In Need of a New Bumper Sticker: An Open Letter To Edge Of The American West

Dear Bloggers at The Edge of the American West:

First of all, I want to say how glad I am that your site is active again. It was sorely missed.

Back in 2008, you all provided one of the great underground pro-Obama bumper stickers to be found. After listening to months of wild-eyed progressives insisting that Obama himself was thew second coming of JFK/FDR/Insert Idolized Democratic Politician here, and sitting through a week of Democratic wrangling at The Wardman Hotel in DC, you summed it up for me perfectly:

This bumper sticker has served me well over these last four years. Not just during the 2008 election, where it balanced nicely against my coworker’s “Average Joes For Palin” bumper sticker festooned on his Cadillac, but ever since. Conservatives and Liberals alike stop, stare and then frown to themselves. I have been stopped more times than I can count on the street to be told how much someone “just LOVES my bumper sticker.” I have been stopped twice as many times that to be asked delicately “so…um…is that, um…you know, Pro-Obama?” (Such are the facts of life living inside the DC beltway.) Upon being told that it is, conservatives nod in befuddlement and retreat, whereas liberals further divide down into two camps–those that immediately want to tell me how disappointed them are that Obama did not turn out to be the magical negro Hollywood Blockbusters promised our first Black president would be**, and those that ask  “and, um…are you? Disappointed?”

**For the record, though Obama may not be the magical negro Hollywood promised, we have also been startlingly free of alien attacksasteroids/comets, nuclear destruction, and/or Kiefer Sutherland scrambling to save the government single handly while never having to stop and use the bathroom. Just pointing out the positives.

Am I? Disappointed? At risk of upsetting those hysterics at and other progressive publications who act as if they are personally offended that Obama doesn’t have a wand from Ollivanders quietly tucked away that he can just wave over 8 years of mismanagement and abuse and magically whisk it all away, no, in fact, I am not disappointed. Not much anyway. I’m not saying Obama is perfect. Nor do I believe he is playing 11 dimensional chess (meep meep) with his opponents in congress. I’m just saying that when you put my disappointments on a scale with my gold stars, they tip a bit in favor of  the gold star. Color me slightly impressed. Considering the terrain, and the reality of what he has to work with.

So Edge of the West, I’m standing here, in 2012, in need of another bumper sticker, one for re-electing Obama in 2012. One that tells people it’s worth voting for him again, that having seen the results, I’m willing to risk disappointment one more time.



3 thoughts

    1. While it is going to be Romney (TM @EmilyLHauser), right now we could do one stating “Obama 2012. Because War with Iran? Really?”


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