The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs “Storytelling”

When last we left our cheftestants, they were on their way to NYC, because filming in LA is expensive. To celebrate we are treated at the top of the episode to a montage of New York City. Because, you know, we just don’t see enough of those in entertainment.

And then there were six, in Grand Central Station.

Chairman’s Challenge

Each contestant gets a postcard of an iconic NYC location, which they have to make a dish in reference to, and have that dish tell the story of said iconic NYC location. 20minutes to shop for 6 guests, 45minutes to prepare. The locations are chosen blindly by number, and are as follows:

  • Anne: Picks No4, gets Central Park
  • Elizabeth: Picks No5, gets Statue of Liberty**
  • Marcus: Picks No2, gets Broadway
  • Alex: Picks No1, gets Empire State Building
  • Geoffrey: Picks No6, gets Times Square

Michael…as the winner of last week, he can choose any of the other’s cards, or take the last one. He chooses to take Elizabeth’s Statue of Liberty, which leaves her with the last card. So

  • Michael: Picks Statue of Liberty
  • Elizabeth: left with No3, gets Brooklyn Bridge.

Alton Brown’s Quote of the Week: “Careful on the stairs, chefs. Speed kills.”

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“The Muppets” Deserve A Place On PrimeTime Television

Fellow internetters!

I have been to The Muppets! And I am here to say to all of you! that We Must *Rise Up* and DEMAND! A WEEKLY MUPPET TV SHOW! WHO’S WITH ME?


I am not talking any Muppet TV show either. I am not looking for Muppet Babies, or Muppets Tonight. No, my friends, I am asking for a weekly Muppet Show, vaudeville setting and all. I am asking for weekly guest stars like Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and Joel McHale.Yes, I am suggesting another variety show à la SNL, where people with movies to plug and cds to push turn up. The difference is, they make laughing great fools of themselves while hanging out with talking frogs, bears, pigs and whatever Gonzo is. (“He’s a little like a turkey.” “Yeah, a little. But not much.”)

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