Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Maxime Simoens

Simoens may be best known in this country for Beyoncé sporting her clothes on the cover of 4. The clothes for this show made me think of video games.

The pattern panels make me think of LEDs, and I long for them to light up. More of this fun, after the jump.

Taking the same fabric, we have two outfits that I think of as soft v hard. The dress on the left is soft and easy, it flows effortlessly. The outfit on the right has the hard structured jacket and a tube-top like item that’s really just a folded strip of fabric over the boobs. The low riding pants would only be pulled off by a hard body who worked for the right to do so.

Soft v hard II. These fabrics are thicker and softer, so the feminine outfit on the left can hold a stronger structure while still giving the overall impression of softness. We pair that with another tube top-like item. The lack of jacket helps us see the folded center, which is a nice detail paired with the tight shiny pants.

I know we refer to outfits as “Eye candy” but I think the trim on these two dresses look like they might be made of real candy.

These dresses are a fascinating play of color vs line. The folded bodice on the left pairs wonderfully with the color block paneled skirt. As for the blue swirls on the right, they look almost like horns, as they divide the color block panels into symmetrical patterns.

These dresses are almost the opposite of the two dresses above, as the Lines are what define the color, rather than the color defining the lines.

These two mini color block dresses totally remind me of tetris. Don’t they remind you of tetris too? Especially on the right…I think those rows must be waiting for a I tetrimino.

Swirls! I love both these dresses. The left is not fully chiffon, but instead has diagonal chiffon lines paneled with a traditional silk mini dress pieces, giving it both a hard and soft look. Meanwhile the dress on the right is unabashedly nothing but diagonal chiffon panels that flow backwards into a swirling cape.

For the final dress, we find a play of the soft chiffon panels on a diagonal in the skirt and on the vertical in the bodice mixed with the harder patterned fabric, and of course, the swirling chiffon cape. Lovely.

(pictures via Getty Images)


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