torchwood we might see in 2012 comes in a shorter five two-hour episodes format.


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