Official Rumors of The Doctor’s Next Companion

A few months back we took note of some playful tweets between “The Girl In The Fireplace” Sophia Myles and Dr Who showrunner Steve Moffat. Apparently, with filming underway and everyone hungry for gossip, the rumor mill has decided to revisit this in an official capacity.

Bleeding Cool cites the evidence:

Doctor Who is currently filming in spain. Sophia Myles was complaining on Twitterover the weekend about her luggage as she is also in Spain.

She was recently interviewed by Doctor Who Magazine star interviewer Benjamin Cook with no mention of when or in what context this interview will appear. The staff ofDoctor Who Magazine do appear to know who the next companion will be but are keeping shtum.

Steven Moffat has been tweeting quite a lot to Sophia recently and heavily recommending that his followers follow her as well. They’ve been seeming quite pally of late.

Myles is scheduled to appear at the Doctor Who convention later this month. This would be the perfect time to announce her return to the show.

What we can be sure of–if Myles is coming back to nuWho as a companion, it won’t be as Mme De Pompadour. Moffat has specifically stated the companion as  “a new friend.” Perhaps that’s because it’s an old actress?


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