Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Chanel

This show trumpeted itself as using “150 shades of blue.” There were also tons of slouchy pockets and hair that stuck up to there and beyond.



The boy-girl dynamic that Chanel has always embodied can be seen in this outfit. It may be a minidress, but the masculine touches (including the pockets that suggest drop wasited jeans) are easily seen.

More large cowl necklines, and 149 more shades of blue (ok, not really, but still) after the jump.

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Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Givenchy

Sometimes in couture, it’s best not to ask, but accept that things are.

This dress is fascinating to stare at. The pattern in the fabric looks like a 3D print and also like animal skin and also like some kind of robot army wear.

That’s a mouthpiece, not a Hitler mustache. As for the basketball, didn’t I tell you it was better not to ask?

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Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier

When this hit the runway on Wednesday, the fashion world instantly dubbed it “the Amy Winehouse Tribute Fashion Show.” But having looked at what Amy actually wore in her life, I cannot for the life of my figure out why. Just because the models were styled in beehives and eyeliner does not make this a tribute to Amy’s fashion sense. Amy was famous for ushering in some of the hipster staples we take for granted in women’s fashion, including the skinny jeans, the ballerina flats and the oversized tee. As for the clothes on display here, there were quite a few looks, but very little of it Amy….

Yes, she has a beehive, and yes, her bra is showing, but other than that, how does this relate back to this? It doesn’t.

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Project Runway All Stars: Short Timers

Is it wrong of me to be a little afraid of this episode?

Angela is sporting a very plain column minidress that is nothing but sparkles. Not bad, but I feel like Heidi would wear it better. (Btw the way, Poor Heidi! Ok, moving on.) This week’s challenge is “Taste inspired by Taste.” They wheel out a gelato cart who I’m sure I’m supposed to register the brand, but since I’ve never seen it on Food Network, I don’t. The taste (and the color swatch of the ice cream) is their inspiration to make something that represents their style in the most tasteful way possible. Since he won, Michael gets to chose first. He takes grapefruit–and is disappointed it turns out to be such a pale pink. He was hoping for the ruby-red of the inside of a real grapefruit, but the gelato is a far lighter, slightly blue-ish pink. Each contestant gets to decide who goes next. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Michael: Grapefruit
  • Mondo: Cantelopue
  • Mila: Milk and Sour Cherries
  • April: Blueberry
  • Jerrell: Fruit of the Forest
  • Kenley: Passion Fruit
  • Austin: Vanilla Madagascar
  • Anthony: Green Tea
  • Rami: Kiwi
  • Kara: Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper

Kara is not happy she gets picked last, and doubly upset she winds up with chocolate.

Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for because the trailers for this week showed it over and over. Diane Von Furstenberg shows up and announces they have six hours to do the challenge. Have fun kids!

These six hours includes 30 minutes to sketch, and a trip to “Mini Mood” in the next room. Mondo freaks out that he didn’t time mange properly and somehow didn’t get all the fabric he needed. April on the other hand is upset that mini mood doesn’t carry black jersey and she only ends up with the small yardage of blue and purple. Kara decides that she only needs “chocolate-colored accents” and to focus on the taste of cayenne as an excuse to buy red fabric.

Now that they’re back in the workroom faced with their purchases, April decides she’s going with “Violet! You’re turning Violet!” for blueberry. I love this concept, but dressing a moddle as a blueberry might not go over so well on the runway. Mila is all proud of herself for not using an inch of black with her white. I’m not sure why, since she just replaced black with red and is just doing the same damn thing she always does. Meanwhile Austin is wasting time having a meltdown at his bobbin. Stop bitching and sew!

Joanna’s walk through! She tells them not to stop working and has more gelato for everyone to eat so keep their sugar rush going. She starts with Kara, who tells Joanna she thinks she has this nailed. Joanna nods and moves on. She asks how April how can she have a moment if she’s doing the same thing she always does?  and follows it up by noting how short and uneven the skirt on this dress is right now. Mondo explains that his dress can handle any accessory, even though it is bright orange. Joanna blinks at him and keeps walking. Anthony insist he’s creative at Joanna’s disbelieving stare. She sort of like Evil Tim Gunn, if you think about it. She is utterly disappointed that Austin has vanilla, and demands to see how the “Madagascar” is being included. She accuses Rami of doing a wrap skirt to suck up to Diane who’s the queen of wrap dresses. If she’d watched Rami’s season she’s know that he used to do nothing but wrap clothing, and that he’s not kidding when he says he’s really just making a wrap skirt because it’s the fastest thing he can under the circumstances. Joanna is surprisingly not mean to Mila, but that’s because there’s nothing to say, it’s so dull. And finally, Joanna makes Michael feel self conscious about his sewing skills being so fast, and tries to get him to admit he uses glue. (Rude!)

That was the end of that whirlwind! And Here Come the Moddles! Upon further review, Mondo’s made a caftan. April doesn’t have enough fabric to do anything Joanna recommended, because her dress is too small for her moddle. Hello, don’t you have the measurements? Haven’t you been making clothes for this girl for nearly a month now? Too small? Oy. Mila realises her dress is way sheer and her runway show is bordering on NSFW. Kara steals Austin machine, but gets caught. He decided the look of death will substitute in for actual altercations since he doesn’t have time for them. Really, does anyone in the workroom like Kara and her frazzled frantic energy? Because I sort of feel like the answer is no.

In the last hour, those who know what they’re doing are done, and those who don’t work like that….well, they’re sewing their moddles into their outfits instead of trying to sew in fasteners. Joanna wasn’t kidding, April’s dress is way short, and when her moddle turns around the outfit looks like a disaster. Anthony takes one look at Kara’s moddle, and dubs her a “pregnant cupcake.” He’s not wrong.

Let’s go to the runway!

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