Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Giambattista Valli

Well, this show  opened with a coat that I would only describe as being an Odd Box.

What’s inside the box? Let’s find out, after the jump.

A wrap dress! With a big poufy bow on the shoulder…or a structured dress with a big poufy bow at the neckline. Blacks and whites and greys.

On the left, we have a white dress with black flower appliques that cover the shoulders and slowly drift away as the eye travels down. On the right, we have the only pop of color in the first 2/3 of the show. The skirt follows the same flower applique style, but the top…looks like a bolt of fabric tied around her shoulders in hopes that no one noticed they forgot to make a shirt.

White vs Black. White is airy and flow. Black is sleek and tight and folded in upon itself.

Two tight black tops in different fabrics, but cut the same. Two white lace skirts, one infected with appliques, one not.

Black vs white. Black has vertical straight lines, whereas white’s are all diagonal. Black’s gold trim is at the neck, where white’s is at the waist.

White vs black. Two takes on the same style.

And then suddenly we land in Oz, and the color pops. The flower appliques migrate up into the hair. The wrap dresses are tied up with neck bows.

Patterns! From no where! Pattern blooms on the left with flowered branch type swirls. On the right, the pattern is more subtle, a faux snake-skin sequined type pattern.

And then the show peaked at Full bloom. Huge skirts, eye-popping fabrics, frills and furbelows, exploding every which way you look….

But then the show closed with another coat having folded these exploding frills back down. ReBoxed.

(pictures via Getty Images)


4 thoughts

  1. You’re commentary here just about made me burst a seam from laughing too hard. Infected by applique, indeed.

    I liked the shapes of many of these designs; particularly the black/white gowns in the middle. They’re clothes that real women could wear, even if they’re not six feet tall and anorexic. I’m also intrigued by the notion of sheerness expressed here; less revealing (compared to the previous show reviewed, particularly) seems more mysterious and alluring; come find out about me, not rather then ‘here I am, like it or not.’

    I’m looking at the white gown with the gold headdress; and the raglan cape-like sleeves and thinking there’s some potential for an interesting sweater design there; particularly for a sweater knit on the bias.

    Once again, thank you. I adore these posts.


  2. I keep coming back to peek at these clothes. Except for the weird box coats bookending the show, this line is really quite stunning. I love the applique work. I love the colors, and lack thereof. I love the way the fabric flows. I even like the giant bloom dresses, though the panel of fabric down the center of the one on the right reminds me of an anteater’s tongue foraging for food.


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