Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Chanel

This show trumpeted itself as using “150 shades of blue.” There were also tons of slouchy pockets and hair that stuck up to there and beyond.



The boy-girl dynamic that Chanel has always embodied can be seen in this outfit. It may be a minidress, but the masculine touches (including the pockets that suggest drop wasited jeans) are easily seen.

More large cowl necklines, and 149 more shades of blue (ok, not really, but still) after the jump.

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Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Givenchy

Sometimes in couture, it’s best not to ask, but accept that things are.

This dress is fascinating to stare at. The pattern in the fabric looks like a 3D print and also like animal skin and also like some kind of robot army wear.

That’s a mouthpiece, not a Hitler mustache. As for the basketball, didn’t I tell you it was better not to ask?

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Paris Fashion Week 2012 Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier

When this hit the runway on Wednesday, the fashion world instantly dubbed it “the Amy Winehouse Tribute Fashion Show.” But having looked at what Amy actually wore in her life, I cannot for the life of my figure out why. Just because the models were styled in beehives and eyeliner does not make this a tribute to Amy’s fashion sense. Amy was famous for ushering in some of the hipster staples we take for granted in women’s fashion, including the skinny jeans, the ballerina flats and the oversized tee. As for the clothes on display here, there were quite a few looks, but very little of it Amy….

Yes, she has a beehive, and yes, her bra is showing, but other than that, how does this relate back to this? It doesn’t.

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