Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Versace

Star Trek! It’s in for fashion wear…

All those leggings need is a place to put her photon blaster.

Couture from Gamma 549. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kim Kardashian sporting the gold number on the right.

Loving the heavy structured brocades. Sadly, the one on the left doesn’t fit the model, because I think I like it better than the one on the right.

Eveningwear for Primus 4. The bodice on the right looks like it was fashioned after Kermit The Frog’s eyes.

I do admit I find myself perplexed how flying saucer hips could be fashionable on any body type, but perhaps that’s because I haven’t met the women from alpha centurai 5…

These comfort me that there will be clothing for me in the New World Order. I might even pull off that shocking nuclear disaster shade of green. The triple sunset shade of orange on the right is completely out for me though.

The closest thing to normal of the bunch. Definitely less than Safe For Work though.

(pictures via Getty Images)


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