London Fashion Week: Fall 2012 RTW “Mary Katrantzou”

How do you bring back the corset? Like this.

Wow. I’m not one for a checkered shirt, but paired with the amazing patterning on the dress itself, here it works.

On the left, Robotwear for Robotgirls. On the right, a train of chiffon softens the hard lines.

On the left, the outfit with the molded cap sleeve upperbodice speaks to the stiff straight lines of the outfit. On the right, the pattern lines are hard, but the cut of the dress is soft.

Chiffon explosions. The patterning on these is amazing. Apparently making sure it came out right was so time consuming she only made four. These were my favorites.

The chiffon explosion doesn’t have the same effect when it’s confined to the shoulders. On the right, somehow the longer sleeves and longer hem feel somehow more revealing than its sister on the left.

I don’t know where to begin on the left. The beaded shoulder shrug is such a great piece on its own. But then there’s the yellow dress under it, with the swirled skirt  and the rose on the bodice. Yeah, all I’ve got is Oooo. On the right, I like the guitar neck bodice, but I’m a little confused by the skirt. Are those pockets for cell phone and ipad?

How to celebrate your love of the typewriter, on the left. On the right, knitwear that reminds me of a punchcard.

Two more takes on Robotwear for Robotgirls. It’s telling that the one on the right can’t put her arms down at her sides.

The busiest prints are the ones to die for. I love the dress on the left. On the right, I feel like the waistline is staring at me.

These are what Robotgirls wear to cocktail parties. I really love the bodice on the right. it reminds me of water.

The modern day take on the Elizabethian neckruff on the left is a concept worth contemplating all on its own. But there’s also a fantastic dress that goes with it. I’m not sure if the sweater sleeves are part of the dress of over top of it. Discuss. On the right, the jacket (and I’m sure that’s a jacket) needs to get in my closet, now.

The closing dress. I love the skirt layering and the bodice call back to a 16th century era. I’ve always considered the Shakespearean era un-recyclable without descending into costume. With this show, I was proved wrong.


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