Project Runway Season 9: Viktor’s Fashion Show

(For the recap of the last episode, go here. For the recap of the other Project Runway fashion week shows, go here.)

Oh Viktor. At the end of the first part of the finale, it looked like you had this in the bag. What happened?

What happened was $500 dollars and one last trip to Mood. Viktor took that extra time and over thought his situation. He said at one point “I want to show the judges I can let go of pieces, even though they mean something to me.” No Viktor, no! Your pieces are perfect! You just need a simple black out to go under the pearl jacket, like Kors told you, and you’ve got the whole thing won.  The whole thing! Don’t trade out the violet smoke dress for an inferior piece! Don’t cut your gorgeous patterned pieces for gimmicky see-thru crap! Tim’s face says it all. You’re making a HUGE mistake. Sigh. At least he left some of the patterned stuff in….



I loved this outfit. It was a great choice for an opener. It was everything the show should have been. Sophisticated, lush, chic, fashion forward. In short, I would buy the dress in a heartbeat. Ten pieces of this, and Viktor’s win would have been assured. Sadly, out of ten outfits, there were only five. Read More


Project Runway Season 9: Kimberly’s Runway Show

As I said in my recap, Kimberly’s line felt scatterbrained. There were some pieces where she knocked it out of the park. Then there were pieces that she seemed to think were winners, but weren’t all that good. Nothing in her collection veered into awful territory, but it’s hard to see how some of these pieces could possibly relate to others.



This was not the outfit she opened with, but it was my favorite. Taking a lamé fabric, especially one that’s a bold watery blue color, and making the outfit feel simple and easy says great things about Kimberly’s abilities. Sadly, this was the only time she used this fabric, and the cute little five o’clock two-piece number is the only thing like it in the whole collection. It sticks out for being so good, but it also sticks out for not having much to do with the other pieces around it. Looking at it with the back of the piece that came before it in frame, it looks like these pieces could have come from completely different collections.

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