London Fashion Week: Fall 2012 RTW “Meadham Kirchoff”

I don’t review the European RTW lines unless they catch my eye. I know that Meadham Kirchoff weren’t taking that on as a challenge, but their self proclaimed interplanetary disco line certainly got my attention, from the green and blue skinned moddles to the some of the glammest discotheque wear this side of the alpha quadrant line.

Daywear for Primus IV, I believe. I love the appliqued jeans, even though I don’t wear high waters.

Are those lion gloves on the right? I believe they are. On the left, we have daywear for Eta Cassiopeiae.

Alien babydoll dresses. Make sure you always accessorize with tinsel. The flies of Makus III are allergic to it.

What beast skin is this? Is it the skin of the Hairy Worm of Galápagos XII? Why would they pair it with their mother’s summer nightie? The fashions of alien planets, they are hard to comprehend.

I cannot decide what I love more–the fur on the left or the suit on the right.

In all seriousness though, these furs are amazing. The piecing together in perfect symmetry is hard to beat. I prefer the random pattern on the left, but I can see an argument for sporting the monster’s face on the right.

Pompom hats. They’re almost enough to distract from the amazing fur coats and glitter pants on display.

Forgetting one’s pants in forgivable when one is sporting a chickadee on their head. As for the Orion girl on the right, I’m only sorry I do have an image of her with the coat on as well as off.

I prefer the lefthand dress with the sweetheart necklines, but sun worshippers of Dedelus VII would disagree, I’m sure.

Wow. Just wow. Ok London, you win.


2 thoughts

  1. I really like the Alien Baby Doll dress in sheer blue layered over yellow; from the layers of fabric to the pin-tuck shaping and the bitty ruffle at the bottom. I could totally wear that dress. But I’d do so without the bird-of-paradise mating jacket, yellow wig, and face paint. I might keep the orange lunch-box handbag, just to have something to keep my lunch in.


  2. That final dress with the rainbow bottom looks like it would work with the New York Unicorn collection. Since that collection also had a gent in rainbow-flame, I want to pull a representative set of six or seven and make them a Supers team in my next campaign.

    The London dress here is the token primary-color alien, obviously.


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