Muppets on SNL

So frustrating that NBC doesn’t let just any old blogger post clips of their stuff when the notoriously last place network finally has something worth noticing. Like an SNL episode that isn’t a complete embarrassment.

Instead I will have to simply beg you to click on the following links and watch the Muppets (who should have hosted the show, in my opinion. Also? In theirs.) doing what they do best. Sing, and muppet flail.

“This is what you call a “bouncy B flat.” Yes it is, Kermit. Yes it is.

The Opening Monologue.

For the record I’m with the Muppets on this. When I go to a Muppet movie, I say “I can’t wait to see the human.”

Weekend Update, after the jump.

“Really?!? with Seth and Kermit.”

Kermit does the best “Really?!?” since Amy Poehler left the show. Also, the difference between a puppet and a muppet is finally discussed. Just in case Homer Simpson is listening.


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