John Barrowman Overstates His Importance in the Whoniverse

Poor Barrowman. It must be hard to be unable to move on once your character leaves the TARDIS. Especially when your spin off series had ground to an inexorable halt after failing to capitalize on early promise.

Barrowman was speaking on ITV1’s morning showThis Morning yesterday, where he said:

“I would love to [return]. I think that Captain Jack is such a big part of the new realm of Doctor Who that it would be a travesty if he wasn’t involved in some way.”

Then he added:

”I would love to come back, absolutely. So who knows?”

A travesty? To not include a companion who was in all of half a season if you add all his appearances together? Poor thing. He needs to get himself cast in something new, and soon. Especially since it sounds like Torchwood Series 5 is as dead as we imagined it would be after the end of Miracle Day.


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