Project Runway Season 9: Viktor’s Fashion Show

(For the recap of the last episode, go here. For the recap of the other Project Runway fashion week shows, go here.)

Oh Viktor. At the end of the first part of the finale, it looked like you had this in the bag. What happened?

What happened was $500 dollars and one last trip to Mood. Viktor took that extra time and over thought his situation. He said at one point “I want to show the judges I can let go of pieces, even though they mean something to me.” No Viktor, no! Your pieces are perfect! You just need a simple black out to go under the pearl jacket, like Kors told you, and you’ve got the whole thing won.  The whole thing! Don’t trade out the violet smoke dress for an inferior piece! Don’t cut your gorgeous patterned pieces for gimmicky see-thru crap! Tim’s face says it all. You’re making a HUGE mistake. Sigh. At least he left some of the patterned stuff in….



I loved this outfit. It was a great choice for an opener. It was everything the show should have been. Sophisticated, lush, chic, fashion forward. In short, I would buy the dress in a heartbeat. Ten pieces of this, and Viktor’s win would have been assured. Sadly, out of ten outfits, there were only five. Continue reading Project Runway Season 9: Viktor’s Fashion Show


Project Runway Season 9: Kimberly’s Runway Show

As I said in my recap, Kimberly’s line felt scatterbrained. There were some pieces where she knocked it out of the park. Then there were pieces that she seemed to think were winners, but weren’t all that good. Nothing in her collection veered into awful territory, but it’s hard to see how some of these pieces could possibly relate to others.



This was not the outfit she opened with, but it was my favorite. Taking a lamé fabric, especially one that’s a bold watery blue color, and making the outfit feel simple and easy says great things about Kimberly’s abilities. Sadly, this was the only time she used this fabric, and the cute little five o’clock two-piece number is the only thing like it in the whole collection. It sticks out for being so good, but it also sticks out for not having much to do with the other pieces around it. Looking at it with the back of the piece that came before it in frame, it looks like these pieces could have come from completely different collections.

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Project Runway Season 9: Finale Part Two

When we last left our quartet, no one was auffed, and all four are going to have their fashion week shows broadcast on basic cable. Anya is frantic to rework her pieces out of disaster land and into something that isn’t going to embarrass her. We know she’s the queen of miracles, but this is a stretch. Viktor is riding high on his critique. Josh is frothing at the mouth that his chances of winning are still 25% instead of 33.3%. Kimberly’s just happy to be here.

Tim shows up, tells the contestants how much he loved each and every piece that the judges hated, and gives everyone a pep talk about how awesome they are. (Even Josh?) He hands them $500 for no good reason except to do whatever they want to help edit their collection as they see fit, and takes them to Mood for the last time. Funny that since we moved to Lifetime, they don’t bother show the bones of the production like they used to. The finale used to be filled with the model castings,  and the nitty-gritty of editing pieces for each model, along with a last minute “make an evening gown/bathing suit/etc to go with your line, and cut a piece out of your line to make room for it” style challenge. I guess with the amount of changes some of our contestants *coughAnyacough* have to make, they thought an extra twist was too much? Obviously they have the money to spend at Mood if they’re giving contestants $500 for “edits.” Maybe they felt with four competitors for the runway, they didn’t think there would be time? I’m not agreeing with this choice. Instead, this  next part feels like 30 minutes of filler until we get to the 3am call at the tents.

Anya attempts to buy inspiration. Josh buys more incredibly bright fabrics that should make Tim want to weep in horror. Viktor is determined to rework his gorgeous smoke dress (Really?  Sad!), and try to “change up his line.” This strikes me as a terrible idea. Kimberly doesn’t have any more clear direction than she did before, and Tim warns her about gilding the lily. Meanwhile, Josh is having  a breakdown over the pressure, and his inability to edit himself. The more time the give him, the more rope he has to hang himself. Anya steps up and comforts him, once again winning herself the title of the sweetest contestant in the game.

Tim’s check in: He tries to help Kimberly with her booty skirt, but she doesn’t have a good plan on how to fix it. She doesn’t know how she’s going to fix anything. Anya feels like she’s improved with her new fabric choices and outfits, but her speech to Tim sounds defeatist, and like she’s accepted she not going to win this. Viktor is getting rid of things Tim (and I) love in favor of things that are not as good, which confused us both, and gives me very bad feelings about Viktor having this in the bag. Josh’s new pieces don’t go with the vision the judges thought they saw on the runway. The new shorts are just horrendous. The longer the man has to work, the more he derails himself. Watch, the judges are going to love it, and I’m going to be totally confused.

On to the collections!

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X-Factor Voting Methods

Taking a page from The Voice, X-Factor is getting into multi-media voting. Including, for the first time on any show, Twitterized voting. How does that work? From the press release:

Toll free calling and text message voting will open following each regional broadcast of the performance shows. America can vote for their favorite finalist(s) for at least two hours, subject to time zone restrictions.

Verizon, the show’s official voting sponsor, and THE X FACTOR will offer viewers five ways to vote, including:

  •  Twitter – Fans can vote via Twitter using the instructions and prompt at Once fans sign up for Twitter, they must then follow @TheXFactorUSA and cast their votes via Direct Message. Direct Messaging is a private way to communicate on Twitter. Votes will not be publicly visible. Tweets will not count as votes.

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Penguin Sweaters


Cutest save-the-world idea EVAR.

Skeinz, a yarn store in New Zealand, is calling on knitters throughout the world to knit sweaters for the penguins affected by a massive oil spill that occurred earlier this month. The tiny sweaters, while eliciting aww’s and squee‘s, serve a very important function: they prevent the oil-soaked birds from poisoning themselves by preening, as well as keeping them warm before it’s their turn to be cleaned up by cleanup workers. And, you know, who doesn’t want to save the lives of penguins by dressing them in the most adorable way possible?


Harry Potter DVDs to be Shelved

Taking a page from Disney, Warner Brothers is going to create a high supply and demand  for the cash cow that’s kept them floating for the past decade.

 As of Dec. 29, no more Harry Potter theatrical film titles (includingHarry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection) will be shipped to stores, initiating a profitable home entertainment model not unlike the one at Disney, which periodically re-releases its classics for home purchase. (Warner Bros.’ moratorium on Potter will not include digital — Electronic Sell-Through and VOD — or games.)

Way to make sure there’s a rush right before Christmas, guys.

*heading home to figure out which ones I don’t have*